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River Dog Marketing is a full service Web Design and Marketing agency based in Seattle, Washington. Our customers get the kind of help they need and enjoy a hybrid of web and marketing professional services that fit their business. With over 20 years of industry experience each, owners Jeanie Walker and Teri Shelton have served every company size: global, mid-size, and startup.
River Dog Marketing was created to stand and deliver on a single promise: help businesses grow and communities flourish. Teri’s compassion for the user experience and skilled site design builds sticky customer engagement opportunities for your unique brand.
Her drive to build strong economic micro-communities is the foundation upon which she builds her dream every day: helping small businesses succeed. With a natural mind for complicated math and a computer science degree specializing in algorithms, Drizzle brings her passion for creative order to your projects. We’re proud that her friendly, efficient service reflects the River Dog Marketing raison d’etre! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In this McDonalds beach guerrilla marketing campaign, beach umbrellas are created to look like larger than life McDonald’s cup lids and straws. McDonald’s launched an interactive video billboard campaign in Sweden that lets users play a digital Pong game, with winners receiving free food at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. Here is a guerrilla marketing campaign from McDonald’s that uses the pull-down shutters that secure downtown street-level restaurants after close. I recently read a post on Shoemoney about his trip to seaworld and all the marketing techniques that he took notice of. Yesterday I took the family over to Orlando and we ended up playing mini golf at the Congo River Mini Golf.
Besides feeding the alligators which I will cover next, the special prize that you can win was the most brilliant thing they had going. Basically what they did was they tell you at the start that their are several artifacts throughout the course that you can look for. I am not sure if any of the prizes could have been a free round or not but the idea is brilliant. Whether you are an offline business like a mini golf or an online business there are lessons to be learned here. Chicago Strategic Marketing and Business Development Agency – Does Social Media Marketing Have to Cost So Much? At Great River Creative, we represent for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, communities, small startups and national brands.
For the average small business or nonprofit organization, you need to achieve ROI on a social campaign no matter the cost to you. About UsGreat River Creative is a Chicago-based full-service, award-winning international strategic marketing development agency.
Kerley Family Homes is now offering some great deals for your clients with a bonus for you!
In Cobb County – Concord Mills has one home available priced at $195,705 and offering a 4% selling commission*. While walking, wading and casting on Saturday,  down the Gallatin River, a Few Bighorn Sheep decided they needed to cross just up river from me.  Here a few photos of the crossing. The ideas reflected in Groya's paintings express a conversation about struggle for equal rights in our culture, in our time. More and more Americans are escaping big city or suburb life for one in the country on their own 40 acres, trading traffic and honking horns for the quieter, simpler life of a farmer. Buying a hobby farm can be exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time, even for the most prepared among us. As millions of music fans across the world mourn the death of Prince, his family is paving the way to give the public a behind-the-scenes peek into the artist’s exceptionally private life. Broker Bryan Pickens describes why investing in Texas offers substantial benefits from a variety of standpoints, including taxation and regulation.
Michael Howard is a musician; he has been in the business for over thirty years and he’s that incredible conundrum you want to figure out. Com detalhes diferenciados, a faixa esta mais larga que o normal e o simbolo esta diferente, assim como era utilizado na epoca. The agency I work for, MCS, recently exhibited at the Suffolk Business Exhibition in Ipswich and we held a competition for visitors to our stand whereby they had to recall the slogans of 17 top brands. Unless you work in strapline development, I’d be very surprised if you got all three correct. Ritson ends his polemic arguing that the big brands have ‘collectively lost the brand building plot’ and that this presents an opportunity for small independent FMCG brands.

