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GBRW Consulting has a 20 year track record of financial sector expertise in emerging markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
At GBRW we emphasise implementation, working shoulder-to-shoulder with counterparts to actually deliver change as well as planning for the future. Sometimes we work with banks to put in place the planning structure and processes to fully engage the Board and the Strategy Committee, executive management, research and planning personnel, general management and staff. One of the critical ingredients of effective strategic management, and one that is too-often ignored is how to translate a strategic plan into action. Successful strategic management also means monitoring and rewarding progress towards strategic objectives to ensure we are making expected progress in the right direction.
Download GBRW's capability statement illustrating our competence and qualifications in all aspects of risk management in commercial banking, including credit, market and operational risk, as well as supplementary cross-cutting risks such as strategic risk and liquidity risk.
Across the spectrum of retail, SME, and corporate and institutional banking, we have the credit know-how to assist in almost any challenge. As balance sheets become an increasingly complex mix of products, currencies and markets, the market risk capacity must respond in kind. Effective understanding and management of operational risk has assumed a new importance in recent years. While the three main risk classifications are helpful in many respects, the urge to categorise risk must be balanced with an appreciation of holistic risk management, often called Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (EWRM). Ultimately, a successful bank depends on meeting the needs of target customers with a well-designed Customer Value Proposition. We work with customer-focused financial institutions to cascade Customer Relationship Management (CRM) methodologies throughout the business and operating model. Whether your bank has a product or customer focus, the ability to deliver well-researched and designed products consistently ahead of the competition is a key competitive advantage. When large and global corporate margins become thin, and appealing retail banking markets hyper-competitive, the financial sector begins to look for new customers. GBRW Consulting has practical experience in balancing the marketing and management of credit risk, and of providing pragmatic solutions to many of the problems facing banks and other financiers in this market, to help them build strong and profitable SME franchises. GBRW provides consulting and training in almost all aspects of banking and finance in emerging markets. If your bank operates in a challenging business environment then there are few challenges we have not encountered before.
GBRW recently delivered a detailed manual to the Delinquency Management Department of a major co..
Long-standing GBRW client, Golomt Bank, has received the "Bank of the Year" award for Mongolia, .. GBRW was appointed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to undertake a review of the mi.. March 22, 2012 by RBDenterprise 1 Comment Retail store marketing, are loss leaders a good pricing strategy?

Loss leader pricing is a strategy used by retailers where they price and advertise an item at or well below cost in order to attract buyers into their store. Think about it this way, you see an ad for a Bluetooth headset you need at a store where you usually don’t shop, and the price is amazingly low. Consumers are always looking for the lowest price products, but they also are so used to convenience, that store hopping to get the lowest price on everything they buy is inconvenient, or with the price of gas cost prohibitive.
CPC Strategy is a retail-focused Search agency that uses a proprietary Search optimization process to drive conversions by matching inventory with consumer intent. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With career experience at some of the world's leading banks, GBRW has a deep pool of intellectual capital to share including policies & procedures, models, methodologies, tools, and templates.
We look forward to developing new partnerships in ever expanding markets, and encourage you to contact us if we can possibly benefit your institution. We also work with clients to approach expansion in new products and markets, and to explore innovative solutions to problems.
GBRW works with banks to convert strategic aims into quantified measures and targets and to put in place an effective methodology for the implementation of change. GBRW helps by building and improving strategic Management Information Systems (MIS) and reporting tools (e.g.
This could include credit strategy and segmentation, portfolio management and rating tools, credit risk models and scorecards, credit risk analysis and assessment techniques, product development and deal structuring, loans processing and administration, and NPL management. Whether it's the bank book, the customer book, or the proprietary trading book, we can help with strategies, tools, models, and methodologies which will help your bank better understand and manage market risks. GBRW also incorporates approaches to identifying, measuring and managing inter-connected or more nuanced risk types such as strategic risk, liquidity risk, and reputational risk. Whether you have a customer focus on retail, SME or corporate banking segments, or a product focus on any type of asset, liability, or transactional product or even non-financial service, we help develop and deliver effective marketing strategies. Strategic segmentation in banks in more sophisticated than many other industries due to the addition of a substantial risk vector to the analysis. Through effective segmentation strategy, our clients have a clear understanding of who their customers are, their needs, values and behaviours, and can develop a powerful and differentiated Customer Value Proposition to drive cross-sales, customer tenure and customer profitability. We work with banks on product portfolio management, new product development across the full suite of retail, SME, corporate & institutional, and financial markets products and services, and pricing and distribution strategies. However, developing a successful SME banking or finance business can be a challenge, especially in Emerging Markets. If you are looking to find ways to address new markets, improve operating performance, better manage risk, and enhance skills and knowledge then GBRW has the capabilities you need. Say you find you have an overstock or need to increase brand awareness and traffic and someone suggests using the loss leader pricing strategy, is this a technique you should consider for your retail store? This is done in the hopes of increasing traffic and that customers will purchase regular priced items at the same time.

So you go and while you’re there, you realize you need ink for your printer and an SD card for your camera. If your business depends on continued business, or the products you sell are not consumables that need to be replaced with regularity, consider using a loss leader – even if you take a loss on the first sale, establishing the relationship with the customer at the time of the first sale will bring them back and then you can make up the difference on future sales. Some product manufacturers will not allow you to use loss leader pricing, and in some states it’s illegal to sell below cost. Jon heads up email marketing, content strategy, co-marketing, and revenue cycle efficiency. Our focused suite of data-driven solutions helps retailers own bottom-of-the-funnel traffic. Our approach emphasises the different stakeholders understanding and playing their roles in harmony, to produce well-researched, realistic, ambitious and differentiated strategies that capture the imagination of staff throughout the bank. This means we need an approach which not only considers the upside of a potential customer segment (the Reward) but also the potential downside (the Risk). The lack of reliable market and company information poses serious challenges to developing a sustainable and profitable SME lending portfolio. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal and confidential consultation when looking for a consulting partner for your bank. The ink and SD card are at a price that is higher than you’d pay where you usually shop but you think “well I’m here already” or “with what I saved on the Bluetooth it’s worth it” and buy it there instead of waiting. The loss in profit on that item is made up for by the regular or higher price items they buy when in the store along with the discounted item. In addition, we help banks put in place performance and reward systems which are aligned to strategic objectives and support the implementation of the strategic plan. GBRW can help your bank understand those risks, and to manage and price them appropriately.
GBRW can support your bank through an effective Risk-Reward segmentation process to ensure that you can precisely identify, target and win the customer you want to win.
However the market is huge, not just for banks but a spectrum of established and innovative SME finance ventures. Also, when advertising, be sure to add “while supplies last” to avoid being held to the price past the advertisement or having to give rain checks. Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries.
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