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Below are examples of scientific editing and translation projects we have successfully completed for our clients to help them achieve publication.
The client was submitting their manuscript as a new submission to a Nature Publication Group journal and needed assistance with improving on the language.
The client had submitted their manuscript to a Cell journal and received positive critiques from the reviewers. The client communicated with our Spanish bilingual editor and asked for a complete translation of their manuscript to English. Each editor has extensive expertise in his or her respective field, with a proven publication record in top-tier journals. We guarantee that your manuscript will not be rejected on the basis of language alone if you accept the recommendations of our editors. The Scientific Editor's customized editing service was built in-house to meet the ever-increasing needs of the diversified scientific community at large. As can be seen above in our simple standard editing example, you will be presented with a marked-up copy as well as a clean copy so that you may see exactly what was edited and review editorial comments along the way, which will appear in addition to the side marking comments.
Independent to the level of editing and to some extent the style guide used, the author has the choice to request the additional service ofour Journal Matching Service™.
Upon receiving your file(s), we will supply you with the quote, and your editing will be carried out upon your acceptance of this quote. Due to the wide variability we see not only in the technicality of documents, but also the level of English, we must first examine your documents in entirety or at least must see a large portion of a document along with a word count in order to provide you with a rough quote for the editing. We will improve the clarity and flow of your writing, from the sentence to the document level, to help create a powerful manuscript that will proceed quickly to peer review, or from peer review to publication.
We provide writing tips and suggestions to help you communicate clearly and with the correct use of English language and grammar.
1) Experience: Our editors are native English-speaking researchers with advanced degrees and publication records. 4) Quality Guarantee: Our quality guarantee ensures that the language of your edited document will meet the high standards required by the international publishing industry. 5) Privacy: Precision Science Editing takes your privacy seriously and we actively work to protect your intellectual property.
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We provide scientific editing for clients throughout the world in both academia and industry from a wide range of specialties, including medical manuscript editing.
Our translation process provides you with the unique ability to write your manuscript or other scientific documents in your native language and have them scientifically translated into English. Our editors are experienced academic and industry researchers with proven publication records in top-tier journals. Our fast turn-around time means we’ll have your manuscript submission- ready in as little as 2-4 days.

Our #1 goal is for your manuscript or grant application to be accepted by the journal or agency to which you are submitting.
Our low fixed prices are calculated per manuscript and include review by 2 independent editors.
Science is a universal language and limitations in communicative expression should not inhibit truly exceptional scientists from achieving publication and research funding success. Wea€™re a premium editing and advice service, and exclusive partner of Nature Publishing Group. Our mission is to provide scientists with the best possible pre-submission editing and advice.
We also work with institutions and faculties, offering group discounts for 10+ journal articles or grant applications per year. Our exclusive partnership with Nature Publishing Group means that your work will be reviewed by Nature-standard editors. These editors understand the publishing process and they know what top journal editors and review panels look for, and what can stand in the way of success. We wona€™t show your research papers to any active Nature journal editors, so you can be confident that when you later submit each paper to a journal, the editora€™s decision will be independent of your original text and our suggestions. This stage allows the editors in the more important later stages to focus on the most important aspects of your writing. In the final stage, your text is comprehensively reviewed for a second time by another Nature-standard editor.
For this stage, we choose editors who have a particularly strong understanding of the needs of a wide variety of authors. Your edited filesYou will receive your edited files in Microsoft Word format, with our many changes tracked for you to review.
Accompanying reportWith our standard service, youa€™ll also receive a report to accompany the edited files (or you can request to receive the edited files only, or the report only). This report is usually 4 to 8 pages long and contains our feedback on the most important issues identified during the edit, as well as journal recommendations (if your text is a journal article). To get the very best out of your next research paper, review or grant application, request a quote for scientific editing. Register for an account to submit your manuscript and to be the first to hear about offers, discounts and news from Macmillan Science Communication. We re-edited the manuscript after the revisions were complete for free, since all re-edits on the same manuscript are included in our low fee. This is recommended as it ensures that every journal guideline -- from word count to reference style to overall format -- is followed.
All edits will be performed in Word® with the editorial tracking feature, as shown above. We are scientists who serve other researchers worldwide. When you hire us to edit your manuscript, you invest in the hard work you have put into your research, analysis, and writing. Our team has provided professional editing and publishing services to hundreds of clients.  Click here to read more about our Qualifications.

We will examine your manuscript at the document level, and character by character, to ensure consistent, logical, and accurate presentation. We provide constructive recommendations in the edited files to help ensure that authors meet the requirements of their target publication and the standards of their discipline. In the unlikely event that a publisher would require English language corrections to a document for which we have provided Substantive Editing services, we will assume responsibility for those corrections at no additional charge, except where new text has been added or changes have been made to the edited manuscript.
Customer's find me because they want a working solution and they understand it does not come out of a box. We specialise in research papers, reviews and grant applications within the natural sciences (medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences). This is not just a quick check a€“ this editor will examine the text again in detail and provide additional edits and feedback from a second perspective, and assure the quality and usefulness of the edited documents and report. It aims to help you understand how journal editors, peer reviewers and readers (or research councils) might view your text, and how you can improve your writing for the future. Please keep in mind that we always edit the reference section and everything else that is sent to us unless otherwise noted. Coupled with submitting a paper that is a perfectly clean copy, proper adherence to journal guidelines clearly enhances the potential of publishable piece. We recommend that you include any footnotes, references, graphs and tables with your text so that we may supply you with an accurate quote. This enables the option to view and print the manuscript with or without the editorial changes that have been made. Please take a moment and fill out our editing quote sheet and we will promptly send you a quote for the project. Our clients’ success in publishing demonstrates a positive return on this investment. Are you writing responses to reviewers, conference proceedings, a technical publication, or a grant proposal? We require all of our editors to sign binding non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from revealing any portion of your intellectual property to any external party.
Use a concrete example on how a customer asks these questions to get them through the buyer decision cycle.
We will never simply check for grammatical or punctuation errors and quickly return the documents back to you. And from our experience, journal editors are always thankful to come across papers that exemplify clean grammar, sentence structure and format.
We can help you to optimize the message, impact, and overall presentation of your writing, and to maximize your chances of publication. We also require our editors to destroy all work files after completing an editing assignment. Rush orders that must be returned in under one business week are subject to a 20% surcharge if we can accommodate them at the time.

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