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Roxio Creator 2012 is a mammoth media suite that comes packed with disc burning, media editing, video, audio and photo-related functionality. There are tools for burning audio discs, data CDs and DVDs, or working with disc images, for instance. The 2012 version isn't quite as revolutionary as previous versions, but adds a handful of new features and effects, including the ability to both create and convert DivX video.
Most system performance issues are often a result of other software clashing with your brand new software.
If you cannot solve your system performance issues or are struggling to remove your software, we advise contacting the software manufacturer. Please read and then click the "I have tested the trial and am happy with the terms" in the yellow box before continuing. Use the main application to access the right tool for the job: Capture and import video, audio, and photos, from analog and digital devices, including HD camcorders. Recent versions of the Creator suite have added more sharing options, from converting to portable devices and uploading online, plus support for high-definition video, especially though AVCHD camcorders and Blu-ray Disc drives. Key new features include a Learning Center with video and written tutorials, Web video capture and conversion, graphics acceleration for fast video encoding especially for HD video, Blu-ray playback and on-disc editing, and Windows 7 support.
Roxio Video Capture USB is a hardware device for $49.99 that works with Creator 2010 to capture analog video and audio and convert to digital formats (see Roxio Video Capture USB below). Creator 2010 has a cleaner interface, with some tools like MyDVD and VideoWave re-designed to focus more on the most important features.
But the biggest focus of this release is on high-definition video and more efficient video processing. Improvements for video processing including smart encoding to just re-compress portions of a project that have been modified, and acceleration on NVidia CUDA and ATI Stream graphics cards (Roxio reports 5X faster compression). The major applications in Creator 2010 are available from the main Creator application (see below), and under the Start menu. The full Creator 2010 suite includes some 15 major applications to handle data, video, music, and images, plus some 20 additional Assistants and Express tools for specific dedicated tasks. The Roxio Creator 2010 provides a launching point for accessing the capabilities of the suite.
You also can launch the major applications individually from the Start menu (see Roxio Creator Applications above). The bottom Learning Center tab provides video and printable tutorials on various tasks (see Learning Center above). Help is available for each tool in Windows Help format, and through Roxio Online Support. For disc burning and archiving, you can use the built-in Copy and Burn tools for discs and disc image files (virtual discs, stored as files on hard disk). Creator 2010 centralizes the handling of multiple digital media types (audio, images, video) with common applications: Media Import to import and record videos and photos, and Media Manager to organize and view media files. Use VideoWave for extensive video editing, or use CineMagic to automatically generate a polished movie from video clips and photos.
Creator 2010 also includes Roxio Venue to buy or rent movies from the Roxio online service.
Rip tunes from CDs, digitize and clean up LPs and tapes, and record Internet radio or any other music playing on your PC.
The central audio tool in the Creator suite is Sound Editor, to record audio, apply effects, enhance, and convert formats. And to help convert your older tapes and other media, the Roxio Video Capture USB is a separate hardware device that is designed to work with Creator 2010 to capture older analog material and convert into digital formats. Hook up the video and audio from your external source (VHS player, LP turntable, and audio cassette player). Creator 2010 then can capture your material, convert into digital files of for portable players, and even separate out individual song tracks and look up title, artist and genre information. Back in the early days of gaming, showing off your skills required a trip to the local arcade, or maybe setting up your dad's VHS camera in front of the television. Roxio Creator 2012 is a powerful digital media suite that combines pretty much everything you'll ever need to do with your media in one user-friendly and slick package. The Roxio Creator interface is modern, clean, and very intuitive. Shooters, no doubt RPGs are the most entertaining Platformers, old and new I wish there were more adventure games! Capturing gameplay footage has never really been difficult, yet is has never been easy either.
Roxio GameCap’s gameplay capturing hardware for home consoles is light, easy to pocket, and about the size of a Nintendo DS Lite.
I doubt Rovi intended to have any 5.1 sound capture or HDMI because of the requirements in the software to be able to run a setup. The software was very easy to install – and right away, we could tell the capturing software would be easy to use.
