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SENIOR EXECUTIVE, experienced in the strategic planning, development and management of multi-million dollar international business operations with specific expertise in the entertainment industry. Established a wide array of  partnership opportunities with Sony, DreamWorks, Disney,  Universal, Fox, ESPN, Nike, Coca Cola, AOL, Google, XBOX,  Apple Computer, Panasonic (partial list). Initiated multilingual (Chinese,  Japanese, Korean, Spanish) brand integration across  interactive platforms.
Saved company $6 million in capital  expenditures for 2006, and an additional $1.5 million per  year over an eight year span, through effective contract  negotiations with Virgin suppliers.
Integral part of developing an all-inclusive global marketing campaign for a $500 million  Panasonic subsidiary; plan encompassed identification and  inclusion of untouched market segments. Contributed to the development of numerous entertainment concepts for Asian based carriers  including Air China, Asiana, Cathay Pacific, China Air, China Eastern, Dragon Air, Eva, JAL, Korean Air, Shanghai  Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. Led marketing research studies that resulted in Panasonic's pursuit of two new entertainment  products requiring a capital investment of $20 million. Manage multiple advertising agencies responsible for executing partnership deals across multiple media.
Create entertainment, movie, and television concepts with high PAX engagement potential to  new and changing consumers with special focus on Asian, Hispanic, and teen market demographics. Combine entertainment products with interactive service offerings delivered on multiple  platforms including Broadband connectivity, Mobile Phones  (mobile portal, SMS, MMS, Java) Websites, Kiosks Portal  Partnerships, and In-flight Magazines through partnerships  with various entertainment outlets. Provided recommendations to company executives based on findings from a series of global marketing projects that utilized focus groups and quantitative instruments that examined entertainments trends.
Formed new division, which enabled company to successfully expand Russian operations into China. Planned and executed segments of former Vice President Al Gore's historic visit to China in 1997.

CIBER, San Francisco, CA, 1993 - 1996 Allocated the resources of multi-disciplined IS teams across various complex projects to ensure acceptance criteria, review schedules, and completion of projects for the leading international system integration consultancy for both private and government sector clients (NYSE:CBR). Managed scheduling requirements for 15 network engineers responsible for implementing a dynamic video streaming project for the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.
WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
Wishbone Pet Products mission is to help people enjoy their pets by developing innovative products that address pet owners needs.
CONSULATE, Shanghai, People's Republic of China, 1996 - 1997 Assisted with a full range of products and services in assigned industry sectors to assist U.S. To achieve sales goals, innovative products based on world-class industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing are essential.Strategic Niche MarketingWishbone Pet Products will market a small number of innovative products. Consumers in our targeted niche markets must be educated about their benefits in order for them to gain market acceptance and penetration. The marketing strategy must reflect this reality.Strategic PartnershipsWishbone Pet Products will rely on assistance from strategic partners to manufacture, deliver, and market products. The most rapidly growing market segment is pet products and supplies, which represents 5.5% of the market.
The reason for this tremendous growth in pet products and supplies is the growing number of pet owners and pets.According to a recent survey conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association, there were approximately 235 million households which owned pets. Of these pet owners and pets, there are approximately 43 million dog owners who owned 62 million dogs. Another recent study found that the average household with pets spent about ?350 on their pets. The average American household spends more on pet food than it does on wine, over-the-counter drugs, candy, or television sets.

It spends more on veterinary services than it does on coffee, books, video rentals, or computer software.NeedRecently dog owners have been criticized for leaving their dogs droppings in public places and on private property. Failure to retrieve dog waste is a matter of considerable concern due to public health risks, not to mention the inconvenience to the public. As a result, many communities have passed legislation requiring dog owners not only to clean up after their pet but also to carry a device for performing this task.According to a Ralston Purina pet owner study, dog owners cite cleaning up after their dog as one of the primary challenges of owning a dog.
Unfortunately, currently available dog waste clean-up products are crudely designed and cumbersome to operate, leaving many dog owners frustrated and less inclined to clean up after their dog.
To address the needs of dog owners and their communities, a simple, clean, effective means of accomplishing this task is needed.SolutionFetch™ is a unique dog waste clean up product designed so that the user's hands never contact the dog waste in any way.
With a simple one-handed operation, Fetch™ encloses the dog waste in a bag inside of a sealed plastic case. When Fetch™ is opened again, the liner bag and its contents are automatically discharged into a waste receptacle.
Standard plastic liner bags can be deposited into an appropriate waste receptacle for disposal. Its compact size makes it ideal for use when walking and the liner bag keeps the device from being contaminated.AdvantageWishbone Pet Products is positioned to address this market need with an innovative, patented product and a management team with extensive product design and marketing experience.
We have spent ample time on the development and research of Fetch™ to ensure that it will satisfy the market demand for a simpler and more effective dog waste clean-up product.FinancialsResearch and development work to date has been self-funded by the principal. Based on detailed financial projections, if the company receives sufficient funding to launch Fetch™, it will operate profitably within the first year with a net profit.

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