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At the residences of 488 University Avenue the art of living has been raised to new heights. Search is among the most powerful marketing channels, providing the ability to connect with potential customers at the very moment of interest. Whether you’re new to search or you’ve been running campaigns for a long time, we can offer fresh eyes and a little perspective; the same goes for organic search or SEO.
Mobile Search MattersWe take mobile search behaviors and standards into account, and learn everything about your customers—from how they find you to which devices they’re using. We grew PPC revenues by over 200%  by analyzing customer behavior and leveraging unused tactics such as Google Shopping and remarketing. We helped Target Logistics  adopt a cohesive digital strategy that, that increases their visibility and led to a 231% growth in leads! Learn how. Auxano offers a complete range of services for implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy (IDMS). Once we are armed with all important information from the client regarding their preferences and requirements from the digital domain, we start our work. Once we have captured the entire gamut of products, services, search keywords and digital content that the client can offer, we start the implementation phase of our development. After completing the designing phase and having various meetings with the client in between to showcase the designs, we finally launch your Integrated Digital Marketing Plan. Marketing has moved from the traditional approach of "Finding Customers" to the new approach of "Being Found". Using our Digital Marketing Services, you can easily improve your business performance in terms of better lead generation, engagement and enhanced ROI with a more customer centric approach. These Integrated Digital Marketing Services can play a critical role in ensuring the overall progress of your marketing goals.

EKG Marketing has been awarded a Google AdWords Qualification with specialization in Search Advertizing, Display Advertising and Reporting & Analytics. Optimization occurs in real-time, and search activity positively impacts your other marketing channels. Our Google Adwords Certified team has been managing campaigns since before Bing was even a thought and Yahoo was called Overture. Our process is constantly being refined as new features and strategies are released to the market. This translates to ensuring your website is responsive and provides a great mobile user experience.
Taking the best strategies from traditional marketing and effectively integrating them into the Digital Domain. Therefore, before beginning any project we take considerable care to understand the requirements of your business.
We undertake a detailed analysis of the major players in the target business sector and understand their strengths in the digital domain.
We believe that this is the beginning of your Digital Presence and this needs to be continuously monitored, updated and strengthened. We believe that customers finding about your products and services from their trusted Search Engine Results will be more likely to convert into sales.
Now that Yahoo and Bing are both powered by Microsoft Advertising, it is easier than ever to reach more online customers. We’ve managed campaigns spanning 30 countries, across 15 languages, using 6 different major search engines, millions of keywords, and seven-figure budgets.
We also do a comparative study of the clients strengths and their targeted keywords for products and services.

The graphics and images are also taken up on priority basis as these will be the key differentiating factors of your business. Additionally, your Social Media Portfolio can strengthen their belief in your products and solutions. If you or your marketing manager aren’t search experts (and why would you be?), doesn’t it make sense to turn to a company that is?
During the briefing, we also discuss your business's important and worthy competitors offering similar range of products. We understand the client might be calling their products or services by different names which are not very "search-friendly". We design graphics for all your social media profiles and graphics that depict your unique strengths. This information helps us in doing a detailed research and analysis of the digital marketing strategy to be followed for your organization. In other words, we try to find and analyze every search keyword that can bring business to the client. We highlight the key differentiators of your product offering through Illustrated Infographics. Here, we make detailed reports of the analysis for further discussion and fine-tuning with the client.

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