The first thing that must be said about the editing software that Rovi provides with the Roxio GameCap, is it is nothing more than a rehashed VideoWave (Roxio’s video editing software that came free with many PC video cards back in the day). Regardless, the editing software included lets you make a timeline, trim gameplay footage down, add in basic video transitions (the kind you learn NOT to use in video 101) – you are able to add in sound, music, VO, and a few other audio too.
Roxio recently released the latest in their popular line of  game capture devices, this time in full HD! We covered the Roxio Game Capture last year, it was great for newcomers to video capturing offering 480p capturing while playing in HD, the bundled video editing software worked just fine and was good enough to cut your teeth on.
The Roxio Game Capture HD PRO (HD PRO from now on) is around an inch larger than it’s predecessor and around 2 inches larger than its competitor, the Elgato Game Capture.
The HD PRO allows you to record up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, with options for 480p, 720p and 1080i at 60 fps if you wish to use them. If you had the original Game Capture the software will be instantly familiar as the HD PRO is near identical. The captured video quality is comparable to that of the Elgato which we have been using since its release. One great feature of the live streaming is that you can attach a microphone to your PC and use it to add live commentary as you stream, something that a lot of ‘streamers’ have quite literally been screaming out for. Some comparisons with the HD PRO and my current choice of video capture the Elgato Game Capture need to be made. Given the choice between the HD PRO and Elgato I would have to base it on what I wanted to use it for. Hello fellow retro heads, it’s your friend Social Gamer here with yet another review for you.
I’m going to go through my entire experience with the ROXIO PC Game Capture from installation to a finished HD capture video. I went through the easy route of getting the software by visiting the official Roxio PC Game Capture website here.
On a side note, during the check out process your given the option to get an insurance for this very issue.
I was pleasantly surprised that both full programs were integrated, the software does it all in a very basic (but deep) way. Next let’s review the main options tabs on the top of your new ROXIO PC Capture window. What you’ll need to look for is the small green box in the upper top left corner of your PC game screen. The ROXIO PC Game Capture is a must buy for anyone that wants to share their computer gaming moments to the world. Now to the goods…what your about to see is a video totally captured with the ROXIO PC Game Capture software. As a quick point of reference, here are the recommended computer requirements to help you decide if any upgrades will be needed for your gaming rig. Jorge has been playing games for over two decades and remembers playing games on black and white televisions. Here at Old School Junkie we want to fill in the niche market that the main websites were failing in. Roxio's video editor now includes video stabilisation, to compensate for shaky camera work. There are also eight new Hollywood-style effects for your videos such as fire, fairy dust and fog, plus 50 professional (and now royalty free) background music tracks for using as soundtracks to your home movies and photo slideshows.

For instance, security software can clash with a background process, such as a system maintenance tool or defragmentation software.
It's a deep collection, with some 15 major applications to handle data, video, music, and images, plus some 20 additional Assistants and Express tools for specific dedicated tasks.
The Pro version (or separate plug-ins) support Blu-ray Disc playback and editing directly on BD-RE discs.
It provides tabs down the left side to select the media type you want to work with (Data,Video, Audio, Photo), and then lists the tasks to perform on that media, grouped by category (Import, Edit, Create, Enjoy). But the suite's real focus is working with music to capture audio and create music discs, with a variety of Assistant tools for recording and converting, plus  Music Disc Creator to import tracks, clean and edit, add song information, and then export or burn music compilations.
But the growing influence of YouTube has allowed gamers to cultivate brands around their commentaries and Let's Play videos. It's divided into four main areas which give you access to all the suite’s tools for managing, sharing and recording media. Anyone who has ever tried has their own way of doing it, and some might realize they do not have all the necessary equipment to do so. I also believe they assume that most gamers across the globe probably are still running Standard Def, or hooking their systems up with RCA and on basic stereo speakers. One nice addition is you are able to choose any sound input you wantfrom any sound device on your computer.
