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While the photos are still available, the social features around those photos — including comments and point ratings — have been turned off. For some reason, Imgur has managed to escape the scrutiny that Reddit has gotten even though it is a site actually hosting the photos. The images are still been hosted here – (link is NSFW)and they seem to have been updated 2 weeks ago and have racked up a tone of page views. According to the spokesperson, Imgur added “extra resources” to its abuse and removal request teams after the celebrity hack.
We’ve been immediately removing the leaked images as they’re reported, and encourage people to get in touch if they notice any of them, as well,” said Imgur’s spokesperson. Reddit pulls down subpages hosting celebrity nude photos week after hackingA  The online forum explained its decision to take down the photos in a lengthy post Saturday.
The major online sharing hub that became a central viewing location of the leaked celebrity photos has decided to ban the page that hosted them.
The explanation apparently didn't sit well with many Reddit users who believed the website was caving under media pressure and being hypocritical by claiming to be an open forum while censoring that particular post.
Lawyers for Maroney, 18, reportedly sent letters to several of the websites hosting the nude photos of the gymnast, demanding they be pulled down because she was underage at the time they were apparently taken. We’re Nick, Tyler, and Andrea from Giphy, the internet’s go-to spot to search, share and discover all the best GIFs.
We serve about 2 billion GIFs per month and power the GIFs behind some of your favorite internet tools like IFTTT, Slack, Relay, MIT’s GIFGIF, and more.
Let’s be real: we’re really proud of our site and we’d love more redditors to start using it. We know Redditors love GIFs that load super fast so we now offer the HTML5 video version of all our GIFs. Anyway, we’ll be hanging out for a couple hours so ask us anything about Giphy, GIFs, our API, new features, or even what we like to eat for breakfast. We’d love for you to stay in-touch after the AMA so follow us on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Funny enough, Giphy actually started as a weekend hack project and was never supposed to go further than that.
Heres a cool hint for Giphy users though: if you have a video file (mp4 or mov) and want to make a GIF of it, just upload it to Giphy! GIF stands for "Graphics Interchange Format" and is just a digital image file format, like png, jpg etc. As computers got more powerful, browsers got smarter, and bandwidth increased, people started using the format with various types of content because there's something magical and mesmerizing in watching looped images.
We've all seen this GIF a million times, but it never fails to weird us out: (link) It also ALWAYS performs really well whenever we post it to Facebook. There's always importing every other frame (or every 3rd frame if you want to live dangerously) in Photoshop and then resaving the file. Since HTML5 video is the future, how do you plan on transitioning away from GIFs and into video formats exclusively?
Today we're able to share our new Slack integration that just launched so you can have gifs in your chat. Also, we're super excited about user uploads and opening up our functionality to all you guys. Ideally we'll become an indispensable part of the internet itself and the money will just happen. Reddit advertising is a brand new world for us and we haven't even started the ads yet so we don't have an answer for you yet! Tyler: BUT, I do have an answer for you on the most recent GIF I created during the Apple Event yesterday: (link) And I have no shame!
No plans anytime soon to charge, user accounts and uploads are new and we want to get them right and make them useful before we even begin to thing about asking people to pay for them. Not really a feature request, but why not use HTML5 videos for hovering images on search & frontpage? We've mentioned this in other HTML5 questions, but there's still some limitations with html5 video that keep us from this, mainly browser compatibility, portability, and sharing.
As someone who is a scientist who studies gifs, I am telling you, specifically, in science, no one calls giphys gifs. If you're saying "gif family" you're referring to the taxonomic grouping of Graphics Interchange Format , which includes things from shittytumblrgifs to wastedgifs to highqualitygifs. So your reasoning for calling a giphy a gif is because random people "call the low quality ones gifs?" Let's get jpgs and pngs in there, then, too.
Proper GIF attribution has always been a big part of Giphy's goal since the very beginning, so we're always happy to fix any incorrectly sourced GIFs!

