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Web India Solutions How can I improve search engine optimization (SEO) service?Web India Solutions, the complete solution for website development.
Updating the content of web page constantly increases the chance of listing the site on top in search engine index.
Most of the websites provide space between the head and close of the web site encoding for metadata. Just after title metadata, the description metadata is also important in search engine indexing. We need to provide useful links and web references to the user accessing our websites.  Instead of providing the links the just typing ‘Click Here’, we need to provide a descriptive site link.
The vital part in SEO is using creative keywords and using it intelligently in the website.
For finding out a perfect keyword and for arranging our website in a different way, we need to analyze the way our competitors presented their websites.  A good analysis of different competent websites gives us idea of finding a perfect key word and presentation of the website. We have to select the useful social media according to our website and also the target users who are intended to use our website. Your mode of telling the whole thing in this post is actually pleasant, every one be able to effortlessly know it, Thanks a lot. This is a quick questionnaire so we can start the conversation about your SEO needs and goals.
HAVE A PROJECT IN MIND?If you’re ready to get started, or just have a few questions, we’d love to hear from you! We look forward to a long relationship with Bergey Creative and many more projects to come! Increase your website's organic search engine placement and visibility with an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) plan. We offer strictly whitehat SEO services, which means we follow guidelines set by Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to ensure your website's reputation will remain spotless.
While our primary focus is typically Google's organic search engine, we also optimize your site and content for specific placement on Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Yelp, 360Directories and other mediums. Search Engine Optimization plans are designed to fit your market, industry, competition, goals and budget, below are sample plans to give you an idea of what is typically provided. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially the best practice to getting more leads and sales from peoples earching for your product or service.
SEO is an affordable, long term investment and should be run in conjunction with an overall Internet Marketing Strategy. SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.The most important thing is SEO helps you get traffic from search engines without paying for clicks.
Search engines crawlers crawl millions of sites every day, they which they display in the form of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The screenshot below illustrates the general consensus based on our research is that Organic Traffic receives 10 – 20 TIMES more traffic than the top paid listing. Before Panda and Penguin, SEO professionals used all kinds of tricks, both sneaky and legitimate, to game the system. In other words, Google is no longer looking for results that match the collection of words you put into the search bar, they can identify the question, identify the intent behind the question, and find the best possible results. You can figure that out by looking at your page visits and seeing which pages have the most visits, and then writing about those topics some more.
You can figure that out by writing about leading stories and trending news in your industry. You can figure it out by paying close attention to the things you sell and the problems they solve. But most importantly, you need to quit trying to game the system by dinking around with keywords and just start writing real content that people want to read. Google is destroying the link-building schemes we’ve all come to love and rely on over the last few years. July 18, 2013 By Erik Deckers Let’s be honest, your customers think about you as often as you think about your own vendors. Clearly — because I hate seeing the grown-ups fight — one is going to always beget the other, like a snake eating its tail.
The problem with an SEO-only strategy is that while it brings in visitors, none of them stick around and buy anything, because the content is crap. That means the results you see are based on your location and who Google thinks you’ll want to talk to.
This is a useful little feature that Google has, because they figure you want to see the deck builders who are closest to you, and not the ones who have the best optimized website but are 1,000 miles away.
But what if you want to get a more accurate picture about what Google “really” ranks as #1? Do that deck builder search in an Incognito search, and chances are, you’ll still see the local results, but the rankings will be different.
This creates a serious problem for businesses who do this to check their Google search rank.
And, because Google is so helpful and kind, it figures, “A-ha, Shelly wants to see her website.
Then, because she’s eager to show her husband how awesome she and her web team have been, she makes the 30 mile commute home, pops open his laptop, and does the same search only to find that in a few short hours, her company website has dropped from 1st to 87th. It only gets worse when she goes back to work, checks again, and sees she’s winning Google once more. This is a problem for anyone who relies on Google search results to see how their search engine optimization and website design are performing.
If you want to get a real idea of how well you’re doing, you need a Google rank checker like WebCEO, which will check the actual rankings and tell you where you reallyrank for your chosen keywords.
