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In other words, we need to take some actions after an event so that the event can move on to the next phase. We invest a huge amount of time and resources to make sure we bring in prospective buyers, but once the they have contacted us, we usually do not have a plan to turn a lead into an actual sale. It is important to realize that we get from these business prospects if we stay in touch with them. A research conducted by National Sales Management Association of America says that if sales opportunities are followed up, sales can be increased by 80%.
Most of us do follow up our sales leads, but why do we not get this figure of 80% achieved? Every sales lead starts with 80% probability, it is up to us how much and how professionally we follow it up to turn it into a sale. Solution: We provide a convenient, and inexpensive, method of independent consultant marketing, eliminating the need to do ANY cold market calling. Prospecting is done by implementing a system that creates a warm market within any target business niche through the use of direct mail marketing ,email marketing, and our marketing strategy!
Target Your Market – Choose what business niche to go after and our team will generate a list of all relevant businesses, and ALL of their info, within a radius of a location you provide.

Personalize Your Communication – Using the business data we compiled, sales collateral, business potential problem, and your contact information, the initial communication is personalized for each business so that it does not seem like a cookie cutter communication.
Give Them Value – Within each communication you offer something of value to the business giving them a reason to want to do business with you or at the very least want to remain contact with you. This service is done on a one-time, as needed basis, based upon the quantity of businesses and direct mail you want sent.
Daemon Rutledge has owned two other businesses before this one and as a business owner he understands the struggles of trying to make ends meet while trying to gain a profit in what you are passionate about.
We help companies generate new ways to bring in more leads, grow market share, increase customer traffic and streamline marketing efforts that generate three to four times the return versus conventional marketing dollars.
Our results come from clearly defined deliverables and content based strategies that produce measurable results you can count on. Brand Reputation Management In 2016 In 2016, there will be more talk about brand reputation management in company board meetings.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A gallery of B2B email examples showing great, good, average, and poor examples of B2B lead generation emails to help inspire your own email campaigns.

Opportunities: Offer earlier decision stage content to keep propsect engaged if they are not ready for an immediate sales contact. Feel free to suggest additional lead generation email examples by contacting us or making your suggestion in the comments section of this resource. Daemon also worked in upper management in several different companies so he also understands what it takes to train, attract and retain good talent. We accomplish this through our exclusive marketing methods and leading technology solutions. His company can offer small, and mid-sized business owners, a one stop shop to help complete their business, offering services and strategies in the areas that most business owners do not focus on, marketing and advertising. Note: The discount, service or offer does not have to be provided by your own company but also from a company you partner with as well.

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