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I set it to auto and neither low, medium or high sub setting changes the brightness whether I’m inside or outside. If most people preferred the brightness like it was in the previous version they should change it back. Audio volume and quality┬áis permanently reduced if a message sound is played during video playback. If you download an App called Compass it can rotate with direction and show the map in the background. If the MIDI datasets contains a lot of notes, the software needs more performance graphics. At first, the default position is the viewpoint which looks at MIDI datasets from just beside.
When MIDITrail open the MIDI datasets uses multiple ports, unused port will be not displayed. Some MIDI animation works are using pitch bend to shift the piano roll bars without change keys. If the MIDI animation is not displayed correctly, please disable the pitch bend effect to fix the piano roll bars.

If anti-aliasing is enabled, a notch (jaggy) will decrease and a more beautiful picture will be displayed. However, since processing of anti-aliasing is heavy, performance may be poor when you select a upper level. If you check the MIDITHRU, MIDITrail will send data sets received from MIDI IN to MIDI OUT. To confirm the performance of your PC, please try to open MIDI file which contains few notes. Move your viewpoint to your favorite position, and select "Save viewpoint" from "View" menu. If you can't change "Direct3D Acceleration" to "Enabled", your PC does not support Direct3D. If you set small value to QuarterNoteLength, you can enjoy MIDI datasets like miniature garden.
I was enjoying "MIDI ANIMATION" videos which were made by artisans of NICO NICO DOUGA community. Then I got the image that I am walking through the trail, there are many floating piano roll bars.

However, after a few days, I found the demo video of "MIDIPlayer" which supports 3D piano roll at NICO NICO DOUGA. In Google and Youtube, you can find many videos which converted MIDI datasets into 3D CG animation. But there is few applications which synchronize MIDI sound and display with 3D visualization.
Reiko Miyazaki, Issei Fujishiro, Rumi Hiraga: "A System for Visual Exploration of MIDI Datasets" March, 2004. Auto+high is too dim when I’m inside, turning off auto and setting it to medium is more like how it was in the previous firmware version.

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