This is true whether you’re doing the searches for your company, or even your own name (very handy for a job search, because it tells you what the recruiters and hiring managers will see). In its efforts to be as helpful as possible, Google has inadvertently tricked us and lulled us into a false sense of success, which creates problems for us that we’re not even aware of. But rather than rest on your laurels, you need to keep track of how things are really going for you. Ultimately, you may end up getting your personalized search and actual search rankings to match up. January 29, 2013 By Erik Deckers SEO pros all had to stop on a dime and pivot after Google’s algorithm updates, abandoning all the old SEO tactics, and refocus on new, acceptable practices instead. Their Google rankings have dropped because the posts didn’t properly use keywords in the headline and body copy. Now, compare that to the millions of web pages that never followed the SEO basics, or worse, the companies that no longer follow the SEO basics. November 20, 2012 By Erik Deckers SEO professionals are about to lose another search signal in their optimization work, only to have it replaced by something that requires more work by content marketers, but will ultimately make Google better. According to Rand Fishkin in a recent Whiteboard Friday, we’re about to lose anchor text.
It’s long been an SEO practice to backlink to a website by linking a keyword or phrase. Fishkin says anchor text will nearly die — it won’t die completely — and instead be replaced by co-citation.

Co-citation is a new method where Google looks at important words on a page, not just official keywords, and draws a relationship between them. In other words, instead of backlinking to a page about Hungarian football with Paul’s name, Google now has an entry in its giant massive database where the two have been linked just by being mentioned on the same page. I write a lot about Ernest Hemingway and blogging, including one post about whether he would be a good blogger or not.
What would further cement the relationship is if my name appeared on both pages, like, say, in an author bio. Freaking out about keywords and trying to find the exactly-perfect-bestest one is (almost) unnecessary. Like all things Google is doing, co-citation is going to make life both harder and easier for content marketers. And since Google is focusing on quality content — because crappy content farms were decimated by Google Panda, and Penguin foreclosed on the link farms — that means we need people to talk about us and our keywords on their sites. That leaves us with two strategies, both of which will take a lot of work, but will have a huge SEO payoff. October 15, 2012 By Erik Deckers SEO practitioners are painfully aware of Google’s hatchet job on the tips and tricks they used to get their pages to the top of the search rankings.
And it’s funny to see many of the SEO pros — who were hit hard by Google Panda and Penguin — who look down their noses and wave dismissively at those people who still preach old-school SEO tactics. But before you sneer too deeply, keep in mind that a few of those on page tactics still have value.
Google wants to make sure you’re providing high-quality, interesting content to the people using the search engine. Your readers want to know what your blog post is about, so you need an informative, useful, and direct headline. But the other thing that I did was write a headline that told you exactly what that post was about.
We’re big fans of Wil Wheaton Rand Fishkin at SEOMoz, and seize as much of his knowledge as we can. Search engine optimization provides efficient web marketing by increasing the web traffic to internet sites.
A well written and displayed content attracts search engine than a website with scattered data. A good guide provided in the website increase the chance of search engine to sort out our web page. We can use charts and visual contents also to provide information which helps in search engine optimization. The relevant and updated information must be available in web page for search engine optimization. This provides information about what the website is for and what is the content of web site. Relevant metadata provided about the content of the web site also helps the search engine to find our web site quickly. We need to construct metadata which easily points the keyword that can be used to search in the search engine. The keyword should come at the beginning of web content and also should repeat all throughout the site in a good manner. Most search engine ranks a website’s ability to access different pages of the website simultaneously rather than from the home page. We have to locate people with large number of followers in social sites and should try to contact them and circulate the pages through them. You may search the internet clicking the links Google, Bing or Yahoo which are the most popular search engine about more ways for effective search engine optimization.
Make sure your website properly utilizes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with strong keywords, solid content, social media, and other proven strategies. Just fill out the form below with your contact information and website so we can take a look!
You can call us at 215-256-4512 or use the button to the right to get the conversation started. We offer supplemental search engine optmization plans to help boost and maintain your sites search engine placement in the face of your competition and constantly changing search algorithms. Blackhat techniques can work in the short-term, but can destroy your website's placement in the blink of an eye, when caught. We are located in Wichita, KS and have excellent insight into this market, but we also provide regional and national SEO plans as well as SEO for individual markets outside of Wichita. Many of our SEO plans feature copywrting, blogging and content development that is desgined to capture search traffic as well as deliver a strong marketing message.