This is a very linear editing program (if you are unsure what linear editing means, the simplest explanation is that it is impossible for you to take video clips you’ve put on a timeline and move them around and really play with where you want to them to go). The software is great for those gamers who don’t have an expensive editing suite (or the know-how to use one) but still need to cut the video together. But a year is a long time in technology and since then other capture devices such as the Elgato have appeared on the scene, offering HD capture within a similar price bracket.
The device is still comparatively smaller than devices such as the Hauppauge series and will take up very little space behind your television for example. The bitrate (video quality) is customisable; lower bitrates give small file sizes at the expense of quality while higher bitrates have larger file sizes with better quality. The main screen shows a few options to quickly change settings such as the video input, bitrate and the filename. One issue we did have was that importing the .m2ts video to 3rd party video editing software such as Sony Vegas can cause loss of audio in the video. Live streaming is, as anyone who has tried it, often a challenge to set up – requiring use of 3rd party software such as X-Split. It works very well and with the right setup it is possible to record party chat on Xbox Live for example. It is a fully featured editor which allows you to import videos, edit them into clips, add transitions and text and so on. The Elgato feels like a more rounded product, the software works flawlessly and feels more polished than the HD PRO, but it does lack a few features such as live streaming and voice over on live streams which are very tricky to get up and running! The HD PRO wins hands down for live streaming while the Elgato pips the HD PRO to the post for capturing use and ease.
Today I’ll be going over a brand new ROXIO software product for the PC Gamer in all of us. To give you an idea of my technical know how on capturing computer game play, it’s more than basic.
We’re finally getting to the good stuff, the actual review, thanks for hanging out so far.
If you already own the original ROXIO Game Capture software then you’ll see an exact icon.
No fancy options to confuse the first time user but has plenty of tweak-able options for the tinkerer in some of us.
You can upload directly to WeGame or edit the video using ROXIO’s video wave software, where you can then add effects for exporting to a file on your computer while offering you to a huge list of standard formats to choose from.
I’m really happy with the effort made by ROXIO to keep this portion very easy to navigate. Now you can click on the X to close the new ROXIO capture software window, it will remain running in the background in your active programs in the lower right corner of your desktop. Nothing on the market offers you a clean, easy and very stable product that will allow you to take screen shots, capture ultra high quality, HD and beyond video capturing.
Even the fading in and out of text with the Old School Junkie logo inserted all done with the included software. He has been collecting home consoles and classic computers from Atari and Commodore and own almost every system released in the U.S.
Focusing on retro gaming, indie game developers and their games as well as reviewing trending gadgets. Another cause of system slowdown, is a result of two software applications performing a similar task. Finally, click the Uninstall button at the top of the list and follow the instructions to remove the program from your PC.
The data copy and burn part of the suite goes back to Easy CD Creator for disk burning, which expanded to Easy Media Creator with DVD, and now is plain Creator.
And the AVCHD Archive feature trnasfers video from a HD camcorder to DVD or Blu-ray, for playback on Blu-ray players or the Sony PS3 in full HD quality.
Copy an entire 9 GB DVD movie onto a standard 4.7 GB DVD, create custom DVD compilations, convert video files for playback on portable devices.
Save web video for offline playback on DVD, mobile phones or portable players and the iPod. The program will not work with the VISTA 64 bit machine I have and it caused some conflicts until I removed it. On top of this, software to capture and edit ranges from wonky and free, to expensive with a huge learning curve. Now this is not necessarily bad, but if you are a Final Cut or AVID guy, this linear editing software is going to drive you nuts due to its lack of ability to do anything non-linear. If you are trying to capture some gameplay footage for a review, or just to show off on the Internet, then the software will be just fine.
It is for most average gamers and hardware setups out there, and the price of $99 USD reflects that – GameCap is very reasonably priced.
Support for both HDMI and Component is included, you will need to use Component if you plan to capture PlayStation 3 footage as it uses HDCP protection, this is standard for most capture devices. Videos are captured to .m2ts format, no other formats are supported at the point of capture.
