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THE BRIEFA contemporary brand that has the potential to be extended to future venues as part of the Fish House chain. Tattooed talent, new restaurants and breaking news beating you out of publicity you deserve? We’re in the planning stages of a new restaurant and we want to know if there are any ways to plan for longevity? A restaurant without a business and branding plan is a plan for failure and puts everything at risk. To ensure a bright and long future, smart restaurant operators address the following three key items and should be able to answer the vital questions associated with each. In an article titled “Why Restaurants Fail” in Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, the authors interviewed owners of both successful and failed restaurants to determine the main causes of failure and how to build a business that lasts. Failed restaurant owners, when asked about their concept, discussed only their food product. A restaurant concept is a creative theme that tells an emotional story about the restaurant’s food and beverage offering, it’s culture, environment, and the experience.
A restaurant concept can be anything from a refined, understated, and simple French bistro to a creative mix of unexpected elements like a burgers and lobster pub that includes novelty elements and gimmicks.
A sustainable restaurant concept considers the future, how it can evolve over time, and how it might adapt to changing market conditions. Can your restaurant concept withstand an economic downturn, new competition, and a fickle consumer base?
Dedicated, engaged, and loyal employees are the lifeline of any business, including restaurants.

Do you have a welcome orientation ready for each new hire that teaches the team about your restaurant concept, service standards, brand? Do you have culture building programs to recognize and reward employees for their contributions? Do you have a credit line or a cash reserve that can carry you through revenue losses and a crisis PR plan?
We’d like to see the statistic of new restaurant longevity and prosperity swing the other direction where 90% of new businesses are smashing successes. You’ll also be the first to hear about our upcoming free webinars and courses where we’ll share more step-by-step tips on how to create a successful restaurant brand. Jocelyn is a business strategist, entrepreneur, visual facilitator at The Ring Effect and partner and partner of Brain Tattoo Publishing. The statistics for restaurants are pretty bleak, but we want to build a business that succeeds for the long-term. Many times, people focus on getting to opening night, but don’t have strategies and a plan for what happens next. When executed properly, a concept can help a restaurant be a powerful, memorable brand by standing for something and by being uniquely positioned in the competitive landscape. So even if a concept is built around a trendy idea, smart operators think about ways that the concept can remain relevant if the trend loses its popularity, if the economic climate changes, or if new competition enters the same market. In the restaurant business this can mean anything from road construction that blocks access to your establishment, an accident that damages your image, or a deep pocket competitor that suddenly attracts and steals away your customer base. It should include how you will deal with the worst-case scenario; loss of customers, cash flow crisis, and reputation management.

Do your homework, have a strong and sustainable concept in place, train and educate employee, and have Plan B ready—let’s make this happen! Sign up for free updates from the blog and receive our FREE e-book “25 Things Customers Think (But Won’t Tell You)” by entering your email in the box at the top right corner of this page. Get a FREE copy of the eBook "The Secret to a Great Brand" 7 Keys to Unlocking the Strength of Your Brand. In an ideal scenario, to earn back the start up investment a restaurant should be able to go for 5-7 years before a major revamp is needed. That means that from day one of business, you must invest in proper on-boarding, brand education, training, and customer experience.
You can email us jring[at]restaurantbrandingroadmap[dot]com or reach us on our Facebook page or Tweet us. For the menu suite we used special finishing techniques such as silver foil block and clear foil to create a unique set of marketing material. Despite these statistics, thousands of restaurants open each year hoping to find a place in the winner’s column.

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