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A professional, well-conceived restaurant business plan is absolutely essential for an independent restaurant venture to obtain funding and have any real chance for success.
Several of our members who have recently opened their own restaurants, tell us unequivocally, that having a first-class business plan was the single most important ingredient in making their new business a reality.
Our exclusive templates and resources give you a quick and easy way to prepare a winning business plan without spending hundred of hours researching, organizing and crafting every word yourself.
Use these resources to simplify and speed up the preparation process with a proven outline to communicate your plan in a professional, compelling format that will enhance your credibility and improve your chances of attracting investors and obtaining the necessary financing. Pre-written content and customizable documents, including a detailed business plan financial model, to simplify and expedite the preparation of a professional, comprehensive plan. Instructions and guidance for preparing all the major elements of a business plan including Executive Summary, Business Concept, Management Team, Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Operational Plan, Investment Analysis, Growth Plan, Exit Strategy, and Financial Projections. Current industry research ready for you to use or edit compiled from National Restaurant Association's Food Industry Analysis and other authoritative sources. Step-by-step instructions for preparing the all-important Financial Section of your plan including creation of your startup budget, financial projections and return on investment analysis.
The business plan templates and resources were created by Jim Laube, a practicing CPA for 25 years, and Joe Erickson, a former restaurant owner and operator. Tips and Instruction: Using the Restaurant Business Plan Template- This PDF document explains how to use the Restaurant Business Plan Template. Business Plan Financial Model-Tableservice Version- Possibly the most comprehensive financial tool you'll ever use to evaluate restaurant financial feasibility and create restaurant financial projections. Business Plan Financial Model-Quickservice Version- This version of the Business Plan Financial Model has been designed specifically for quickservice restaurants. Restaurant Business Plan Financial Model-Pizzeria Version- This version of the Business Plan Financial Model has been designed specifically for quickservice & delivery pizza restaurants.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The Blue Fish Grill will be a moderately priced 116 seat seafood restaurant offering family style service of popular Gulf Coast fare. Background music consisting of popular Cajun tunes, Jimmy Buffet hits and other folk music depicting life on the water will blend various pop cultures with traditional sounds of the Old South. Intense market research and target market evaluation suggest that Blue Fish Grill is ideally situated to cater to an unfulfilled market segment. Having a sound operational plan allows management to focus on building sales rather than profit. Sales projections for Blue Fish Grill assume a modest 2400 customers per week resulting in weekly sales of just over $37,000, or $1,800,000 per year. Total capitalization will amount to $1,077,675, $400,000 of which will be contributed from the members and the balance secured through a proposed bank loan. In closing, we feel the business plan for Blue Fish Grill represents a realistic expectation of success for all parties involved. While determining which promotional strategies to include within your budget plan, you must first consider your overall expense budget. Small business can greatly benefit from proper planning of business expenses and budgeting. By preparing your budgeting template with the help of a software spreadsheet, you will be able to easily make the overall calculations simpler.
This type of a spreadsheet will give you an estimate of the overall projected expenses for sales, market research, promotion, staff compensation, distribution etc.
A multitude of business projects as well as personal initiatives, can greatly benefit from a budget plan.
The Benefits of Using a Marketing Plan Template When a great marketing plan template is used, it can be quite effective. The company must plan, carry out trial runs using its resources on a marketing strategy and then go back to the drawing board to tweak anything that did not work in the past.
Another benefit of a template is that it can help a company narrow down the needs of its customers. More than anything a marketing plan template is beneficial to have because it also allocates the company's marketing strategy in terms of demographics. One of the best things about using a marketing plan template is that it can be used to reveal ways to distinguish your product from your competitor's product. If you'd like to create a marketing plan quickly and easily, consider using a marketing plan template.
Growers Guide proves to be recipe for successAlberni Valley TimesSo I started with this as a template to get us going here. First and foremost important step in writing a restaurant plan is that you must have clear idea about concept of restaurant you want to build.
Budget, determination about suppliers, marketing strategy and menu decisions, space and fixtures are important elements that must be added to your business plan.
Success of your restaurant will totally depend on type of food you will provide to your end clients. Taking these effective steps for writing your restaurant’s plan will bring lots of benefits and profitable outcomes for your business. Related Word TemplatesBusiness Plan Template for NGOs NGOs are non-profitable organizations that are getting very popular day by day.
When a business starts, […]Catering Plan Template Restaurants’ success is not limited to just providing quality foods to the people but if there isn’t any proper catering arrangement, it can ruin overall image of restaurant for other people. The process that includes the brief introduction, explanation, responsibilities, resource […]Strategy Plan Template Strategy can be defined in many ways but in business world, it is a plan, a way, a method or a clear direction towards achieving the goals that an organization has defined earlier. For example, a paper company has […]Lesson Plan Template for Teachers Lesson planning is necessary for all teachers because it brings more effectiveness in their teaching patterns.