The video display shows a delayed feed from your console, the 2 to 3 second delay is due to the processing of the video feed, we have a similar delay with other capture devices so this is nothing unexpected.
The HD PRO can stream to the popular game streaming service, it requires very little setup, simply enter your username and password, choose the resolution and bitrate and you are good to go.
Voice over is strangely missing when capturing video, I hope to see it included in a future update as it really does cut out a lot of time and work. I use 3rd party software as this is what I am most used to using, but after spending some time with VideoWave I found it to work just as well. Both come with video editing software, though the Elgato editor is extremely basic in comparison to the fully featured HD PRO editor and this is something to consider if you do not already have video editing software. I burnt the file onto a DVD along with a copy of my serial number receipt using the burn once option. I recommend you uninstall the original software since the PC Capture software has both options for capturing from your computer and your video game console capture device all in one clean UI.
From here you can also click the lower left corner button to scan for more installed games.
Once you finish editing you can also upload to YouTube, WeGame or Facebook right from within the UI. Of course you can do what ever you want to do with your screenshots be it edit them in your own photo editing software (not included) or just upload to any of the thousands of social networks to share with your gaming friends. Then Enjoy and share your movies, music, and photo mixes on disc, on your TV, online on YouTube, and on portable devices like the iPod. There's also the helpful option to pause intensive video compression temporarily so you can use your machine for something else, or schedule it to run while you sleep.
Roll out Creator Classic for more control of archiving files to CD and DVD, and BackOnTrack for scheduled backups of selected files.

Of course, you still need a reliable way to record that footage--especially in the case of consoles. If there is one aspect of Roxio Creator that cannot be criticized, it is the sheer breadth of options. When contacting the ROXIO customer service people via e-mail they just consistently tell me to download again. Now this is okay, though we currently have the Xbox 360 we used hooked up with HDMI – and we thought that it was a little odd that this option was not included. Also, the fact everything is streamlined and included in the package makes it very attractive. A unique feature is that the HD PRO can livestream to from within the software, more on this later. A simple press of the button starts and stops the capture, livestream or screenshot, it is as easy as that!
Hopefully it is fixable as the only alternative is to use the Roxio video editing software to convert the video to a more friendly format and import it. The live streaming is a bit hit and miss, after some problems with the stream starting and stopping every few seconds, the software seemed to fix itself. Some useful features include a handy voice over tool which allows you to record commentary and add it in to the video.
The video editing software bundled with the HD PRO is more than enough to start with if you do not already have software, this is a great positive and a money saver.
I didn’t want to have the DVD get written over accidentally nor did I want to lose the software key.
I’m assuming that if your buying this product that you have a basic knowledge of installing software onto your computer. If you left the video capture options as the default, then F6 will start and stop your game play recording.
When your done hit F6 again and you see the green box again, you’ll know you stopped capturing. This Roxio program prevented it from launching and if I launched the game first, alt + tabbed my way out, launched Game Capture, Test Drive Unlimited 2 crashed.
Plus the suite include digital media editing tools for music, photos, and movies, built around a core of rather comprehensive applications including VideoWave and PhotoSuite (originally from MGI).
Purchasing game capture hardware can require a decent investment, and there's a number of factors to consider before you take the plunge. If it's related to digital media and you can think of it, Roxio Creator is almost guaranteed to be able to help you achieve it. Burning CDs, creating DVDs, making labels, designing slideshows, writing e-books, editing photos, creating digital copies of your old vinyl records and cassette tapes, and backing up data is only the tip of the Roxio Creator iceberg. Also, since our system is hooked up through a 5.1 sound system, and we currently use optical sound connections, we were surprised to find this input was not on the Roxio GameCap hardware. But, even if you do, it might be easier to throw the captured footage into a non-linear editing system. One thing I noticed is that it *must* be connected to the PC USB, this includes your PC being powered on for it to act even as a video passthrough.
One issue I experienced was that over time, the stream would lag terribly behind what I was currently playing.
