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Home improvement retailers are a specialized channel for many types of construction projects including building materials and supplies, fixtures, construction tools and equipment, and more.
Part one will provide a retail snapshot, including the results of a 2011 survey on retail marketing practices conducted by the Construction Marketing Association. The retail home improvement category consists of several segments including big box home centers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s, hardware cooperatives including Ace Hardware and True Value, Lumber and Building Material dealers (LBM’s), mass merchants like Walmart and Sears Holdings, and specialty retailers that sell products such as paint, flooring, and farm goods. The following chart identifies the largest home improvement retailers in North America by number of stores and earnings in 2011 (Source: Home Channel News).
Please share this post with others who are interested in learning more about marketing to home improvement retailers. The Blog on the home improvement retailers were great and it were quit interesting ….
If you didn’t get a chance to read the first two tips in this series, check out Part 1 here.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Retail Marketing• Def of retailing- It is the set of business activities that adds value to the product and services sold to the customers for their personal or family use.• Set of business activities of selling, movement, breaking bulk etc• Def of retail- word derived from French word “retaillier”.
Significance and importance cont-• Value addition to products and services thru 4 functions.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Cybex Marketing is a comprehensive application that integrates market planning and evaluation, information driven selling, content management, customer management and analytics within its campaign management tools.Provide a process for adjusting campaigns to react to the most current and comprehensive data.
Seamlessly Integrated with Cybex Merchandising System, Accounts Receivable, Store Systems, Internet Storefront, Cybex Data Warehouse, and Cybex Reporting System to ensure all areas of the enterprise rely on the same marketing plan facilitating marketing control and optimization. Effective retail marketing drives awareness, traffic and, ultimately, converts shoppers into loyal customers. TPG’s retail marketing team has the expertise and experience to effectively assess and refine any aspect of retail marketing, regardless of the consumer products sector, channel or target shopper.

TPG has a twenty-year history of successful retail marketing engagements, from strategy to activation, spanning almost every retail channel. However, they are included today because the influence of these stores on home improvement is so large. If you’re already up to speed, we’re going to pick up where we left off and discuss three more strategies to make your online retail search marketing programs a success.
Retailers that promote their complete product line and deliver relevant ads are able to differentiate their offerings and maximize their revenue outcomes. Use a management platform with real-time automation and leverage a structured product feed. With automated PLA campaign tools, you can make additions and edits in bulk, and efficiently create PLA objects without introducing errors.
Successful online retailers use tools to quickly isolate and update creative to align with promotions. Retailers that can successfully and engage on-the-go shoppers will be able to acquire revenue as customers move across devices.
Use reporting tools that provide analysis of performance by device along dimensions such as product line and geography. Increase relevance with local cues such as name of a city or region, and use mobile location and call extensions. Identify trends in mobile searches and conversion rates to inform a strategy that will allow you to engage mobile shoppers at the right time. Retailers that account for seasonality will maintain an advantage and accelerate revenue outcomes during critical buying periods. Use a bidding solution that automatically adjusts bids according to expected shifts in seasonal performance. Since the time between the initial ad click and the purchase can range from the same session to several months, most online retailers can optimize bids by using an automated solution to exclude the most recent days from their bid calculations. Marketing that uses both traditional and non-traditional strategies to reach the target market and outshine the competition.

Increasingly, shoppers are frequenting a multitude of retail outlets through an evolving and intricate path to purchase.
Advances in technology, like mobile marketing and ecommerce, are providing an increased level of retail offering, pricing and promotion transparency. Mass merchants generated $33.12 billion in revenue, or about 16% of overall home improvement channel sales in 2011. Align your paid search campaigns with your products in order to advertise your entire inventory at scale. Top performing creative should be continuously identified, optimized, and deployed at scale. This will give you actionable insights for optimizing the mobile shopping experience and implementing mobile-specific bidding strategies. Account for these times by excluding the specific dates and date ranges from bid calculations across campaigns and product lines. And make sure to download a copy of our white paper, “Revenue Acquisition Management for Online Retailers,” for more in-depth discussion of these winning strategies.
US has 80% organized retailing fallowed by Europe 70%, Malaysia and, Thailand 50, Brazil and Argentina 40, Philippines 35 Indonesia 25 and South Korea 15%, china 10%.
Simultaneously, new retail marketing insights and platforms are available creating a complex, fragmented marketing mix. Organized retail in 2000 was 20 thousand corers now in 05 gone up to 160 thousand corers 8 fold against total R- increase in 5 years is only 2 fold.

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