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SysComm International, one of the leading online marketing agencies in London, specialises in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SysComm is proud to offer an amalgamation of insight, creativity and technology to consistently deliver measurable results and demonstrable ROI in our Internet Marketing projects.
We are an insightful Internet Marketing Agency that uses comprehensive data analysis to produce a quantifiable list of recommendations for guaranteed improvements in Internet Marketing performance. SysComm is second to none in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and SEO. Please feel free to visit our Internet Marketing Blog that contains latest and very useful information on SEO, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. Our payment plans involve agreed monthly payments on website design and build, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Should you wish to discuss your needs or require more information on our easy payment plans give us a call and we’ll talk it through. Call us on 07 5458 5600 or click here to contact us now and let’s get down to business!
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If you require your website to attract new customers from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing then read on.
Search Engine Optimisation is important and should play a key role in defining the content and structure of your website before you even consider hiring a web developer, but SEO doesn't stop when the website goes live, a search engine friendly website is only part of the optimisation process. There are a number of meta tags that can be used on web pages, this post focuses on the two most misunderstood meta tags: meta keywords and meta description. Most search engine optimisation techniques therefore are based on experimentation and guess work, and the techniques frequently change. When I used the phrase "The best web pages" I meant the kind that you bookmark to refer to later, the kind that you read and send to your friends, the pages that you find some value in. As I mentioned before it is important to get links from related sites, as links from websites that are "off-topic" are worth a lot less that a link from a high quality relevant website.

If you get the opportunity to specify how a website links to you, be sure to specify a short sentence or phrase describing your website to place in the anchor text rather than your business name or website address.
Search engines are constantly improving code which detects such behaviour and can negatively impact your website's ranking or even ban the site from its index if you are not careful! There are lots of "SEO" companies that will use so called "black hat" techniques to help your website get quick results but these can backfire long after you have parted company with the SEO firm so beware! You can start a two-way conversation with your customers and show that you listen to what your customers have to say. Your customers comments can help you develop products and services that better match their needs. Positive comments left on your blog from happy customers act as recommendations for your product or service. Search engines will not update their index of your website straight away, so you will loose visitors for up to 6 weeks (approximately) unless you redirect each page to its new location. You will loose Google Page Rank (Your ranking in Google) temporarily until Google re-indexes your new domain name.
Your domain name will need updating in online directories, business stationary, other websites, which can be a time consuming and potentially expensive process.
If you are one of our clients, you’ll be happy to know we will always make sure that we follow the correct procedures to make the process of changing domain names as smooth and painless as possible. Every site needs to be search engine optimised in order for it to appear prominently on Google and other search engines. Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation:SEO has been proven to yield a higher return on investment (ROI) in terms of generating more traffic to your website, increased sales leads and more customer engagement than any other form of marketing. Since its launch in 1999, SysComm has been relentlessly promoting the use of ethical SEO and has regularly used Pay Per Click (PPC) as a boost to kick start online campaigns.
With our considerable knowledge and expertise, we can offer complete search engine marketing solutions.
At SysComm, we know what data to collect, how and where to collect it from and most importantly how to utilise this data.

We provide a complete service package including Internet Marketing strategies, SEO services and search engine marketing. There is an incredible amount of information online and you need to ensure that people can actually find your site. We do not claim to do everything, but whatever we do is closely managed completely in house in our two offices. With our long and consistent track record, we are confident that we can help you develop your optimum Internet Marketing strategies, and maximise returns on your Search Marketing spend. We can also act as an SEO consultant where we analyse and provide recommendations for our client’s in house team to implement.
That’s why we offer you an affordable cash flow solution, enabling you to introduce initiatives at your own pace which we are confident will deliver you a more targeted, measurable and cost effective solution, and ultimately deliver your business with more customers, more often. Contact our team today, please use 'contact us' form mail as below and we will tell you all about it. SysComm provides focused Internet Marketing Services including natural Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and highly successful Pay Per Click campaigns. Our head office in London is where we develop most of the Internet Marketing strategies, work on online reputation management planning and generate reports for search engine marketing. We audit, review and measure the success of your existing search engine marketing campaigns, and analyse the existing campaigns to highlight areas for improvement in your Internet Marketing efforts. Our well staffed and equipped back office in New Delhi handles the market analysis, link building, publishing and search engine directory submissions.

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