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If you reached this page, chances are you have investigated the registration of a trademark and found that the presentation of a mark on your own is a long and difficult process, and most lawyers charge more than $1,000 for the registration of a trademark. Regojo Law knows how important it is to protect your trademark, and that no one should risk having their hard work copied by another only because they were not able to register their mark.
With Regojo Law, we make the trademark registration process as easy as possible.  Simply complete the form with preliminary information and we will schedule a convenient time to talk. A trademark prevents others from using your name, slogan or logo, or using a name confusingly similar to yours without permission. Registration in the United States can be used as a basis for obtaining registration in a foreign country. You may have even decided not to register your mark because of the complexity or the costs.
We understand that after putting blood, sweat and tears in your product, protecting your brand is vital.
We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your brand, and then present the trademark application with the U.S.

Please note that the trademark approval process typically takes between 6-8 months before your mark is approved. We are aware that most attorneys charge a steep price for this service and that do-it-yourself companies do not provide the support and advice necessary to protect your business.
Regojo has been practicing law in Miami, Florida since 2007, focusing primarily on small business law, intellectual property, and international business transactions.
Within 3-4 months of submitting your registration, an agent of the USPTO will review your mark. At this time, the USPTO will either reject your mark or present it for publication, which means that the mark is published in the official gazette of the USPTO, where it will be visible to the public.
We do not have a mahogany and marble office in a downtown high rise; we also do not have unnecessary staff or overpaid associates with little experience to show for it. Regojo practiced at a boutique international law firm working with Latin American multinationals seeking to enter the US market, as well as with US based companies. Once published, third parties have 30 days from such date to dispute the registration of your mark.

Our goal is to offer our clients exceptional service at a low price, removing all the unnecessary expenses in the way.
Regojo worked as general counsel to a large Latin American food franchise, advising on intellectual property matters as well as franchise and business matters. Regojo worked on a number of cross-border transactions in various industries, from import-export transactions, to oil exploration to mergers and acquisitions. Regojo’s true passion is working with small and medium sized businesses (whether foreign or domestic), helping them properly organize so that they can reach their full potential.

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