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Over the next few posts, I  am going to walk through all the basics of running a successful crowd funding campaign as well as provide you with useful tools. People who you might want to be part of the campaign itself – these are people you trust, who have a lot social reach, and would be willing to serve on the main team. People who are willing to push your campaign heavily during the life of the campaign – These are people who support your cause and who will be willing to post, tweet, etc. People who are willing to support the campaign – This is everyone else who is willing to post, tweet, etc.
Take an inventory of relevant of blogs on other media – Who cares about your nonprofit’s cause?
Cross reference your two lists – Do any of your connections have connections to the blogs and other media you have identified? You’re now ready for the next step in your crowd funding preparation, getting your materials ready. While the exact nature of the materials listed above will differ from campaign to campaign, your primary materials should follow one basic principle: you want to talk about future impact. Despite the lack of a material return, your perks are one of the most important parts of your campaign and they need to be well though out.
Ask your connections for connections to the relevant blogs and media you identified – Remember when we cross referenced our connections to our best blog and media bets? Get your volunteers organized for a coordinated launch – Remember when we inventoried our best volunteers?
Make a personal appeal to those closest to you – It really helps to have some donations on the first day.
Think about using Thunderclap – One cool site that you can use in advance of your launch is Thunderclap.
When a request lands on your desk, don’t commit right away, advises the Harvard Business Review.
Another strategy I like is “Yes, No, Yes.” “Yes, that sounds like an important (interesting) idea (project) (event).
By saying no to some things, you create the space and the energy to say yes to other tasks.
Remember that corporate giving is driven by relationships… the same as any giving relationship.
Then go beyond to ask:  what problems or challenges does this company have that we could help solve?
If a company is passionate about being green or service-learning, determine if your organization can align to those topics and then make it your mission to infuse that into your partnership with them, and report back to them through your stewardship.
3)  Provide meaningful opportunities that allow all levels of the company to be actively engaged and long term fixtures with in your organization. Non-profits can ensure success by developing multi-year initiatives that are mutually beneficial in partnership with the company. Companies don’t want to be seen as self-serving but they do want a return on investment. Let’s face it, school supply shopping is not fun but getting new supplies can put a smile on your face. Ok, maybe you are not due for a shot but when was the last time you got a check-up or had a maintenance day? I just completed emergency cards for both of my kids providing instructions to their schools on what to do in case of an emergency. I recently had a chief development officer come to me and tell me that they were really worried the fundraising event the organization was planning would be a complete flop, take up incredible amounts of staff time and resources, and lead to very little money raised.
When the event fails to meet expectations, fails to raise money, and other fundraising is negatively affected, is the board going to remember that the event was their idea? I think we all know the answer to this question and many of this have been in this position. So, as you find time to read through this report or focus on the highlights, here are three things you can do before the end of summer to make this report even more applicable in your work.
Understand the percentage of giving from individuals, corporations, foundations, and bequests to your organization:  what does your portfolio look like? Think about how your percentages compare to national trends:  If giving from individuals is low, you have a case to increase time and energy in building your individual giving program especially since individuals account for more than 83% of giving nationally (this number raises to more than 86% when you account for family foundations). Find five well-connected champions within your donor base to share your story and their involvement through their social media channels. Use this as an opportunity to celebrate philanthropy, not just at your organization but to other causes as well! And use this conversation as a springboard to other specific questions about donor philanthropy.
Giving USA is a great resource we have to better understand the pulse of philanthropy on an annual basis. You hired this person for their strong competencies and needed experiences but there are gaps.
Some use a six-month approach.  The suggestions here from the Harvard Business Review are worth incorporating.
Search Engine Optimization, by definition, is the process of increasing traffic to your website organically, or within the free (non-paid) results on the search engines.

