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When the founders of Arch Pizza, a specialty pizza restaurant, came to Arrae Creative in August of 2013, they needed help building their brand from scratch.
Restaurant guerrilla marketing helps to promote your business in a cheap and effective way. Yes , it is very important and should be done in a unique and distinctive way. But unfortunately , every restaurant or bar owner can not to afford expensive marketing consultants who will help him in the planning marketing operations. Lots of small restaurants are faced with major problems with marketing, and these problems arise mostly because of low restaurant budget for these operations.
Promotional activities require certain funds which are either not enough or generally not planned at time. Fortunately , there are marketing methods which does not require a lot of financial resources. One of these methods is guerrilla marketing, which require minimum money income but lot of creativity and fresh ideas.
If you know your profession well, your offer and service you provide, your competition, target market, current events and trends – then you are ready to go into battle. Guerrilla marketing was invented and began by marketing expert Jay Conrad Levinson in mid-1980s .
One of the most important characteristics of guerrilla marketing objectives is the creative execution of an advertising message ! And because guerrilla marketing does not require a lot of cash and it is effective, it is very popular among owners of restaurants and bars. With an original marketing idea that you can get new customers and make them closer to your offer.
Okay, now we know what is guerrilla marketing , but to go into battle and develop the creative strategy ? Simply consider your restaurant marketing as a communication and education of your potential customers. Your potential guests have the willingness of choices when they choosing the adequate restaurant where will have dinner or coffee shops where will drink their coffee.
You probably will encounter that there are a multitude of similar or identical bids, which are available at the same price and advertise in a similar way. Most modern advertising and marketing strategies are more or less boring and seen a hundred times before.
Therefore, you can not afford yourself boring marketing because no one will remember you and you will not be different from the others.
2. Do not ever give up and say, ” There is no use of this, these methods do not function same as other Marketing methods !
Restaurant guerrilla marketing can help to increase your business for even 50-200 % , if done in the right way, and if you choose the right tactics . Choose one of your favorite meals or drinks of your guests and make a dramatic advertisement. You have lots of ways to, entertain and leave your regular guests surprised, but also people who still don’t know about your business who are passing by your guerrilla commercial installation. T-shirts printed with a striking logo of your restaurant or bar, some sign that reminds you or picture that speaks more than a thousand words about your offer … This is one of the oldest and most successful guerilla marketing techniques. Do not forget to include the small but visible lettering on T-shirts printed and your contact information : name of your catering establishment, address, phone number and website. Find quality and affordable printing studio which will help you in designing and printing flyers that you will share or leave at strategic locations. Think and ask yourself , where are walking hungry and thirsty people who would visit your restaurant ? Your pictures and videos that have interesting content with logo,object name, phone number, address and website should represent you and your service that you offer in a creative way. Be sure that the place you choose is the right one and that the large number of people have the opportunity to see and remember your offer through the pictures and videos. People love mascots , kids too , love to make photographs with them, even to talk and touch them. Set the mascot on the road , when you are planning some exclusive event in your restaurant or bar , or if promoting new dishes or drinks. For those who are looking for cheaper alternatives for marketing, this is also a form of advertising that can help.
Clean graffiti are just like normal graffiti, but with one big difference – not destroy clean buildings in the city, but those that are dirty .
The artist simply finds a dirty wall, clean it and form a graffiti art, which will be made for advertising.
In the big cities there are many places where you can do these graffiti, because there are plenty of dirty and unused areas. Of course it is legal if it is done on right way and in accordance with the city law or other regulations. Also Marketing graffiti has become a big problem, artist do it illegally on clean walls , asphalt and other urban areas, where this kind of advertising is forbidden. Do not let that people remember your as a someone who paste posters or made graffiti and destroyed surface intended for something else.
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Restaurant industry professional helping small restaurants with their training, operations, and marketing needs. Free Report Of The MonthEach month I reward the people who read all the way down to this bottom corner with a free report. The Sub Shop is a QSR, that resides somewhere between a fast food restaurant (FFR) and a sit down restaurant. McDonald's new "All American BurgerTM" is an example of the shift towards traditional, homemade-style menu items. The market consists of tourists, downtown workers, and students from Southern Oregon University. In addition, demographics have shifted in recent years from traditional households (two parents with children) to more non-traditional households; as a result, many adults feel they have less free time.
To offset the risk that comes with dependence on one economic sector, the City of Ashland and the Chamber of Commerce encourage the diversification of markets.

