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Training For Success marketing and sales development programs are designed for specific industries and tailored to meet your organization's specific goals, style and objectives.
We offer individual marketing and sales strategy coaching as well as customized training programs devoted to a variety of marketing topics. Earn more money; be more successful in career or business or buy something expensive, all did not make the top 10 list. For myself and my clients, I developed the 8 Spoke Life Wheel to determine where to set personal goals and how to achieve personal balance. Just as I have written so many times before, people place more faith in the everyday common written grocery list than they do for the rest of their lives. Even the best written personal growth action plan must be supported by a proven goal achievement process including a goal setting worksheet.
Yes 2015 can be your year provided you are willing to be one of the few to achieve success and not one of the many who does not make it across the finish line.
Instead maybe it may make sense to take inventory of all the good, the not so good and where improvement is necessary. Right now take a fresh sheet of paper and draw 4 columns.  Label them in this order from left to right.
Your sheet of paper may look like the one above where I have filled in the boxes for my own results. After you have completed this reflective, self improvement task which may take several days and may fill up several sheets of paper (depending upon how serious you are), are you willing to throw all those accomplishments or almost accomplishments out the window?  Many of those results are building blocks for the forthcoming year. From my own experiences and after working with my executive coaching clients, the absence of clarity is why so many eagerly embrace this insane behavior of starting over. So before you throw the baby out with the bath, take some time to reflect, acknowledge all that went well and then put together a self improvement personal growth action plan to go forward along with WAY SMART Goals.  Be one of the few and not one of the many who enjoy the insanity of starting over. What I am noticing is there is becoming a distinct difference between work life integration and work life balance.  Balance suggests that everything is weighted equally. Years ago I constructed two sets of wheels, one for my personal life and another for my professional life.
For me, I no longer have just two wheels, but rather I have numerous wheels working together, integrated. This work life integration goes beyond balance because sometimes due to the demands of work life being out of balance intentionally happens. And there is the other element present of alignment.  All wheels require alignment along with the balance and integration. For today’s small business owner and sales professional understanding work life integration along with balance and alignment can make the difference between happiness and sadness. Sunday’s are a day of quiet inspiration, reflection and the probably one of the best times to pull out your wheel of life worksheet. From my research, I discovered that Buddha was the first individual to talk about the wheel of life or bhavacakra. For individuals to have crystal clarity, I believe as do others such as Kevin McCarthy author of The On Purpose Person,  begins with thinking about and then writing a clearly articulated purpose statement. Counterbalance is much easier observed between mental and physical.  When people are not in good physical health, in many instances their mental well being and acuity suffers.
Upon completion of this Wheel of Life Worksheet, you can date it and then start setting WAY SMART goals to create balance. Yes the Wheel of Life worksheet is a great self-assessment tool that can bring monthly if not daily inspiration to you. If you are looking to establish a personal growth action plan,then before you take that action conduct a SLOT analysis on yourself.  The results just may surprise you. Water it is said favors the path of least resistance.  Maybe this also true for us as human beings? Isn’t it much easier to go with the flow than to stop; actually think and take a different path? Another tool that promotes proactive change instead of reactive change or the path of least resistance is reflection.
A third tool would be to have a written personal growth action plan supported by WAY SMART Goals.
In the book, The E-Myth, Gerber writes about working ON the business instead of IN the business.
We place far more value on planning a vacation, a trip to the grocery store than we do planning for the rest of our lives. Articles like this one fail to capture the real changes in learning and development because the authors are more intent on creating a buzz, even a false one. Personal learning and informal learning (learning from others) have always been present with human beings.  This is why we live in homes that withstand the elements instead of caves. Leaders have always been learners and have surrounded themselves with other leader learners to propel their businesses, their professional and personal results forward. What has changed for those in leadership roles specific to learning is the breath and depth of the knowledge needed to be ahead of the flow in today’s information rich and driven marketplace. Social media and the Internet  have now become resources for personal learning and break down some of the walls that previously restricted the flow of critical business information. Every morning I devote about 20 minutes just to scan articles specific to certain industries as well as topics.  On my desk there are at least 2 books being read not to mention the daily, weekly to monthly reads of specific publications to other blogs. Or, are you so wrapped up in your small business, your professional life or the lives of those around you, that taking time for you is simply out of the question? I was reminded of this simple yet ignored need when my daughter challenged me to read a non-business book. Possibly if you are finding yourself physically, mentally and emotionally drained, then it just may make sense to be very intentional by taking  time for you.