The good news is that while social media marketing alternatives are included, the spreadsheet offers a bigger picture than a Tweet or a Like. It will also help you identify and think through the major and subtle elements that need to be addressed in any successful restaurant startup. The authors have been involved in hundreds of restaurant business plan and startup projects over their careers. This series of linked Microsoft Excel® worksheets will simplify the preparation process while helping you be thorough in your projections.

There is no point using a plan designed for an accountantsfirm when you are starting a fast food franchise.Plans suitable for Windows users are available as MS Word documents and Excelspreadsheets. Grilled and fried selections of shrimp, fish, oysters, chicken tenders and stuffed Blue crabs will be served on large family sized platters, conjuring memories of the popular Friday fish fries that once drew families together throughout the South. The décor for Blue Fish Grill will feature wood accented construction blended with a nautical theme decor. The creators and managing members of the company, Harry Stevens and Linda Jones, are seeking additional financing to supplement their contribution of $400,000 to fund the concept. Their combined efforts in the creation of Blue Fish Grill have served to yield a detailed plan that encompass the necessary elements required to succeed in today's competitive restaurant environment.
Moreover, years of operational and marketing experience have been organized and documented to create a comprehensive blueprint for success. The managing partners have an extremely high degree of confidence that the systems and controls incorporated in the business plan will yield a calculated return for a given sales volume. Moreover, we will be providing a benefit to the community by providing a great product and secure jobs to community residents.
This will help you to ascertain how much can you afford to allocate towards the promotion, distribution and sales, of your product or service.
Open excel and use the column headers for typing out the months and a separate subtotal column to record the year. The goal of this spreadsheet is to allot expenses periodically so that the required funds are available when needed. Determine your objectives for the promotion planning – You need to ascertain the key objectives and strategies for your business. Set up the spreadsheet by listing out the strategies as per the timeline set by you – Create columns for dates, objectives, strategies and expenses, for achieving the prime goals for your business. Estimate the income projection for your business – Determine how much income will be utilized on the total operating expenses and how much can you allocate toward the sales and promotion strategies. Determine the estimate cost of individual strategy – Find out the costs of building and maintaining your company website, joining networking groups and placing advertisements with various print and broadcast media. Set up your budget within your spreadsheet for the business you can afford to carry out – This type of planning must be based upon the income projection and available cash. By filling out the planned figures in each of the .xls template cells, you will be able to easily forecast which type of spreadsheet will work best for your type of business setup. The expense budget template for MS excel will run you through a series of costs that are being currently unaccounted for. When this happens, the marketing plan can result in the creation of long-term relationships between the company and the customer. It can be possible to carry out a single plan on your own, if your company does have the resources to do so.
Even children will know that there are wants and needs, and it is up to a business to assess if they are supplying these for its customers. If you are selling baby clothes, you can more easily identify the demographics of the customers you would like to reach. If you gear your marketing plan towards showing the differences in your product, you can develop a distinct and clear business advantage against the competition. By the fall of 2014, I, along with Edna and Charles, met with Heather Shobe of Eden Tree Farm and Gardening, and a member of the ACRD Agricultural Plan Implementation Team.
Whether you are going to open a restaurant or are going to start some other sort of business, business plan would be crucial for smooth running of your business. This is necessary as you will surely have decided for the location for your restaurant thus type of restaurant should match with that location. They will add concreteness to your business plan that will further help you gaining profitable results. Food selection must be done in a way that it must follow the taste of your target audience. You should adopt most effective and successful marketing strategy to make as many people aware of your business as you can.
How many working hours would be there to operate your restaurant is another important point to be added to your plan. You can go ahead for taking a successful start with your restaurant business by keeping these points under considerations.
They provide lots of facilitation to the people for which people like to fund these organizations. Seating structure and seating capacity are very important decisions to make restaurants profitable and running.
You know that every business and both types of organizations (profitable and non-profitable) work on plans and goals which can vary with respect to each different company. Lesson plan helps all teachers to manage their lesson within instructional time and provide step by step guidance to students.
While Excel can be daunting if you are not familiar with it, plans on Excelare often very good to work with.
Diner style tables will be surrounded by heavy wooden chairs and accompanied by leather covered booths. Proven marketing techniques and operational systems will allow management to be proactive rather than reactive to the conditions and obstacles associated with opening a new restaurant concept.
Next, group the row headers together into various sections for indicating different expenses. For instance, if you run a small business, you will probably require only a few line items for promotion, channel support, newspaper advertising, expenses to market and distribute your goods to various places, creating a web presence and paying the salary of a few employees. The historical data will offer information on the efficiency of various marketing strategies. In case you have been using a percentage of historical sales method, you could enter the formulas in the column representing a specific month and then duplicate it for all the other months. This sheet is usually created by the sales department in coordination with the organization’s finance team. Your objective may be to sell a specific quantity of products within a specified period of time.
