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Back in 2006, Apple used a UK company called IP Application Development to quietly buy the global rights to use the iPad trademark from Proview Electronics.
Proview threatened a lawsuit against Apple back in 2010, but didn’t actually follow through until 2011. While this case will likely not affect iPad sales elsewhere, it definitely hinders Apple’s efforts to establish a foothold in China, an important market for most consumer electronics manufacturers to break into. It might sound complicated, but it’s easy to add an additional keyboard configuration to your device, and once enabled it takes only one tap of your finger to access. Tap the Keyboards button, then select Add New Keyboard… You’ll see a long list of additional keyboards available for use, tap the Emoji option. To access the Emoji keyboard, tap the Globe button which is situated in-between the 123 button and the Siri shortcut.
To find the trademark, copyright and registered symbols, tap the !?# button at the bottom of the keyboard, then swipe the keyboard to the left several times. Now, during the following years, the application was in trouble, because of Mag-Tek, that had already registered IPAD for its product. Then, Apple came along, using the fake company IP Application Development to dispute the iPad brand.

REGISTERED TRADEMARK SYMBOL MAC KEYBOARDJust gives me a cap acreate the symbol using option. More than 3 years after Steve Jobs announced the iPhone on the stage at Macworld 2007, Apple has finally secured the trademark. The procedure, as you can see, required a lot of time, becasue Cisco in the US and Comwave in Canada were marketing VoIP products under the same name.
However, supposedly this deal did not somehow include the rights to use the iPad name in China. A convoluted work-around is to search for the symbol on the web then copy and paste it from a relevant result, but by adding the Emoji keyboard configuration via the Settings app it’s possible to add one of these symbols at any time.
This keyboard configuration has now been added to your keyboard and can be accessed at any time while writing. If you have multiple keyboard configurations then tap and hold the Globe button and select the Emoji keyboard from the small pop-up window. Split into six chapters, the book covers basics from talking to Siri and setting up email accounts, to advanced tuition including splitting the keyboard in two and editing photos.
If you remember, back in the days when the iPhone came to life, Cisco was the company with the trademark for the name, but eventually they settled with Apple and here we are, witnessing the great sales of that handset.

Fujitsu has been disputing the iPad branding with Apple since September and the story is much older than we’d imagine.
To sum it all up: Mag-Tek is the only company of the three selling its device with a legit trademark, while Fujitsu sells a device with a pending trademark application and Apple is getting ready to sell an iPad with no US trademark at all.
Naturally, an appeal has been made, but the Xicheng district court administration has said that the case is still under investigation.
Additional lawsuits have been filed in Shenzhen and Huizhou to stop the marketing and sales of the iPad in China. Damages totalling between $38 million and $1.6 billion dollars are sought by Proview Technology.

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