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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Once the golden travel season of summer comes sadly to a close, September will arrive ushering in a crisp set of challenges and opportunities for hotels. If you’re a hotelier who has systems in place, important dates marked on the calendar, and an eye for repeat business cycles, then you know what happens come autumn.
Back to school shopping is a season in itself, and those without children see autumn as the perfect reason to invest in new fall clothes. Along with the fall of autumn leaves comes the flurry of RFPs from corporate travel planners seeking annual rates for their traveling colleagues. Don’t expect your already busy sales staff to have the time and focus to respond effectively to these RFPs.
Don’t be so quick to take your hotel out of the running for a bid just because you think your rates are too high or you’re not what the planner wants. Most of your contracts with marketing vendors, including those companies who oversee and manage your advertising campaigns, website, booking engine and digital marketing, are set to auto-renew at the end of the year. No wonder you often find yourself stuck with vendors for another year, whether they produced a substantial ROI for your hotel or not! Tambourine uses technology and creativity to increase revenue for hotels and destinations worldwide.
If you are working hard in the fiercely competitive business world and not quite achieving the results you wish for then you should reconsider how well your websites rank in the search engines. As a general rule, business listings as a form of internet marketing can take a business right to the top of its niche market but in some distinct cases, business directories have failed to give results.
The most obvious reason for which the above happens is that the business directory has minimal or worse no traffic whatsoever which is why you need to make sure you approach the best business directories well placed in the search engines. Each business listing is your distinct window of opportunity to showcase your business and you need to grab it with both hands. There are multiple benefits of using online business listings for your company, each one more significant than the other. In the cutthroat business world of today, there is a fierce competition in most niche markets so whether you are doing business marketing for pre-workout supplements or electric dog collars; it is not easy to make profit. Undeniably the cost of running a business these days is high and business marketing can be even more costly. As with any other manual or paper-based system such as the yellow pages, once printed, corrections and changes are not that flexible which implies that unless a new edition is released you will have to make do with your phone number or address printed wrong. In the world of today, more than seventy percent of real people use the internet as a means to conduct searches for businesses and with good reasons. Depending on the business directory you choose to subscribe to, you may be able to target specific keywords or phrases which implies that your business listings will be enhanced to contain specific keywords that draw better search engine rankings.
Your own contacts and sales records can also be a great social media marketing resources that will do nothing but increase the credibility of your business in the eyes of your customer profile which is basically all you need for effective business marketing. Social media marketing is perhaps the easiest from of business marketing because it comes along almost naturally. Once successfully mastered, social media marketing guarantees a source of web traffic on top of any traffic you are already receiving from search engines. If done by yourself, social media marketing is as good as free and your only constraint might be time.
Online Business listings began with an online business directory not more than a decade ago, but its importance and vital roll in business world is becoming known to every business owner.

Electronic commerce revolution is the only fundamental change which has undergone the business world after Industrial Revolution. As a business owner, you want to have your business advertised in front of as many people as you possibly can. In the past business men and business houses used to advertise their trademarks in magazines and information books. Information contained herein is deemed accurate and correct, but no warranty is implied or given. For those of you who don’t (we know you’re working on it), here are three challenges sure to fall on your desk in September and how to deal with them.
Parents will soon be making treks to universities to help their college student move in and spend one last family getaway.
Join in and create retail stay and shop experiences, such as Hotel Abri in San Francisco, located just two blocks from Union Square shopping. This RFP season is a boon for hotels, as these business travelers consume a sizable portion of bookings throughout the year.
Each year, go through that file to make sure an RFP you received last year is in this year’s pile as well.
For those producing subpar work, you’ll still have time to consider alternatives before those sneaky January auto-renewals pop up.
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You can either get it right or completely miss the target and catch the wrong end of the stick. Less obvious is the common mistake many online business owners make when undertaking business listings in that they copy and paste the same content from directory to directory which probably comes from their main website.
The increase in the exposure of your business is perhaps directly proportional to the number of visitors to your website. Business listings are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to gain exposure for your company. Online business listings make it easy for you to add or change the information you wish to provide for your prospective customers anytime, anywhere.
People can access it any time and practically anywhere, from home, at school, on their phones and so on. A better search engine ranking in turn draws more customers to your site which is basically the whole point of business marketing. 1 in 2 online business owners declare that social media marketing has helped to them to generate traffic to their website and increase the sale of their products and services contributing to an exceptional revenue growth.
Blogging is today a prominent form of social media marketing used by almost a third of companies in the world.
You generate backlinks to your websites without any discernible pattern, exposing your website to large audiences from across the globe relatively free of charge. Undoubtedly it is not easy to increase your search engine traffic but with social media marketing, increasing the traffic to your website strategic business marketing has never been easier. It doesn’t interfere with any of the other forms of business marketing you might use to increase the traffic to your website. There is the distinct need for you to stay ahead of the game with appropriate and perhaps distinguishable business marketing strategies. If you’re a university town, create school-related packages for visiting family and friends.

Empower one person – whether full-time or part-time – with responsibility to review and respond to the RFPs. You don’t know if they’re tired of their budget options and now want more sophisticated accommodations, or if there’s a new planner in place who sees things differently from the planner before. You have your website ready and you have taken in consideration SEO but fact remains, you need more than that to please the authority sites. The key when using business listings as a form of business marketing is attracting the right sort of attention.
Business listing in leading directories is perhaps your best shot to take your business name out there. A recent survey shows that more than 640 local searches are done on the internet each second, making local business directories< a great place to start effective business marketing. Online business listings is perhaps the most profitable form of business marketing and the more business directories your business is submitted to, the more inbound links your website has which in turn increases its Page Rank.
With all of the Facebook and Twitter commentary going on, it is easy to think there is nothing significant on the Web any more but that is not strictly true. Social media marketing often takes the form of a picture you paint of the general trends using published market information either from free government statistics or paid-for market reports from commercial providers. Alongside business listings in leading business directories, you need to invest in social media marketing.
As easy as it is to see this as a loss, grab onto this transition as an opportunity to try something new with your hotel internet marketing. Plus, guests receive a $100 to Westfield San Francisco Center, as well as a backpack with a pencil kit and notebook.
Then, assign a second staffer to review and approve all responses before they are sent to the client. Like noted above, planners change jobs, and the replacement may not know you as well as their predecessor. Business marketing is all about increasing sales and these days indulging in SEO-compliant articles alone is not enough.
This is usually partly achieved when you list your business in the leading and ever-growing business directories on the market with a search facility to browse through products or services. When using business listings, if you can add multiple web links to your business description then do it!
It is really a shame to let a company, whether online or otherwise, you've worked so hard to build disappear into nothingness just because you could not get your business marketing right with the right sort of business listings and social media marketing. So, keep track of every RFP you respond to, along with rates, client responses and questions, etc.
You need creative and innovative marketing; you need business listings and social media marketing. Business listings when implemented appropriately can achieve an overnight uplift in visitors and sales.
With the right approach to business listings and as a direct consequence to business marketing, the search engines will grab your page and award it a higher ranking in the search engine results.

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