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In case you have changed your name recently, and have no clue whatsoever as to how you should compose your name change advertisement, this is post is meant to help you with the primary dilemma of what information to provide and what not to. But a few other things must be kept in mind while booking a name change advertisement, for the sole reason that it undergoes a legal procedure. As you already know, you can choose either classified text or display classified as the format for your advertisement.
Work like name change ads get easily done with a simple text ad, comprising simple running text. So, from now on, booking a name change ad is just a mouse click away, with the help of ReleaseMyAd. Wondering how to book a change of name classified announcement Advertisement in Indian newspapers?
This post is a guide on how to best compose your Change of Name ad for highest response in newspapers.
You can use abbreviated forms of certain words within your name change ad to reduce your total classified ad cost. Below is a list of some of the more popular Change of Name templates used to book change of name newspaper ads in newspapers. You may also book Sample classified display ads for greater visibility  by choosing the templates available on the website or by uploading your own design! Refer to our Name Change and Announcement FAQ Section to get answers to all your advertising related queries. I have already got my 5 year old son’s name changed in the official gazette and have the gazette copy with me. If I have to publish the loss of my CBSE pass certificates, under which category should I publish the same ?
I am also in the process of changing the name of my son who is 5 years old and have some queries. What are the documents required to submit with you along with application.please let me know.
Hi, my wife is a serving Indian Air Force employee and has changed her name after marriage.

Hi, i am looking for name change format of affidavit (Annexure E) and the news paper format for minor(2 yrs son). Hi, I want to give Ad for the name change in 2 newpaper (one hindi and one english) plz provide sample hindi ads. I want to post a name change ad in one local(TamilNadu-Karaikudi) and one national newspaper.
Please ensure completing the entire booking process at least 2-3 days in advance of the intended release dates.
Please be informed that ReleaseMyAd is an online newspaper advertising agency and we only book ads for various newspapers across India. For publishing the Change of Name advertisement in the newspapers, an affidavit has to be first made through a notary public and copy has  to be scanned and  submitted along with the form from below.
About UsEstablished in 1996, we have been servicing clients from individuals to multinationals.
This plays a voluminous role in making sure your ad has reached he target audience it is meant for.
So the advertising agency must be furnished with the proper documents of verification for the sake of upholding the constitution and the authenticity of the name change. If this post isn’t sufficient, you will find an abundance of sample ads and an online booking tutorial to help you book change of name ad in newspaper. Kindly refer to the following list of abbreviations  while booking your next ad in Change of Name column.
Do I need a notary official affidavit for placing an advertisement in the news paper or is the official gazette information sufficient.
In case you have successfully completed this process, can you help me in the queries please.
Visit the website and chat with us or call us and we will guide you throughout the process. You can book your name change advertisement through us, bu choosing the category as announcement and sub category as Change of Name. We need certain documents for Change of Name newspaper adverts, so please mail us your requirements along with your location and newspaper preference and our customer care representative will contact you and help you book the advertisement.

To place a name change advert in a newspaper, the category should be Announcements and as per company policies you need to produce an affidavit to testify your name change. The Surat or Baroda Editions of many newspapers is circulated in and around the Bharuch area. Sindu as per my Matriculation Certificate but inadvertantly in my Pan Card it is written as Sindhu Kumar, Voters ID K. A quintessential name change advert will have all the proper details, which include your previous name, you newly assumed identity, as well as the name of the figure of authority who can verify that the change has been legalised and officiated under his watch. Also, a name is all that a human being has that proves his identity, it is the only thing of importance in proving you are a citizen of this country, hence proper legal documents go a long way in avoiding an identity theft of sorts. Do that instantly online by visiting our rates and offers page for all newspapers in India.
In order to book your advert and know the ad rates, you must specify the name of your preferred newspaper. You may also email is all the details and requirements for your ad with your location, so that our cuatomer care can send assist you in booking your ad. However our preferred paper in terms of value for money as per our experience is the TIMES OF INDIA group.
Also, the accurate information just be provided, so make sure there aren’t any spelling errors or mistakes with the dates and addresses. Please choose the newspaper from among the newspaper icons list or you may proceed by selecting the ad type. My employers have asked me to change the name in PF account too and towards the formalities they are asking me to place a Newspaper Ad.

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