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Designed by Analytics In Focus, this territory alignment software is a low-cost, easy to use solution that handles most straightforward territory alignment and mapping projects.The software will allow us to make ZIP code changes to your territories in a way that can be seen on a map as well as keep track of the workload balance between territories. ProAlign® Sales Territory Alignment Software, Sales Territory Management Software by Mapping Analytics. Make your sales organization more productive with ProAlign sales territory alignment and optimization software. ProAlign offers a comprehensive feature set and the backing of experts in software development and sales management.
With ProAlign, you can map company locations, sales people, customers, prospects and any other data relevant to your sales organization. ProAlign’s key functions will help you work productively and get the results you expect. A dashboard style interface provides a step-by-step alignment process and access to maps, tables and graphs of your territory data and variables.

You can specify multiple levels of hierarchy in your sales organization such as territories, regions and districts.
ProAlign is the only territory alignment solution built on ESRI ArcGIS, the leading geographic mapping software in the world. ProAlign’s optional territory optimizer automatically creates balanced territories for you. Automatic optimization not only saves hours of time, it ensures that territories are optimally balanced. ProAlign can recommend how many territories you need or can optimize across a specific number of territories that you want. While we believe our software is superior to any other on the market, you can also benefit from working with our analysts to help you efficiently and effectively complete your territory alignment using ProAlign. Because territory alignment is something we perform on a daily basis, when you work with Mapping Analytics you gain more than just a software solution.

Whether you balance territories based on the number of customers, sales volume, sales potential, workload or other available data, the key benefit is that balanced territories perform better. ArcGIS provides the tools to map and visualize customer and territory data, and ProAlign allows sales managers to quickly and easily create, align and realign sales territories.
It also provides a tool for rapidly testing alternative sales coverage scenarios without impacting current alignments or deploying actual resources. You gain access to highly skilled analysts and sales management experts who are committed to your success. It also allows you to create and export various reports and maps that communicate your new alignment.

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