But Edwards makes a further point in that ‘successful slogans are memes, invading minds, replicating and spreading without control.
Whilst even most good slogans cannot accommodate all five ideals (let alone the whole list), the Carlsberg line of Probably the best lager in the world is an example of a great slogan.
When we developed MCS’ slogan of Outstanding ideas that stand out we wanted to convey that above all we are a creative agency rather than just a marketing services agency. This entry was posted in Advertising, Branding and tagged brand slogan, brand slogans, branding, Carlsberg, Guinness, Helen Edwards, Mark Ritson, slogans, straplines, taglines, Unilever.
Muy lindo todo adidas pero siempre disenos reciclados, tanto te cuesta poner el ultimo template y listo. Una mierda.Y la imagen de Barova tambien, a quien se le ocurre elegir una que abraza a muertolo? One of the ways churches can reach out to people online is through online church marketing, getting online listings, posting about member experiences online, and especially making sure that when people search for a church in your town, they are able to find your church. Being the Church beyond our Walls: When we compassionately invest in others we become the church. Innovative Worship: Our desire is to utilize all of our creativity and resources to glorify God. Servant’s heart: Followers of Christ are called to be discipled servants who worship, grow, and serve.
A little over a year ago, Rachel and the folks at North River Church decided to build a new website that would have the look and functionality they needed. We have also had several people come into our church because they found us online through a search engine.
In fact, in just 4 months the North River Church website saw an increase in visitors from the search engines of over 70%. Next time you are in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, I’d encourage you to visit North River Church.
We will be offering our best deal ever on the Top Church Search Rankings service on March 26th.
Mutual inspiration, respect and trust forged a professional partnership, uniting both companies formally two short years later. Her history of leading national brand campaigns and building online marketing for Fortune 100 companies were always part of a bigger, bolder plan. Her layered background managing complex programs and logistics brings tight efficiency to her client work. If you want to know what they’re up to, this tool serves up some sweet marketing intelligence. They definitely had all of the proper marketing in place so I thought I would write about some of them.
As we scratched off to see what we won, we all got some sort of discount on something they offered. We were about to leave and because we got a $1 off of feeding the alligators we decided to do it. They give us a “prize” that ends up making us a repeat customer and got us to spend more money that day. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. The principals and managers of Great River Creative are responsible for developing some of the most ground-breaking business development campaigns in the market today. Free Refrigerator, Blinds and Garage Door Opener Offer do not apply at River Springs **With preferred lender Academy Mortgage.This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend.
Daley and Rahm Emmanuel have touted Chicago as a 'world-class city.' The skyscrapers, the billion-dollar Millennium Park, Michelin-rated restaurants, pristine lake views, [the] vibrant theater scene, and stellar architecture tell one story. The origin of this struggle can be traced to The Civil War in our country, which ended 150 years ago. When your votes as citizens were counted and they actually ended up not counting at all?) Yet, here we go again: a popular vote that everyone is now yapping negatively about.
Helm Master brings the advantages of digital technology to every facet of operation, from easy maneuvering in the marina to cruising with command on the water. Em comemoracao aos 110 anos do clube, a adidas criou uma nova camisa inspirada nos primeiros modelos de camisas do clube. Most were flummoxed and the eventual winner ‘only’ got 11 correct (probably with a little help from the internet).
He encourages them ‘to go after’ the big brands by targeting a specific consumer segment and position themselves against their ‘formerly untouchable rivals that are blunted by their corporate brand inanity’. The first ‘are amazing brand assets, condensing meaning and texture into a bare linguistic fragment, evoking so much emotion precisely because they leave so much out’.
It is the inability to switch off the meme that scares brands that evolved in fast-moving industries and know the value of suppleness’.

And when the I make that Pimms o’clock slogan came out, it too entered the consumer vernacular, aiding recall and thus purchase.
But they also help the brand define itself – very helpful, Roalfe says, given “today’s fast-paced world where most people only seem to communicate in 140 characters or less”.
You can have the best technology in the world in social media, an app, a database, an email or a website but without a great idea behind a campaign, you won’t have a great campaign. We are able to sign up for events on our website, and it has made planning events much easier and cost efficient.
Jeanie’s long term vision was to plug those valuable lessons directly into local communities. Our customers rely on her for a range of tasks including technical support, website management, content creation and SEO insights.
Simulate varying conditions that could impact the speed of your site, and get great reporting helps pinpoint weaknesses and strengths. We know business owners are besieged by a litany of some of the lowest slimeball tactics out there.
When you see these items you mark down which hole they were at on the back of your score card.
We then get these fishing poles with clips on the end to attach the hot dog and the gator eats it. Companies with large budgets who have been told they need to be on social media are out there and they’re willing to pay.
Together, the Great River Creative team brings decades of high-image, strategic marketing experience to your project. The second one is Cottages at Avalon - The Cottages at Avalon feature spacious three and four bedroom homes including sought after Ranches and 2 story homes. Sorry…a requested popular vote that has become a travesty of justice and has people in so-called power upset with the outcome.
We'd had three shoots scheduled there for a number of weeks, but to make a long story short, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to push those shoots back for a couple of days.
The second are the kind you can’t recall a minute after you’ve seen them and there is no brand attribution in their content. She points out that BMW, Heinz, Mars and Thomas Cook have all reverted back to their most famous slogans after trying new ones. Furthermore, Tom Morton of TBWA states that “ideally the lines are deep enough that they can influence the shape of brand activity even when the endline doesn’t appear”. These slogans connect a consumer with the brand as much as the ad they’re attached to, thereby helping to increase brand loyalty.
Whether your site is eCommerce, informational, membership or portfolio-based, Teri transforms your messages into action. Second, many advertising and digital marketing agencies outsource their social media management work to freelancers and smaller agencies. All information is believed to be accurate, but not warranted and is subject to errors, omissions, changes, or withdrawal without notice.
Ritson argues that ‘pointless slogans are a waste of time’ and suggests that major corporate brands with a stable of brands underneath them, such as Unilever, make this error because they are trying to position their brand across a multitude of different segments. She argues that it is for this reason that top brands such as Google, Starbucks, Amazon and Virgin don’t have one.
I would also argue that there is another important function of a brand slogan – getting employee buy-in to the brand.
She guides you to make smart decisions about your website and your entire digital presence. Hence the conundrum – ‘if it’s a knee-jerk, corporate thing, save yourself the effort. Summing up the brand essence in a single line and having it on every conceivable piece of collateral can only serve to do this as well as build engagement with employees. Hence, Ritson argues, Unilever’s strapline ‘Bringing vitality to life’ is ‘empty’ and is ‘like saying that you are hydrating water or opening the aperture’.
In these days of employees being ambassadors for the brand and with so many with access to the organisation’s touchpoints including social media, this is key.
In fact I’ll wager that even if you try our slogan recall competition from the exhibition after reading this article, you still won’t be able to recall either correctly, or at all, such is the banality of their taglines. On the other hand, a great strapline is the ‘jewel in the branding crown’ but warns that it is ‘forever’.

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