Your strategies must be set with a time frame such as goals to be attained within a week, a month etc. It will even give you an overall understanding of multiple strategies to help you market your product or service.

Some customers will drive miles to a store's location in order to buy from that brand. However, another benefit of a plan is that it can be used to effectively create cohesion within a company. A plan is thus able to show you vital information such as a large need for a service that is not being met or failing your customer base.
By using a marketing plan template, you take on the responsibility of showing in your ad campaigns that the product you have is superior of any number of reasons. Business plans are well written and well structured documents that give you assurance of achievement of your business goals within defined time period while gaining profitable amount of money. This point is very necessary to consider as it will help you targeting more and more clients for effectively running your restaurant.
Furthermore, you must have to define a criteria on which you will decide to hire chefs, cooks and bakers as selecting right person for your restaurant food supply is the key element for the success of your restaurant. You can use any of budget friendly marketing strategy to get successful results and better outcomes for generating profitable revenues. Along with all this, you should also add customer services and quality of products you will provide to your end clients. Proper Catering Planning works for a restaurant a lot more what you might be […]Quality Control Plan Template Quality plans are written to specify the standards by following which, companies complete their product manufacturing process. Since Excel is one of the best spreadsheet programs outthere it is well worth learning how to use it.Once your free business plan template is downloaded, take your time to look it over soyou understand it. Thus, you can create rows for recording office expenses, market research, office salaries, marketing communications, catalogs, advertising, branding, promotions, investor and media relations, direct and online marketing, website design and support, customer acquisition support, sales lead generation and distribution channel support. However, if you run a larger business with multiple products, then you may need a dedicated spreadsheet for each product.
For instance, if you have participated in various trade shows in the previous year, then it will reallocate your available funds towards those events that have produced the maximum sales-generating leads.
By using historical financial statistics, you will be able to show the management how specific increase in promotion expenses will lead to an increase in sales. The overall budgeting is based upon the targeted plan for attaining higher sales and the resulting profits. Your strategies must include joining an array of networking associations, press releases, printing a brochure or creating a website. Departments that would avoid each other are forced to get together for the common good of the new product launch. If you have decided to start your own restaurant, you can get most out of this profitable business if you will have proper planning and best management. Furthermore, you will be able to easily manage all your business activities while keeping right track. Although, starting up a non-profitable organization can be proved lengthy and time consuming process. All businesses are running with the idea of providing best and quality services and products to end clients. In case you don’t have any historical data, you could use the comparative data or industry trade association data from related industries.
Thus, for instance, if increasing the online marketing expense by 10 percent last year had led to a 20 percent increase in the online orders during the year, then your company’s management may even agree to a rise in the online market spending this year.
However, keep in mind that the ability to get a customer to trust a company is not a one-hit success or something that occurs overnight. Both of these items you can gain if you will write a business plan for your restaurant before starting it.
If you want to start up […]Risk Management Plan Template Creating a risk management plan is something of high importance when undertaking a new project either at business level or even at government level. When a company meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation it becomes the evaluation of company’s performance and ensures that timely completion of […]Emergency Response Plan Template Existence of life is usually unsure, all of us might have to deal with unpredictable circumstances in many job areas involving lifestyle intended for which all of us will not be organized.
For instance, if you own a restaurant business, then a new home and office construction projection within your area, will help you plan the expenditure for potential sales and incremental promotion expenses.
Thus, for instance, merely increasing the advertising expenditure from 5 to 10 percent, will not directly result into the doubling of sales as these two factors are not necessarily co-related. Writing an effective business plan for your restaurant business could be proved tricky for you but you can make it easy if you will follow some key elements that will be helpful for making your plan effective. However, many people take it to be of less significance and think that that any issues arising could be dealt with later easily. Most of us typically dismiss the item and make virtually any strategy to cope with these kind of conditions. A cash balance graphclearly shows your financial status while operating ratios allow you to make goodcomparisons of your business efficiency.
If there is no risk […]Business Development Plan Template A business development plan refers to the planning and strategies of making more profit for the business and enhancing its performance over time to time. No-one can ascertain this emergency […]Project Plan Template Time is always very important for project planning to ensure timely completion and submission of projects. Finally you need an executive summary to tie itall together.If youve never made a business plan it may seem impossible.
It also includes increasing the business operations with other businesses and acquiring more clientele from local and international market.
When it comes to project planning, there is always a need of planning and scheduling for time so that proper time could be estimated for each and every activity that will be involved in project making.
Fortunately a template willwalk you through the process.While you can make adjustments as necessary, the sooner you start using your plantemplate, the more you will get to know how it works. Deciding about how much time will be required for which activity is project […]Project Management Plan Template Companies run projects all the time and it is very common for an organization to work on more than one project at once.
As you adjust your ideas they willbe reflected in the plan.When your plan is complete you can use it to present your case to possible investors.
But, no project is started without a proper management plan which provides an overview of the project to the important related people i.e.

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