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Although things come and go regularly on the Internet and rules change, one thing that has remained consistent since the beginning is the importance of search engine optimization. Just as the way that people use the Internet changes regularly, the rules that govern good search engine optimization have also changed. Another factor that will make a difference in your search engine listings are the incoming links to your website. You should also consider that search engine optimization is only one of the aspects that will help you to grow an online business successfully.
This website might look odd because your browser either has JavaScript off or does not support JavaScript. SEO (search engine optimization) in our view is the process of providing search engine such as Google and Yahoo information in a way that is easily crawled by them and helpful to the community on the whole so as to rank your website higher in the SERPs result. While most agency would stop at SERP ranking, we believe that optimization includes optimizing the website for results. How much you earn is dependent on how much traffic gets to your webstie and more importantly, how much of those traffic becomes your customer. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of a website or a landing page in the organic search results of search engine result pages. The search engines display results that they think are authoritative and relevant based on the user’s search and the sites they’ve crawled and indexed. How do they measure these results?
Though SEM involves paid advertising, it also involves SEO as content, designs and selection of keywords must be managed, It includes various paid advertising techniques include Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, and many more, plus techniques to that multiply sharing of content and building calls to action. SEO can be measured for the increased traffic you receive to your website and your increased ranking. SEM can be measured by stats on impressions, click through, and increased visits to specific pages on your website. ClipCube has many years of experience in SEO and therefore will sit with you to understand your what you do, your target market, and competitors. All clients are provided project management management access where we plan our work and where required, request approval for articles, blog posts etc. Ongoing competitor research & analysis focusing on the competitors targeted keywords, onsite page optimization and backlink profiles.
Content distribution with created contents on free and paid third party websites from our distribution database and data collected from competitor research.
End of month report outlining work, work log, ranking positions, traffic analysis and comparison and authority analysis. ClipCube Media is a Digital Media Marketing Agency which produces and distributes inhouse digital media content, providing an end to end digital branding service. We create campaign plans, the media, and implement across specific platforms be it the Internet, TV, outdoor advertising or mobile devices. If you have the right direction, you’ll know what methods to use and how to apply them. Before you attempt to start incorporating search engine optimization techniques, you should set up web analytics.
If search engines catch the fact that you are manipulating your site to fraudulently achieve top return rankings, they will intercede to manually suppress your pages.

This entry was posted in Business Guide, Search Engine Optimization and tagged Domain Name, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Rank, Search Engines, Search Optimization. When people are looking for you and what you have to offer online, one of the primary ways that they do so is by running a search on Google, Yahoo! That is why it is very important for you to use a company that understands those changes and keeps up with them regularly. When people look for you and your business online, they are going to use keywords in order to find you. Another thing that you must consider is your reputation, and we offer reputation management services for our online clients. By using our services, we can help you to rank well in the search engines so that those that are looking for what you are offering find you.
We are web design, PPC Management, & SEO company based in the heart of the lovely Miami FL. While most agency would be talking to you about ranking on Google and Yahoo, we believe that the main reason most company does SEO is to bring in more traffic and at the same time conversion ie: sales lead.
When doing online marketing, the one factor that a business owner must remember is that their website is not a information portal but a sales page too. The higher and more frequent a site appears in the search engine result page the larger number of visitors it receives. The search engines look at the quality of your website in terms of code and usability using ever changing algorithms. As people search for a specific topic old and new content is referenced by the search engines. We will analyze your existing website to determine whether it is SEO optimized, your brand guidelines and other digital assets plus what content you presently develop, keywords you have selected and review your blog and social media activity. This way, you’ll be able to optimize your site for the search engines and increase your visitors at the same time.
This is the technique of using keywords in online content in order to promote better search engine rank. If your IP is the same or similar to one on a spam blacklist, your site may be penalized, or in some cases not indexed at all.
If you want your site to attain higher rankings, be sure it is completely functional, clear and easy to read, and has such functions like font changing capability.
Just as good optimization for your website can have a positive influence for your business; bad optimization can likewise have a negative influence.
You need to ensure that your website is optimized for the keywords that people actually use. At one time, it was enough to get links from any location, as they almost always counted toward your rankings. We will help to ensure that you can take advantage of any positive aspects of your online reputation and we also look for any negative reviews, so that we can do what is necessary to control them.
In addition, we ensure that those who do find you read something positive and are more likely to be a customer. We make you visible on the Internet by making sure that your site is accessible and is within major search engine guidelines.

There are sales pages that converts at a rate of 1 buyer every 10 visitor and sales pages that convert at 1 buyer every 5 visitor. These visitors will ultimately convert into customers thus generating revenue for the website. They also review the content on your website, looking for unique text, changing content and very importantly, video content, to determine if there is a match with the user’s intent. SEM will provide a short term boost to promote your brand, but it only lasts as long as you are paying, but can lead to higher conversion as advertising is pinpointed to your target market, on a geographical and demographic basis.
This will give you the ability to pinpoint the methods that work and don’t work so that you can make modifications as required. You want the people most interested in what you are providing to be able to easily find your site. A domain name that’s been around for two years or more is automatically given a higher page rank. People are more likely to trust your website if you are approved at the Better Business Bureau.
With that advice, use an ethical guideline as you develop the search engine optimization for your website! Your website should be accessible and easy for your readers to engage in and simple for search engines to recognize.
It is important for you to show up at the top of the search engine’s results for these queries, as you want people to find your business first. This may include some of the services that you offer or perhaps the area in which you are located.
After all, getting a referral to your business is an almost sure way to gain a new customer. The latter case meaning that you have doubled the potential earning of your online advertising campaign. Backlinks drive traffic to your website and most importantly the search engines will review the sites content related to the keywords people use to search on the subject. This is different from the number of sales you receive, as SEO can only introduce the customer, not close the sale. Review lists of recently deleted domains looking for ones that could possibly suit your new site’s purpose. If those keywords are not in place, it is unlikely that you will be found during a normal search engine query. Too many links from “bad neighborhoods” and you will drop like a rock in the search engine listings.

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