During the past six months, my executive coaching practice directed to small business owners, executives and sales professionals has taken another unexpected twist.
This clarity happened because of an assessment I give all clients – The Attribute Index.

In many instances, there is a big gap between the preferred work environment and the current work environment. My advice to these coaching clients is to always focus on what you can control and to leave the rest.  Specific to career growth, they may wish to look for organizations that better fit their preferred work environment as well as their overall personal and professional goals.
Yes when you focus on what you control and realize the rest is beyond your control, this is the first step to career growth as well as personal growth.
To achieve success requires a blend of the right mental, physical and emotional fuel.  This blend is unique to each individual because each of us have different mental, physical and emotional experiences. When individuals lack the right fuel blend,  the necessary energy to catapult them ahead of the flow is absent. If your fuel mixture is missing a written plan structure, then consider this personal growth action plan. Sales dashboards provide a single, interactive view to sales data mashed-up from spreadsheet, databases, and other applications or data sources across the organization. Below are examples of how JReport can be used to create effective sales dashboards for a fictitious coffee shop. Watch the JReport product demo, then download and try the fully functioning version of JReport 13 today and start experiencing the benefits of business intelligence.
To see JReport in action, we'd be happy to schedule a custom demo for you with one of our engineers.
I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Now’s the time to build a sales growth plan using an assessment of your year-to-date business and pipeline as a starting point. There are four months left to generate the business anticipated in this year’s business plan. The YTD ($M) column shows a staight-forward view of year-to-date sales results for each sales territory in North America. As you take stock of your team’s year-to-date numbers, look for insights into coaching needs and growth opportunities. Even if you’ve done a great job in establishing well understood sales stages and norms, there may be some variability in how individual sales people forecast their business. Taking a look at the conservative estimate will give you an idea of how things are shaping up for the year.
Whether the upside deals are needed to make the target or if they represent over-quota growth, give the business in the upside category a close look. Look for common themes between the upside deals to see if others in the organization can provide leveraged help. These insights will help you take actions to capture a higher percentage of the upside business. Build a plan with individual accountability and put key actions on the calendar. This entry was posted in Measure Results and tagged CRM, Sales Forecast on August 28, 2013 by Leslie Landers.
In addition, each program incorporates the skills and tools utilized by your top achievers.
And once again only a few will cross the finish line if we believe the 2014 study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology from the University of Scranton. What this appears to suggest is the annual self improvement race is really about personal self improvement and specifically finding balance in our personal lives, imagine that.
By the way, did you know Buddha was the first person to write about the Wheel of Life and using that wheel concept for personal growth and balance? The process works with the goal setting worksheet (actually the goal worksheet is both a process and a tool).
The Attribute Index is a great talent assessment tool to discover more about yourself from your preferred decision making style to 78 key talents.  Possibly part of the reason you have not crossed the finish you is because you have more confidence in what you don’t do well than what you do well? By starting over you have potentially ignored those building blocks and may work much harder to achieve what you want. Yet for me my mental development, learning more, reading more, in many instances is much more about my professional life than personal life and is part of my marketing, sales and innovation aspects of my business.
Then in developing some tools for clients, I developed separate wheels for executive leadership, management, team leadership or supervision, leadership, sales, customer loyalty, innovation,  marketing and small business. These wheels remind me of the gears (wheels) found in the old fashioned, hand wound clocks.
Alignment returns me to my personal growth action plan as well as my small business action plans. Now maybe you are thinking what is a wheel of life worksheet or better yet why even have one.
He segmented life into 6 areas (Buddha called these areas worlds) using a circle or a wheel to engulf these six areas. Today for some it has become a way to assess internal happiness and balance between all the different aspects of one’s personal life. Yet without change, without taking a proactive stance, we probably all would be still living in caves or at best still riding horses to get around.