Ashland, while widely known for the nine-month Shakespeare Festival, is also the location of the only federally funded wildlife forensics lab and research facility in the country. The City of Ashland's population over the last four years has averaged 1.4% growth and is not expected to deviate from that rate. The Sub Shop will fill that need gap by providing above average quality subs, and good, but not necessarily low prices. To address this need, we plan to provide our employees with wages 35% higher than traditional FFRs in the region. As mentioned in the Market Needs topic, many people are heading for restaurants that offer fast food at a slightly higher price, but at a much higher quality, and delivered by employees who do not feel degraded or otherwise fatalistic about their role at work. This is due to reduced discretionary income, and recessionary economic pressures in 2000 and 2001. The business owners and managers have a combined 40 years experience working in the restaurant industry. The owners and managers are natives of Ashland, have strong ties to the community, and are willing to build stronger ties.
Management teams' many years of experience may include assumptions that limit amount of risk taken, and therefore, potential returns. SubSub licenses franchises throughout the nation, and offers two locations in the Ashland Metro area.
SubSub contributes to the growth in our market by advocating for healthy eating habits via online, TV, and radio advertising.
Another key to success lies with management's ability to execute the marketing and business plans. Restaurant owners and operators have a lot to look forward to in August for restaurant marketing opportunities.  For starters, August is National Sandwich Month, National Catfish Month, National Panini Month and Family Meals Month. Restaurateur can also take advantage of special days celebrating Banana Splits, Bananas, Brownies, Cherry Turnovers, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Chop Suey, Filet Mignon, Frozen Custard, Ice Cream Pie, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Lemon Meringue Pie, Mustard, Oysters, Peach Pie, Peaches, Pecan Tortes, Potatoes, Raspberry Cream Pie, Raspberry Tarts, Rice Pudding, S’mores, Soft Ice Cream, Sponge Cake, Spumoni, Vanilla Custard, Waffles, Watermelon and Zucchini.
For beverage marketing, Beer, Lemonade, Root Beer Floats, Rum and Whiskey Sours take center stage in August. There are also several days focused on family and friends in August.  Restaurant marketing plans can be built around Friendship Day, Girlfriends Day, Sisters Day, Son and Daughter Day, Middle Child’s Day and Senior Citizen’s Day, among many others. But you aren’t just a passive observer of what happens on Yelp or any other review site for that matter- you can and should work to make it work for you. The following article is a guest post from Felicia Baratz-Savage who is a writer and graphic artist living in Indianapolis, IN. Some restaurants are trying new approaches to bring hungry customers through the front door by offering coupons and discounts on meals. Using email marketing is one of the easiest, cheapest and most convenient ways to maintain your repeat business. And just like with regular mail- people will open and read mail they want to get- so you just have to make sure your restaurant is a place people want to be reminded to come back to eat at again and again! It is harder to create a marketing plan that acknowledges exactly who your best customers are likely to be and the best way to reach them with the best offer. You are better off creating your own special coupons and doing your own marketing to actually build a loyal customer base and create new business. What is needed is first, an understanding of the options, and then a plan for making the most of the subset of those choices that you pick to work on for your business. This seems like common sense but then as the old saying (approximately) goes, common sense isn’t nearly as common as the name would imply.
I think the problem is social media is way too easy to use and there is no visible cost to doing it so people don’t think it through like they would other marketing.
For example, no restaurant owner would pay to run an advertisement in the newspaper or on the radio that made a dumb joke, insulted customers, discussed religious views or took a political position. This is a smart little idea that you can use and is especially good for people who claim they don’t like to write. We advocate making a list when you put together your restaurant business plan of the reasons for people to choose you over the competition but you can do more with the list than just stick it in your plan. You can use it to help your staff learn more about your business and help pass it on to your customers.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. This resulting with small number of guests and a small income, which is the nightmare of every caterer.
I know, the fact is that not everyone can be an artist, singer,writer or manager, advisor for marketing – but anyone can be creative, at least a little bit, because creativity comes from knowledge. These are so called unusual marketing campaigns that promise a lot of success in business, with a little bit of financial resources. With your marketing inform them about your business, products , special offers and services. Your potential guests will notice this type of advertising , because they’ve seen a lot of times and they are used to it. You need plan that contains exactly what you plan to do in specific time, and certainly contains some expected results, which you intend to achieve in this period . In this way, you will certainly improve your business and see more guests at your restaurant tables. A striking image, logo, or something else on your own car, commercial vehicle, scooter or even a bicycle, can leave a strong impact on passers. For example, bus and railway stations are excellent places where you simply have to leave your flyers.Also it is very good to share it in local companies with large numbers of employees. If you are stick them at strategic places they can really help you getting the desired attention. Packaging for food and drinks that you use to deliver, should be recognizable unique and very practical.
Any way you choose, it is important that your message can be transferred to potential guests. Those who wish to advertise in this way in the city streets , walls and tunnels may get a lot more attention and a wider audience than those that are advertised during the evening news. Unfortunately in recent years we see lot of illegal marketing operations. There are so much  posters and stickers on public buildings. List of ideas that we gave you is only small part of the most successful and frequently used tactic of guerrilla marketing.

