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Realtors have acknowledged and adapted to these changes and have adjusted how they list and sell their properties. It’s critical for agents and Realtors to embrace digital marketing because more people than ever before are using the Internet to find homes in their area that are for sale. Social media networks are exactly what real estate agents need to build relationships with potential buyers and within your community. Content marketing is becoming the most effective way to attract and convert prospects into customers. 70% of consumers feel that businesses that create content are more committed to building better relationships with them.
One of the biggest benefits of content marketing is how it positively impacts your search engine rankings. Download our real estate marketing eBook and learn dozens more of ideas ranging from submitting your listings to Trulia, to setting up Google Alerts, to how to optimize online directories, to how to create a monthly marketing calendar, and a deeper dive into social media marketing. Agents that live in the neighborhoods where they sell the majority of homes have a unique marketing opportunity – promoting their first-hand knowledge of area properties.

Each real estate postcard using the Our Neighborhood theme offers specific messaging to communicate the realtor’s familiarity with property values in the area. If a real estate prospecting plan is in place, then postcards can be integrated within the existing schedule. A small portion of the people who receive a real estate post card will need services now, but a larger portion of that audience will need services down the road. Sending a real estate postcard showing familiarity with the neighborhood on a consistent basis will help agents stay at the front of customers’ minds. The internet, computers, smartphones and social networks have changed how we live and communicate. The Internet has created 1,000s of new marketing opportunities given the rise of content, email and social media marketing. The main social media networks you should consider as a real estate agent are Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Updating this key piece of social media real estate can increase your social reach and enable you to connect with somebody looking for a property.

Search engines love, fresh, new content and are always checking your website and social media profiles for new updates. Meaning, when you write or create a video, share it on your social accounts and include it in your email signature. That is, make it a consistent effort to mail postcards to the same neighbors every month, or every other month, etc.
These mediums work great, but they don’t reach people online and that’s where people spend a lot of their time. Posting short videos and writing articles are the most effective forms of content marketing. Finally, this Realtor does a great job of mixing business and personal posts, it’s a perfect blend of 80% business, 20% personal.

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