As we learned more from watching others, we expanded our intellect and advanced our progress. This is  especially true for small business owners and their sales professionals  because they have less resources and must bear more responsibility for knowing about the changes in the marketplace.
All I can say is thank heavens I learned years ago to love reading and have the capacity to read close to a 1,000 wpm with probably now 80% comprehension.  Back in my younger days, my comprehension was closer to 98%.
Your action is to schedule some time, 12-15 minutes each day to read a book or an industry publication to bookmark some favorite blogs. If you do not have a  personal growth action plan, then maybe now is the time to consider having one. So one of her friends recommended The Strain.  So I ordered it, read it in my usual quick time and truly enjoyed it.

Being a fan of western books, I ordered this book and it should arrive by the end of the month. It does require some intentional planning and may even eat away at already constrained time. My own personal growth action plan ensures I am maintaining balance between my professional and personal lives. My executive coaching clients who are all six figure top sales performers are recognizing they are working in the wrong environment that stifles their ability to sell and to help people. As we work together to understand and then leverage this powerful performance assessment, the focus changes from just securing the goal to increase sales with the current employer to finding a better environment for their career growth. Here is a personal growth action plan that may help you begin to focus on what you can control. Possibly this uniqueness of blend helps to explain why what works for one will not necessarily work for another. However, if your rocket ship (you) lack the right fuel mixture, you will never leave the launching pad. However, this data is often disparate, residing in different formats and across different sources. Sales by Category: a pie chart shows the total sales by each coffee product category (Blends, Bold, Espresso, Exotic, Flavored, and Mild). Actual vs Plan Sales Month gives an indication on how actual sales matched up with the plan.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising.
Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the power associated with instant access to accurate retrospective data that can be analyzed to identify ways to improve the sales results. It may be helpful for your organization build a more detailed spreadsheet for additional growth insights. If the North American sales team in this example has a quota of $11 million for the year, this $10.85 million projection gives confidence. Identify 1-2 deals per territory that warrant additional attention right away to increase their likelihood of closing by year end. Goal Setting Tip: Through the efforts of myself and a colleague, Laura Novokowski, we have created The Results Tool™. When one is working harder than another, the clock moves faster and the opposite happens when one wheel is moving slower than the other. Yet, if the work life integration is still in alignment with strategy, structure, processes,rewards and people, the negative impact is considerably lessened.
Then our job is to communicate to others and let them (family or social) know this increase activity in this area such as career is only temporary. We do not recognize a limitation in the same manner as a weakness and may unintentionally ignore it. With all this additional breath and depth, time must be consistently scheduled to be at least aware of some of this new knowledge.
This environment has added to their internal stress and has negatively affected their own internal talents of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. In order to develop better sales strategies for different products, territories, and markets, as well as for effective sales forecasting, sales teams need easy, seamless interaction with their data. The dashboard allows users to filter the Country Sales by Category chart by choosing Year and Region. The pie chart can be further drilled down by clicking on each section of the chart to view by product name.
Each dimension allows the user to drill down, for example, Mild coffee sales in Europe by country. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
For example, you may decide to include all the software renewals but only the new business deals that show a 60% likelihood of closing or only those that have progressed to the evaluation stage. Is there work needed to draw a compelling comparison between your product and competitive alternatives? There will be a place for December heroics but the best results come from moving aggressively and early to build customer confidence to move ahead with larger purchase decisions. Yet, well over 90% of the population does not have a written personal action plan and ends up without achieving what they want, whatever that is. By changing this one word allows us to dig deeper into our own beliefs, experiences and skills. They need to be empowered by reporting and dashboard visualization software to help them make better decisions towards their sales and revenue goals.
Is there a significant difference in renewal rates? Are deals more likely to slip in some territories than others? What you’re going for here is a conservative estimate of the business that remains for the balance of the year.
Users can click on each country name and see a detailed report of sales by territory within that country. Do sales people need tools that help them make a financial return on investment ROI argument? Can company executives participate in a way that will underscore customer confidence to move ahead?

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