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Good news for field sales staff who like to travel light: they can leave the laptop at home. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
The new portatour® app provides automatic itinerary planning to cut unnecessary travel. They spend up to 70% of their working hours traveling, resulting in high costs and environmental impact from CO2 emissions. The field sales force is spared the effort of visit planning before and during their tours.

We deliver outstanding mobile solutions for sales reps, consulting, services, medical & pharma, and more industries since 1999. Route optimization is the oldest problem since the advent of field sales and better journey planning would bring sustainable benefits for the environment, employees and companies. At the press of a button, portatour® combines fixed appointments with proposed visits to generate an optimized route plan, all within seconds.
Companies increase the number of customer contacts while reducing travel mileage and CO2 emissions. An additional problem is that the dynamic nature of field sales quickly makes long-term schedules useless, due to factors such as traffic jams, visits lasting longer than expected, absent customers or unplanned calls.

Along with route planning, portatour® provides mobile access to customer data and schedule data, with integrated visit reporting as a supplementary feature.

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