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Point2 Agent gives you effective marketing tools to advertise your listings to millions of buyers from the busiest real estate market places. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Real estate agent marketing tools are often expensive, outdated and cumbersome; they also fail to provide the ability to reach a prospective buyer in a contextual or location based setting. I've been spending a lot of time this week thinking about real estate agent marketing tools and how using mobile wallet marketing technology is a SUPER way to establish a clear line of communication with prospects.
Professionals in real estate are always searching to fulfill their complex marketing needs. Clients pursuing their dream home demand up-to-the-minute information on hot new properties, price changes, and open houses.
Scalable email involves a single design that can be easily read and used in both large, regular-sized monitors as well as 320px wide smartphones.
We put extra consideration with mobile-friendly email marketing because right now nearly 40% of email opens taking place on a mobile device, it has never been more apparent to marketers that they must adapt and optimize their email marketing campaigns for mobile use.
Using big fonts so that text can be read (iPhone’s minimum font size is 13px, we use 14px for minimal font size). Use of large amounts of negative space so that main message stands out and calls to action are easy to tap without accidentally clicking on a different link. Other thing to consider, by default, nearly every email client blocks images when a user opens an email.
The concept behind bulletproof buttons in emails is to provide the user with a compelling, attractive and inticing call to action without the use of images.

The following statistic comes to us from Australia but it’s likely that the typical Yank holds similar views of real estate professionals. Australia’s Readers Digest found that nearly 60 percent of respondents considered real estate agents the least trustworthy professionals.  This put them behind sex workers and CEOs.
Content marketing does two things quite well; it generates connections and it can make an audience feel as if they have developed an authentic connection with the author of that content. Content marketing is hard to get right but, for any business that needs to establish bonds of trust with consumers, it is absolutely essential. There are other kinds of content that real estate professionals, in particular, would be well-positioned to pursue. For an industry whose participants are considered, at best, irrelevant, and at worse, unscrupulous, establishing credibility and authenticity is an absolute necessity.  Canny content marketing can help dedicated real estate professionals distinguish themselves from the Montelongo clan and its ilk. Attract the right real estate leads and manage the entire sales cycle effectively with the real estate agent websites powered by Point2 Agent.
Mobile wallet marketing should be an integral part of the real estate agent marketing tool box! Drop property listings directly into iPhone via Apple Passbook. Since 95% of passes in Apple Passbook stay on the phone after they've been installed, it's a GREAT opportunity to cement solid relationships with potential buyers and to transmit information quickly to both buyers and their agents. They require the perfect blend of customer engagement and relationship management while providing relevant content in order to touch their customers in a memorable way.
Show homes to clients, through their email inboxes so they can land the house and you can land the sale. We will consider to build new functionality based on the needs of our customers and always looking for great new ideas to help make you more efficient.

A scalable email is resized by smartphones to accommodate the phone’s diminished width, but can still be read with ease.
As a marketer, we need to make sure that we can provide a clear cut call to action regardless of whether or not the user chooses to download images. Granted, this might not be possible with particular graphical button design, but we think it’s highly recommend looking into it if you can.
You need to a real estate professional to protect you from the other person’s real estate professional, and they need them for the same reason.”  The sentiments contained in the other comments were hardly different.
Add geofencing (GPS based from phone) notifications, iBeacons for proximity at open houses or on property tours, and push notifications to update prospects and selling agents in real time with property listing status. For instance, if a price reduction occurs, update the property listing pass and push the notification to iPhone - Apple Passbook users - and Google Wallet users. Or notify interested parties when an offer is received and encourage other offers directly from the mobile phone installation. When a property goes out of inventory, update the property listing pass with a similar home in a comparable neighborhood or convert the pass to a 'business card' for the agency or REALTOR® listing the property. Drop listings into phones via search and social posts; use email campaigns or SMS marketing blasts to install.

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