We're all for higher quality and lower bandwidth, so webm is a win in that respect (as is mp4).
I wish we had a clear cut record of the very first GIF we ever indexed into Giphy, but we don't! I've noticed that HTML5 giphy's do not have RES support, is this something you will look into for the future?
Barack Obama just finished a rally in Charlottesvile, VA and is apparently unwinding by fielding questions as part of an "AMA" or Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit. Looks like there's still some time to ask a question, so head over to Reddit to check out the full thread. Others on the forum have posted warnings to fellow Trump supporters about issues they’ve been facing with getting content removed.
All you need to do to download a wallpaper to your system is to click on the posting which usually takes you to an image hosting site such as imgur where you can set it directly as your new desktop background.
Reddit Waller is a free open source program for Windows that you can use to automate that process. You can use the popular menu to add additional popular wallpaper repositories to your current selection, or add subscreddits manually instead. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
About the resolutions, It would be feasible to restrict them, but it wouldn't be practical.
Many nude photos stolen from celebrities’ iCloud accounts are still posted around Imgur, including in an album called “ It’s Fappening” that was uploaded 2 weeks ago. Outrage at Reddita€™s decision prompted site administrators to explain further in another post Sunday. So, we’re going to start running ads on Reddit for the next month and you'll see us around. So user uploads is a new feature for us, as we’ve primarily fiocused on being a gif search engine for all the gifs ever and makes them easy to find.
It's actually in beta testing now for a few of our partners but we'll have a public upload endpoint very soon.
Our gif crawlers don't pull in redundant gifs, but for user's we feel like you should be able to upload and tag whatever you want without us interfering (as long as it follows or terms). Animated GIFs are a group of GIFs (known as frames) that play in succession and then repeat.
And it's easy to share them since browser's support GIFs natively across all platforms (including mobile devices!). But until that happens, Giphy is newly mobile optimized and runs much, much faster on mobile than it used to. We're focusing on content licenses, sponsored search, and api integrations among other things.
We've got lots of prototypes for gif creation apps and we want to open up some of cool internal gifmaking tools. For one dragging and droping and right click to save are big things for us and you really can't do that with a video right now. It seems that ever since 4chan went nuts for them a few months ago, their popularity has steadily been rising. Gifs are our primary means of communication (like next level emoji), and it just seemed natural that there should be a place to go with all the gifs.
You should shoot an email to editor (at) giphy (dot) com so we can talk about getting your GIFs properly attributed!
So, every GIF you can search for on Giphy has been reviewed by multiple team members, given an MPAA rating, and tagged. We're more interested in the magical experience that happens when a short sequence of images loops, and we're even more interested in the potential of this experience for communication (goodbye emoji).
However, until html5 videos enjoy the same level of native support and seamless integration across platforms as GIFs, webm won't fully replace GIFs. When the number of GIFs started to rise drastically we introduced auto tagging based on metadata.
If we're talking about GIFs of oldest recorded media, we have some killer Eadweard Muybridge GIFs from the 1880s. So far he's answered questions about small business tax, SOPA and Internet freedom, the Chicago Bulls, and space exploration. One claimed Imgur was banning Islamophobic content, while another user said “a crazy Bernie [Sanders] supporter that works at [sic] imgur is on a [sic] Rampage.” The response? When it comes to wallpapers, there are quite a few forums available on the site that you can make use of to find and download new desktop backgrounds to your system.

What makes this interesting is that you can specify subreddits that you want to use for that task.
Here you see the current subreddit that is used to automatically rotate wallpapers and the time interval in which new wallpapers are downloaded and set on the PC. You need to check the "include NFSW" box if you want to include those wallpapers in the rotation.
Whenever you do so, a new wallpaper is pulled from the list of repositories listed under added. I'd like to see an option to only use wallpapers of a specific resolution, but that is probably not feasible to do.
He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. All that I would need to add is a check to see if the random wallpaper is of the right resolution. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. But before they get started, we wanted to say ‘hi’ and answer any questions you might have. What’s also cool about our upload functionality is that you can upload any MP4 file and it will convert into a GIF. We also want to build the best tool for you guys so feedback and suggestions are totally welcomed. In the early days of the web when browsers weren't very sophisticated, multi-frame "animated" GIFs were introduced so that browsers could display simple, looping animations. With HTML5 you can loop videos files to get the same result, but it takes a little preparation and browsers can be picky about which video file format types they'll accept. Are most of the gifs on your site submitted or does your team upload the most gifs each day? It's nice, because you can search on your phone, hold down on a GIF, copy and then paste it right into an iMessage.
We're making a list of everyone's suggestions and we'll check back in as we release features. Looks like we're not the only ones who feel that way, as we've been growing like crazy ever since.
We're still in the planning phase, as we want to build a nice UI so that it's a fun and effortless thing. So now we're working hard on making those crawlers smarter and smarter, to reduce the dumb tags we get. You're very kind to say so, but i'm brand spanking new to the team so a TOOONNN of work has been done before I was even a thought! Imgur was created seven years ago to host images on Reddit, and has been the de facto site of choice for posting pictures to the site. By default, the wallpaper subreddit is selected but you can add any subreddit of your own instead to limit the wallpapers that are downloaded and added to your system this way.
Note that update is sometimes not working properly, hitting the button again should however do the trick. However, When you make a request to a reddit url within 30~60 seconds of the last one, you receive a cached response. This functionality even works on mobile, too, so take a video with your phone, upload and voila! I can't say for sure when we'll release albums, but building a rad tool for you guys is a top priority so know that it's in the works.
Like google or other web indexes we respect ownership and copyright infringement and will abide with legitimate take down requests. Nude photos of Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney raised concern because she was reportedly underage at the time they were taken. You can't text a video and have it autoplay and loop, and who wants to have to open up quicktime to watch a GIF on their phone? Our editorial team then sifts through all the gifs and adds tags and other info so that people can find them with our search.
You said a giphy is a gif, which is not true unless you're okay with calling all members of the gif family gifs, which means you'd call webm, html5, and mediacrush gifs too.

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