Once you decipher the top competitors and high-rankers in your industry, it’s time to see what keywords they are using.
Relevant inbound links from high ranking sites are key for improving your search rank for SEO. I believe you have already heard of few common points, like keyword density should be this much %, use your keyword in meta description, use it in first paragraph of the post etc Blah! When you’re looking at keyword density, it seems that aiming for a density level of between 1% and 4% seems to be the going recommendation on how to write seo articles without being picked up as a keyword stuffer.
I would recommend have keyword density between 1% and 3% to be on the safe side and avoid using it in places where it doesn’t really flow with the article. I am assuming that you are done with initial stage of keyword research and you have your target keyword (or focus keyword) ready.
One of the most essential places you can use your target keywords is in the title, Headings and Meta description tag of your article.
In order to efficiently write a search engine friendly and keyword rich article, the article should be thick or filled with the target keywords or focus keyword phrases.
I have provided all the tips above about how to write SEO articles, the most important take away points are as follows: Perform Keyword research first, write quality content, Use your keyword in title and headings and take care of keyword density while writing a SEO article.
M confused of using subheadings bcoz i simply copy my whole title n paste it as subheadings. Great points regarding keyword density, I agree that keywords need to flow naturally within the article in order for you to rank competitively and organically for your key terms. You have written awesome article by which we can create SEO optimized articles for search engines and visitors.
Od paru lat obserwuje sie intensywny rozwoj reklamy, zwlaszcza na terenach wysoce uprzemyslowionych. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. When you discover it’s quicker to tally the hours you work each day by simply subtracting your sleep hours from 24.
When you look forward to holidays because it means you can get some work done without all those co-worker distractions. When your son can’t seem to remember whether Sunday is a regular work day for you or not.
When you apologize to one of your staff  for not being able to talk at that moment because you are supposed to be in another meeting. When you eschew the two-ingredient baby green salad for lunch in favor of your usual handful of tortilla chips and spoonful of peanut butter because rinsing the salad bowl afterwards would make you late for your next meeting.
When a co-worker asks you if you can attend a meeting at 9:00 and you have to ask AM or PM.
When one of your staff emails you to let you know he won’t be working tonight because he is going to the grocery store.
When you see a plastic bin at IKEA and note to yourself that it would make an excellent bus tub for your office. When your new extended-life laptop battery arrives and you get excited because you it means you can work ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT.
Lincoln, a 15-year corporate communications and philanthropy veteran who has worked on the teams deciding on and directing corporate philanthropy with major corporations, including State Farm, Ameren and Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals. Corporate donors are looking to connect with organizations that can relate to their services or products. While this approach will support your bottom line, it creates a situation that allows the company to walk away whenever times get hard. Approach your relationship from a long-term perspective and know what your non-negotiables are.
Are there new board members who can supply you with a good list of individuals they are willing to engage with you? Karen Osborne and I were talking recently about how to fit things into our packed schedules like doctor appointments, alterations, or even getting your hair cut. We all need a support system to get us through those tough times personally and professionally. Share stories of recent impact rather than only telling the story of things you accomplished more than a year ago. It provides great insight and detail on the type of philanthropy happening around the country and it’s up to us to have that same level of insight into giving at our own organizations.
You wrote a great job description and crafted probing questions and scenarios that will help you identify the strongest candidate possible. We either send the candidate to Human Resources to partake in the standard orientation or we plan a one day initiation – the office tour, donor files, and expectations. Think of it as the credit game.  A teenager starts out with no credit, and her parent decides to help her build credit by adding them to their credit card (with a $250 limit, of course!). Using your list of competitors (those organizations you admire who are doing work like yours), drop their websites into the BacklinkWatch tool.
No one is expert in the field of SEO, neither I, however I have few tricks which you can use to optimize your articles and make it search engine friendly. The number of times a keyword gets mentioned in a particular page can help determine how optimized that page is for the search engines.

In order to rank for this keyword, you should do a research on Google Ad-words Tool to a) check keyword competition b) try to write unique content, which is not available on your competitor’s website. Ebony had some tips on building strong relationships with your corporate donors and we added some of our own. For example, it makes sense for a science-based company to partner with an organization delivering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs that work to support teachers and students.
Need a new pen to write those handwritten donor letters or perhaps your favorite carryon bag needs an upgrade? Or mission staff that can supply you with anecdotal and real stories of impact to share with your donors?
Emergencies do happen and sometimes right before some big event or on your way to a substantial donor ask. I am grateful for the wonderful colleagues who have become friends especially during those trying times. It’s a worthwhile quest and one that deepens our relationships with our donors and the investment they have in impacting our mission. Now, see who is linking to them, and find creative ways to get those other sites to link to you too! This not only increases your website rank, but it gets you in front of interested eyes and relevant readers.
This helps keep your ideas organized and much easier to read, it also provides a great place to put your keywords. For example, if your keyword is “Car” you may want to have a title like “How to Drive Car” or “How to maintain Cars”, something along those lines.
To figure out the keyword density of an article, multiply the number of times your keyword or keyword phrases appear in your article, divide that number by the word count of the article. Once you know the company and understand their philanthropy objectives, guidelines and criteria present initiatives or programs (new or existing) that connect with the company. If it doesn’t fit or make sense, don’t force it.
For example, if the company is involved in your organization’s mentoring program, take the responsibility for managing the match process and report on the success and impact in a way that can easily be communicated throughout the company.
How about updating the visuals that surround your desk or better yet incorporating some Zen or feng shui into your office?  How about updating the mission pictures you have in your office or even changing your telephone greeting  to share something new about your organization? How about your CEO supplying you with more of their time to engage in donor relationship building? My former colleague always had a folder on her desk for “in case I get hit by a bus.”  She provided essential details for projects she was working on and even basics like her work-based passwords. There’s so much out there and more opportunities than ever to stay on top of your professional development.
Start by making a list (or take the list you already created for the interview process) of all of the competencies, skills and experiences you sought. Pay more attention to the two and three keyword strings, as opposed to the single-word keywords, as longer strings may produce more exact results. The goal is to know your page rank, and get sites with higher page ranks to link to you, therefore boosting your ranking. Remember to be mindful of the rank for these sites (use the PR Checker tool above).  If the site who is linking to your competitor has a #1 rank, and you have a #3, it may not be worth your effort. I am not gonna share something new but I will summarize all these stuffs at one place, here in this post. Search engines pay special attention to keywords placed in header tags, so try to use your keyword into a subheading to get it noticed by search engine.
Now is the time to ask those questions that help you better understand your donor’s perceptions of your organization and their philanthropic values, attitudes and desired impact on your cause.
Indicate how many the new hire possesses, how many are there but not as strong as you’d like, and how many are missing.
Once you have this list of keywords, start blogging, producing articles, and creating content using these keywords. So that it would be handy for you to optimize your post, if you are not using any premium plugin. Putting content out there on the web that is relevant to what your competitors are writing about is a great way to be found amongst them in search results. This brief guide will show you how to write SEO articles with keywords in just a few easy steps.
Perhaps now you can take that yoga or cooking class you always wanted or maybe it’s time to share your expertise with others by teaching as class of your own or facilitating a training session for your fellow colleagues.
However, another option that all website owners should take advantage of is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. These champions can play a key role when it’s time for the company to make a decision about continuing funding to your organization.

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