We are sharing free articles and tips with you and we ask you to share these tips on your social networks with your friends. This category is growing quickly, as people adjust to paying a little more than they would for typical fast food. The burger is much like what you would find at a traditional sit-down restaurant, yet for half the price. FFRs have left their mark on the town, yet the choices remain limited to the major national chains. Consumers report that they are eating out more often in order to free up time normally spent cooking, and use that time to enjoy their families and to take advantage of other leisure activities. 18,560) has built its economy on a resource base of timber, favorable climate, attractive landscape, cultural attractions, a well educated labor force and education.
Establishment of light manufacturing firms with value-added components, sophisticated services catering to a geographically dispersed clientele, and retailing targeted to local residents are especially encouraged. Southern Oregon University plays a large part in Ashland's economic health, with approximately 5,130 students, 576 faculty, 207 staff, 26 temps and 691 student employees. The City of Ashland's "official population projections" show a 19,995 population projection for the year 2,005. The niche for The Sub Shop resides somewhere between consumers who want to be waited on and people who want a fast lunch for less. We will not degrade our employees by forcing them to wear polyester uniforms, and we will offer two group outings a year for the employees, funded entirely by the company.
The National Restaurant Association predicts that the QSR market will grow slightly slower than the overall market for food services. If you have good reviews you are likely to be found be new people looking to try good restaurants in your area.
The following is a case study on how one restaurant made use of Yelp to benefit their business. As a contributor for Cooks & Travel Books,  she specializes in travel, culture and education.
And in today’s economy, with more people being frugal and cutting back on entertainment expenses, restaurants are looking for ways to attract diners.
It’s easy to sign up for a monthly ad in the local coupon mailer- but how many of those come back and of the ones that do how many turn into regular customers? Here are some better restaurant marketing suggestions that will serve your business much better over the long haul than anything a daily deal site is going to bring you. But doing it on Facebook or Twitter is so fast, easy and free that the normal thinking that goes into marketing doesn’t seem to apply. You still had to do all the old things, but you also had to market online and also deal with the fact that people were starting to post reviews online as well, and not all of them were good. How about inserting a top ten favorite dishes list in your menu to help upsell your customers?
To date, our efforts have resulted in 2,900 Facebook community members, 750+ twitter followers, 1,000 email addresses, and coverage in Denver’s top publications including the Denver Post, the Westword, and Reddit Denver. Competition is great, the economic crisis increasing, so the survival of the majority of restaurants has become a lottery. Also, every owner of a restaurant, cafe or bar knows how marketing is crucial for successful business of his restaurant.
Restaurant guerrilla marketing is one of the restaurant marketing techniques in advertising industry. You can be pretty sure that your marketing will be creative if you develop good creative strategy ( guerrilla marketing ). In this way your website will become more frequented , and potentially guests will get a chance to convince their-selves about the creativity and quality of your offer. You can even leave it in the bathrooms for example, public toilets, shopping centers or theaters to spread the message in the form of stickers, posters, etc. While the differentiation between QSR's and traditional fast food may be transparent to most consumers, there has been a conscious shift in purchasing towards FFRs and QSRs that provide innovative menus and a selection of custom, or customizable menu items. Tourists make up the largest segment of our target market, at about 85% of the total market for our products.
Add that amount to 20% of all tourists to the Ashland area, and those two segments alone will buy 138,000 meals.
In addition, Ashland's location off Interstate 5 and the Southern Pacific Railroad, and its proximity to the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport, give it market access that is more favorable than usual for a rural town. Since we will provide cafe-like tables for people to sit and enjoy their subs, this will attract potential customers from the traditional restaurant chains.
As for cleanliness, we will expect the highest standards from both our employees, and our location.
As stipulated by the franchise agreement, the "Type A-Profile 1" location must contain a minimum of 6,000 employees within a four block radius (or five minute walk time). If you aren’t creative you can just copy what they did or if you are open to new ideas then come up with some of your own.
And now the numbers bear it out- daily deal sites including the biggie- Groupon- are not helping people build great relationships with repeat customers- they are killing small businesses. Do not forget that we are talking about guerrilla marketing , which is creative and unusual advertising is crucial.
Burger King promises to make you lunch "Your Way.TM" This has been a point of differentiation for Burger King in the past, yet has become less advantageous to them as other FFRs have promised product customization. And because Ashland is considered a "destination" city, an additional 258,427 people visit here for its other attractions such as recreation, shopping and sightseeing. The goal will be to ensure that tables are cleaned within three minutes of being left. The pedestrian traffic must be adequate and the lunch habits of the customers must be conducive to eating out. Floors will be cleaned daily, and all kitchen supplies and countertops will be maintained to the highest standards.

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