Support for uploading directly to Youtube and Facebook is also included, as are standard export video formats such as H.264.
Finally the USB power only working on a PC issue with the HD PRO is an annoyance, the Elgato can be powered from any USB as a passthrough such as your console or TV when not in use. For beginner to intermediate users I definitely recommend the HD PRO, for advanced users I would consider the Elgato as an alternative.
Whether it’s just to show off those killer moves in Super Street Fighter 4 or proving to the console world that the true graphical powers still belongs to the PC gamer community.
By doing this one time backup, you’ll save yourself the horror of trying to explain to ROXIO what happened to your copy of the software and why they should let you re-download it. Among the most interesting features in this new version is the video stabilizer, the possibility to download photos and videos from Facebook and the awesome tool to convert images and videos to 3D! Unfortunately, all these amazing features come at a price, and in the case of Roxio Creator, it is quite a high one. This is quite an annoyance as the only alternative is to unplug the device and connect your console directly to the TV if your PC is not nearby. The HD PRO costs $149 RRP versus the Elgato $179 RRP, there is little difference but you do get more bang for your buck with the HD PRO. Not only do you get awesome PC capturing software but you have access to a slew of great high quality games for free.! For the most part the mid settings can get you some pretty high image quality that will be more than good enough for YouTube or Facebook. I didn’t go through all 50+ but there were enough problems that I was soured on this program. Show your skills by capturing it all in real time to show the world those beautiful PC visuals. I went to the Roxio community help forums and although it’s been a couple weeks now received no answers or help suggestions. Just as well, past experience with Roxio products where I have had to use that help section showed me there are a lot of Ass****s there who can’t offer help without denigrating and snide comments to go along with them There seems to be a pack mentality where if you say something about wanting help without the nastiness you will get no help from any of them. Fortunately, most Roxio products I use work fine and I don’t need to go into that cesspit.
Note that this is COMMUNITY help and NOT Roxio Tech Support which is also frustrating at times. Truthfully, this is the first Roxio product I ever bought I consider a bust and I’ve used their stuff for over 10 years.
Meanwhile I downloaded a trial version of FRAPS, the long time standard for in-game video recording and screen shot utility.
I noticed no drop in performance even with demanding games like Crysis, Crysis 2, Mass Effect andothers. And unlike the HD PVR 2, you can power the Game Capture HD Pro right through an included USB cable. If Roxio ever gets this PC Capture program sorted out I may be back and try it again because the all in one editing package is convenient.
But the real advantage of the Game Capture HD Pro is for streaming live gameplay to Twitch. But, the FRAPS outputs can be manipulated with any other editing software of which I already have several.
Roxio has marketed its device as a ridiculously simple way to get a stream up and running, with the added option of running your audio commentary through the same Game Capture HD Pro unit. As gaming increasingly moves to services like Steam, cloud based, and other server based formats, it’s important for any recording software to function with those. And if you've already messed around with streaming to Twitch, you're aware that keeping tabs on bandwidth and connection speed is a big concern--the Game Capture HD Pro automatically tests both. And if you're in need of capturing from an older piece of hardware, Roxio's hardware also offers component cable hookups. Pricing and Availability The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro retails for and is only compatible with Windows.
As the name would suggest, AverMedia has created a capture device specifically aimed at taking the show on the road.
The Live Gamer Portable is still able to record to PC, but insert an SD card and you can take this unit anywhere (assuming you have a big enough SD card, of course). Much like the other devices on this list, the Live Gamer Portable is capable of recording 1080p footage encoded in H.264 to keep file sizes smaller, with an impressive max video bit rate of 60Mbps. PC gamers have been using graphics cards with HDMI input for years, and Nvidia just recently announced its own ShadowPlay system which records PC game footage with the ability to rewind and record. Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will offer easy video recording and sharing when they launch this holiday. The important thing is finding the right device for you, and it all depends on the features you need, the hardware you own, and just how much cash you're willing to spend to show off the time you ejected from a jet in Battlefield 3 and sniped someone on the ground.

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