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Sales Opportunities Pipeline (Funnel Chart) which was in the works , is now available as part of iFreeTools CRM . The Business Tools Store has launched a new Sales Funnel Excel template that has in-built Win-Loss analysis as an integral component of the Sales Funnel.Having a structured sales process based on a sales funnel with well-defined stages is an essential requirement for managing the sales process and forecasting future sales.
It calculates the number of New Leads required to generate a specific number of Orders or alternatively calculates the number of Orders that will be generated by a specific number of New Leads. It also calculates and shows graphically the number of Opportunities at each stage of the Sales Pipeline. The template automatically produces a Sales Pipeline Funnel Graphic image (click on image above to enlarge) that shows visually the shape and metrics of the Pipeline Funnel based on your specific parameters that you have entered. The Sales Pipeline flows from New Unqualified Leads, through a number of stages, to finally exiting from the Pipeline in the form of Orders. The template also allows you to define your own pipeline stages and to assess the impact of changes to any parameter of the Sales Pipeline, such as, changing the ratio of New Leads moving to Qualified Leads. It takes into account the time lag involved in going from New Leads to Sales Orders and ultimately to Revenue. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
Click the button below to add the Sales Pipeline Funnel Image Graphic Generator Excel Template to your wish list. Sales pipeline management is about keeping track of your prospects all the way from interest to sale, and managing them efficiently from one step to the next. It’s easy to think at the time of speaking to a prospect that you’ll give them a call tomorrow or next week or next month, and honestly believe it.

The key to all of this, especially in a business with more than one person handling leads, is to operate a formal sales pipeline.
Now I usually recommend that the first column in your pipeline spreadsheet, or the main sorting order in your CRM system, is the NEXT ACTION DATE. If you create and operate a sales pipeline including the above information, you’ll maximise your sales, and perhaps just as importantly, your prospects will be looked after and feel that you care and are efficient. Hopefully at least some of you have noticed a very important piece of information missing from the above? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Pipeliner enables you to organize key sales tools and templates along your sales process to ensure consistent use when actually needed. The information contained in this document represents the current view of Pipelinersales Inc. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. It is equally important to do comprehensive win loss analysis of sales outcomes so that one can learn, in equal measure, from patterns of, and reasons for, sales wins and losses.
They’re left ignored for long enough for them to go cold and then put in a pile or left in a list and never seen again. This will probably need to be in a database of some kind, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, or a spreadsheet at the very least. Once you define and configure your sales pipelines to copy your sales process it will be beneficial for everybody in your sales team.

Support for charts was actually taken up earlier than planned, after users got in touch with us requesting for the same. It facilitates a continuous improvement process and allows the sales organisation to dramatically improve sales lead-to-order conversion rates.While many organisations have both Sales Funnels and Win-Loss analysis, often they are very separate activities.
Even more common and more of a delusion is the situation where a lead is followed-up, but then no next action defined.
But even though you’re likely to need a CRM system, I think that it’s good to start with a simple spreadsheet. The whole point of operating a pipeline is to look at it and know which leads you need to follow-up on today, and do it. As a result, once the sale exits from the sales funnel the focus is on the next opportunity in the funnel and Win-Loss analysis is frequently not completed. This allows you to create column headings, ie the information you will keep about each lead, in a very flexible way.
This new Sales Funnel Excel template developed by The Business Tools Store incorporates a comprehensive Win-Loss analysis with an extensive list of reports and graphic charts.
You need this vital information so that you know which marketing is working and what to do more of and what to stop. Now that you know how much those leads are worth, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking after every one of them.

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