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In order to provide you with better quality software experience we now offer paid major updates. A major program update has a unique first number in the program version numbers assigned, e.g.
Here is a brief outline of Land Record System in India.What is a Land Record?“Land Record” is a generic expression that includes rights such as the Register of Lands, Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Inspection Register, Mutation Register, Disputed Cases Register etc.
RadioGet allows you to record your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want in the future. It also includes geological information regarding the shape, size, soil-type of the land and economic information related to irrigation and crops.Land Records are known by various terms in different states in India for eg.
A minor update version can be recognized by two numbers that follow the first number in the version name, e.g.

The present system of preparing and maintaining land records originated from the Mughal Period and it reached its scientific form during the British Rule.The system of correction and updating of land records is very elaborate. Maps depicting land parcels (cadastral maps) are required to be updated every 30 years through the process of survey and settlement operations. A majority of States have not done any survey and settlement operations after Independence.

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