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Skyboy offers a complete range of design, from corporate identity and branding to infographics, brochures and websites, now also specialising in unique and creative craft beer label design. Working with Bigger Than Me, I recently had the opportunity to design a logo and develop the branding for this exciting amateur 6’s cricket and culture festival.
Richard Holmes is a freelance travel, food and lifestyle writer based in the sunny Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa. In the context of the retail sector, retail is fashion and has a relatively short lifespan.
Creates the physical manifestation of a brand to deliver a unique brand experience at all customer touch-points. Through positioning and differentiation, Moxie offers Retailers the commercial advantage over the competition. The primary objective was to design a permanent, cost effective display solution to merchandise Coca-Cola’s CSD portfolio across traditional trade channels in multiple global regions. Coca Cola’s chair made of recycled PET bottles inspired us to investigate ways to use recycled material. The Design & Branding titled FREE STANDING UNIT was done by BARROWS RETAIL MARKETING SPECIALISTS advertising agency for brand: Coca-cola in South Africa.

Providing a friendly and down-to-earth experience with quality work, always delivered on time. Both Retailers and Manufacturers are realizing that new and better methods are available to truly understand how customers are behaving in the store environment and what can be done to influence or change this behaviour. As such, Moxie Retail Branding & Design responds to the fashion and trend requirements of society, the desired customer segments and the desired strategic positioning requirements of the corporation. The Moxie approach combines environmental design and Shopper Marketing disciplines to shape critical touch points along the path to purchase.
We provide Tesco with a complete design service, from product photography, cut-outs and retouching to mod building, booklet design and digital artwork.Share SEASONAL PICTURE PLANOGRAMSTesco are the No. As a consequence of the design teams’ commitment to sustainability, the full lifecycle from cradle-to-cradle was scrutinised.
It had to guarantee the displays’ longevity of 5 years in the harshest informal trade conditions – heat, sun and rain. We found this simple idea had several challenges, in particular the supply chain’s role in the manufacturing process. To achieve our vision, we had to innovate by expanding the supply chain’s capabilities; this included cross-pollinating PET recycling expertise from a Brazilian factory, with our manufacturing partner in China.

We design seasonal communications for their non-food events, producing merchandising planograms, which give stores detailed information on shelf heights, product facings, barcode numbers and point of sale positioning.Right Angle are a full service graphic design agency with over 30 years creative experience. This dedication to sustainable design is a pertinent issue not only affecting the world at large but more specifically, the POP industry whose primary business, and type of marketing activity, contributes to landfills round the world. To ensure the display delivered on its promise of retail excellence, we undertook stress-testing, UV colour testing, and real-world testing on endurance, weight and drop tests to ensure it could weather the harsh trading environments.
Over 65% of the display’s composition is derived from re-used material, the bulk of which comprises of HDPE and smaller components from PET derived from recycled Coca-Cola bottles. End-of-life planning includes materials that allow 100% of the display to be completely recycled and re-used.

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