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Soaring demand for wind turbines has led to bursting order books and a global shortage of key components. Prior to 2005, turbine buyers could generally base their procurement decisions purely on site characteristics and price; however, the recent turbine shortage has made availability a key element in choosing suppliers.
Choosing the right price for your product can make you get a headache. Pick a low price and you?ll earn too little from your sales, pick a high price and you?ll sell only a few products.
Well, to tell the truth, it?s even more complex than this. For example, do you know that having a single price instead of a few pricing plans will make you lose money? The following infographic will show you 7 of the best pricing strategies that will make your sales go up. This entry was posted by Community Manager on April 4, 2013 at 2:24 pm, and is filled under General Information, Online Marketing, Practice Management.
Parker Kat: Honolulu plastic surgery are very helpful in enhancing the beauty of the body. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I hope his strategy will be a lucky strike, but it could also mean that the sales team gets trapped IN THE BLIND SPOT OF LEADS!
In order to avoid getting caught in a situation where your time is allocated elsewhere, you (as a manager or a salesperson) must budget for “leads handling time”.
I have met sales teams where all the field sales people were “looked up” in the office, servicing incoming leads. The sales director of a high-tech company said: “My sales team apply the same sales process on incoming leads as they do when prospecting, trying to sell “solutions”, not just our product. One issue with incoming leads is that they may come from a multitude of industries and countries – over time creating a customer base that is heterogeneous. When prospecting the sales organization creates a target list of clients they want, like the hunter who has selected the prey in advance of the hunt.

A true story about how a company took control over incoming leads, made money when selling and got happier customers. He also explained to the clients that they had to pay a fixed fee for the demo and that they had to sign a non disclosure (NDA) agreement before getting the demo.
The sales team knew that with a little customization to the demo the quality would be fantastic. You can choose two ways of viewing incoming leads: As the cream of the cake (not relying on them, qualifying carefully so that you can achieve your goals with the resources at hand) or as the major source of prospects. If you choose the later, be careful when you compose your market campaigns so you get the right people calling you. I?d like to recommend my master piece “SalesMakeover – how to create a solution drive organisation”. The time spent on prospecting can be reduced; warm leads will make the sales efficiency to increase.
In order to advance they need information from the salesperson: prices, product information, demonstrations etc.
So most people put everything aside and make the lead top priority, even if they know they are not dealing with the right people. Proactive, prospecting sales teams shape both the customer base (they call who they want to sell to) and the customers buying patterns (the sellers suggest the solution, not the customer). They took a young inbound seller, put him through Solution Selling training and gave him a goal that was very “un-selling”: He was only allowed to funnel a certain number of leads to the sales team each week. But before the “payed demo” there was no time for doing that, and few customers were willing to provide the information they needed. Suing the client for such a thing was not an option – but the moral commitment from the client became binding enough.
The hitrate rose with 400% (from 10% to 40%) and they made enough money from the demos to pay the salary of the leads manager.

Before you spend all those digital marketing dollars, think how you can use the network of customers your service team, consultants, co-workers, suppliers and customers have access too! It is about surfing on the wave of change, adopting new sales strategies when the market condition changes.
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Read about creative ways to avoid the blind spot -and enjoy a true story about how to turn around the lead management process.
One CEO I met last week summarized his sales strategy: “We have doubled our marketing department. A sales team’s ability to respond fast to an incoming call will dramatically impact the win probability. When the client is driving the process, they are typically more product oriented (because they have a limited knowledge of possible solutions vs the seller) and tend to follow the hierarchy of their own organisation (sponsor wants a proposal to present to the boss for approval, no sales people gets to see the boss).
When leads manager got the 1000€ for the demo approved, the sellers did included 2-3 interviews, review of data and created a custom demo. In this article I will share best practices on how to avoid being stuck in the dead angle of selling, how to delegate tasks back to the customer and create a time monopoly with the potential customer. I think if we could create leads and serve them to our sales people, sales efficiency will sky rocket. A study done in 2013* shows a huge difference in conversion rate (80%) if a customer gets a call back within five minutes vs a call back within thirty minutes. Since the hitrate was low, they wanted the marketing department do more campaigns, so they could compensate the low quality of the leads (hitrate) with higher quantity (more leads).

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