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Retailtoolbox How to Guides are designed to save you time and money by delivering easy step by step instructions, solutions and information on how to better manage your business.
The guides cover a wide range of business disciplines from tried and true basics to advanced concepts. If you have any questions or would like information on a topic we haven’t covered, please post the question or suggestion on our Retail Conversations blog and we will endeavour to publish relevant guides.
Retailtoolbox Tools & Calculators will save you time and money while teaching you relevant business processes, jargon and formulae. A range of pre-formatted spreadsheets and calculators designed to give you the right information to better manage your business; often only found by hiring specialists and consultants. A variety of pre-formatted and formulae-loaded spreadsheets are available to download covering areas such as product & merchandising, marketing and finance. Online specialist calculators are also ready to calculate important indicators such as Gross Profit & Margin, GMROI & Stock Turn, Cash Flow and more. Retailtoolbox believes in the power of visual merchandising to deliver new customers, keep existing customers and continue to make sales, even when the store is closed or the staff is busy.
Our aim is to provide you with the skills and tools to plan and implement effective visual merchandising in your store.We design and print a range of point of sale materials and guide you in how to best visually merchandise your store using those materials. At Retailtoolbox we understand that you cannot be an “expert” in all aspects of your business.
We have developed a number of value for money services that will deliver that specialist assistance without costing the earth! Retailtoolbox members have access to numerous tools, resources and expert advice to help improve their business.
The ideal tool to help co-ordinate and plan your promotional plan is a promotional calandar. A promotional calendar will enable you organise and coordinate your promotional activites in a timely manner throughout the year.
A promotional calendar can take many forms and should be tailored specifically to your business and promotional plan. To maximise a promotion or event you need to ensure you have all aspects of your business aligned. In Boutique XYZ’s case there are two sections within planned activities and they are A.
This section is a summary of last years activities and the sales generated from the activities.
To get a head start on your retail calendar download a ready formatted calendar from Downloadable Tools for FREE.
The Retailtoolbox Promotional Calendar is a easy to use, ready to fill out format of a financial year (July to June) promotional calendar. Also download the Promotional Calendar How to Guide which explains step by step process of building and using a promotional calendar.
Our Free and Premium members enjoy the benefits of access to exclusive articles, networking opportunities and much more. We have put together in a 2015 calendar with all the key Singapore dates to plan for in your marketing.
Unless your marketing team consists of one person, it’s time to put down the Excel marketing calendar. If you are a retailer with a large marketing team, you are probably guilty of having several Excel marketing calendars floating around on your shared drives.

Even with dedicated staff, it isn’t possible they can capture every single change being made to events across the files. If that didn’t convince you, what happens when you need to pull up all the events you ran in week 33 last year? We haven’t even touched on the greatest failure of Excel marketing calendars: their inability to show the linkages between events and campaigns. How is the modern retail marketer supposed to visualize their carefully crafted integrated marketing campaign with Excel? To be honest we aren’t sure how marketing executives cope with reviewing their marketing calendars in this format. The future of your marketing calendar isn’t just about seeing it on the iPad, it’s about tagging and storing all your marketing activity for reporting and reference. We've created this e-commerce calendar for all of Shopify's customers and we thought we would share it with the world. While this is also the case with online stores, many e-commerce retailers aren't yet doing these types of marketing promotions. Key Marketing Dates For Irish Retail 2015 - How Can I Get Customers?How Can I Get Customers? It’s one of the most obvious things in retail but knowing what the key marketing dates for Irish retail events are and having a plan in place to market them is crucial to any retail business success.
If you were blindsided by the popularity of black Friday this year then make sure it doesn’t happen again next year! A simple but effective way to let your customers know about your promotional events throughout the year is via text message marketing.
To take a look at how this system will work for your business, simply call us and book in an appointment with one of our experts.
You will find the information relevant to most, if not all retail sectors, from food to fashion and beyond.
As your business grows you will need to seek specialist advice in areas of the business perhaps unfamiliar to you. Be it through an information based website (to showcase your brand, goods and services) or a fully-fledged ecommerce site conducting business while you sleep. The following information will take you on a journey to start selling and marketing online. That is, sales ebb and flow depending upon the activity generated at different times of year outside the business. Taking into account school holidays, public holidays, Christmas, Easter and other retail events that may be relevant to your business. Most retailers will have a promotional plan based on events and then support those events by different forms of communication.
For example before you advertise you need to ensure the stock is available, the store is dressed, staff informed, point of sale ready to go etc. For example with one glance you can see the February New Season Arrivals (in dark brown) is supported by windows, local magazine advertising, a customer preview and a database communication. Add as much detail as you wish but remember it is only a reference for last years activities.
The calendar is in Excel, preformatted but not protected so you can use this as your base and adapt to suit your business. Those of you with Excel ninjas on staff will likely have several spreadsheets linked to one central marketing calendar.

The lack of an audit trail is frankly scary; who changed the main offer on the email from 10% to 20% off? Let alone the associated reporting and media review as the campaign is built and executed over a period of several months.
Printing them out doesn’t make it any better, squashing that much data on to 11×17 makes retail veterans shudder, and then, squint as they attempt read it. It’s about pulling up an integrated marketing campaign with a single click, and being able to actually see all of your media in a single place. In a traditional retail environment, holidays and specific marketing dates are planned for months in advance.
The time of year when budgets are divvied out, decisions made and strategies put into place. It seems like every retailer in the country adopted the American sale day tradition this year.
It’s permission based so you will have to make sure you are getting the permission of your customers first. For example Christmas, Easter, Boxing Day Sales all generate traffic in shopping presincts generally no matter what you do. Sounds simply but many a retailer (big or small) has been caught out with something not ready in time. Sure that seems like a good idea, but then there are probably a couple of folks on staff whose sole job is keeping up with updates and changes to the files. Change logs that come from audit trails are immensely useful when it comes to driving workflows and notifying team members of edits. It’s about taking a step into 2013 and using what some of the largest retailers in the world are already leveraging to their advantage. We offer a great value solution to retail that makes it very simple to gain your customers permission to text them and then send them promotional messages whenever you like.
We generally separate the areas as not all database marketing is tied directly to the promotion.
It’s all managed from a simple ipod kiosk and it is highly effective at streamlining your marketing.
In the Promotions section we add all those activities we need to coordinate such as Windows, Advertising, Customer Previews etc. Okay, maybe we can copy over the data into this year’s file, perhaps just the circular and website events so the marketing team isn’t scrolling forever to find their info. That’s terrible; now you aren’t playing with a full deck of cards by not allowing complete access to your historical marketing data. We’re also curious about your view: what topics would you like us to cover on the blog this year? And they have told us that it takes four to five hours to create and test an e-mail campaign using other systems. The Calendar also provides a clear view of future ideas and tracks successes from previous months with real-time summaries.

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