During our inital consultation and web site review we will help you decide how big of an investment you should make, and what type of return to expect on that investment. The sample Campaign Report below effectively illustrates the substantial return on investment possible with successful SEO. Each SERP consists of 10 websites that are ranked from the top of the screen to the bottom according to how relevant they are to the search. SEO does help in promotion of sites and is also known as SEO copyrighting because most of the techniques that are used deal with text. In other words, if you’re getting 100 clicks a day from Google AdWords, your competitor who’s ranking#1 organically is getting 1000 – 2000 clicks a day!
People open their Google Maps or Google Search on their smartphones and speak their search as a question.
You need to look at your readers’ behavior, figure out why they came to your site, and respond to the things they want.
Ever since Google wrote the Link schemes policy, and added the ban on “Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links, professional SEOs have been walking on eggshells. I’ve called this co-citation previously (my bad!), but I should have been using this term instead. And until that thing you sell breaks or runs out, they don’t give you a second thought. Not the person who sells you your raw materials — the coffee for the coffee shop, or the #10 envelopes for the direct mail company — but the person who does the stuff you don’t think about until the bill comes in the mail? Do you yearn to read a 300th blog post on best accounting practices for direct marketing companies? Check your Google Analytics, and see what percentage of returning visitors you have to your website. They came there because they found you on one of the search engines, or they saw your blog post on Twitter, or a friend forwarded it to them on LinkedIn or Facebook. You can’t have SEO without content, but no one is going to find your content without SEO.
My No Bullshit Social Media co-author Jason Falls did not optimize any of his content until last spring, and still managed to garner as many as 30,000 site visitors per month, by writing good stuff. It will even show you a little map of all the deck builders in relation to where you’re sitting.
On your web browser, open an Incognito or Private browsing session (look in the File menu).

In fact, depending on your search terms and your location, you’ll see some wildly different results. They want to show you the results closest to you, and the results all your Google+ friends have shared or created themselves. The first thing an eager marketer will do is search for their best keywords to see where their own website ranks.
They get lulled into a false sense of security by Google’s personalized results, and slack off their SEO.
We’re seeing evidence with several of our clients that these are still helping Google understand what their pages are about.
For example, Pro Blog Service’s president, Paul Lorinczi, runs a Hungarian football (soccer) website.
They’re the ones who created the link farms that had thousands of backlinks on hundreds of pages.
Then it determines what the page is talking about — e.g., does it refer to another page or brand?
It understands, because of the tag and the body copy itself, that Papa is integral to the text. It used to be you had to limit your headline and topic to a single keyword, and you scoured Google AdWords and WebCEO to find just the right one.
We were already doing some of this at Pro Blog Service, which means we’re in a position to take advantage of it.
To determine whether you are, one of the things they measure is the click-through rate on their search results. In fact, when you do the search, they will even bold-face the key phrase so it stands out for you a little more.
But by describing what the post is about — what Malcolm Gladwell really said — we were able to grab the interest of people who might have otherwise skipped over the post in search of something else.
There are different ways to optimize our web page and bring them on top of the search results or major search engines. We can use different ways to provide information in structural way like bulleting and numbering. Over use of keywords create a negative impact as search engine will ignore it considering as junks. We can use different ways for link building such as guest blogging, contests, and finding broken links in other websites. Bergey Creative Group knows how to get your site where it needs to be in the search engines. By knowing the rules, developing quality content and continually adding value for users, our strategy provides proven placement results with a solid return on investment. The strategic writing and sharing of this content is key to capturing long-tail search traffic and crafting a brand voice. We have hundreds of working examples of successful search engine optimization on a local and national level.
The more competition there is, and the more established it is in the search engines, the longer results will take to materialise. Basically, it can be defined as the activity of optimizing web pages in order to make them more user search engine-friendly for getting higher positions in search results.
If you want Google to recognize your contribution, use Google+ and the Authorship tags, and link your name to your Google+ account. And without realizing it, they slip lower and lower in the real, objective results, disappearing from everyone’s view except for their own. Then, focus on new SEO techniques — a regular blog, social media promotion, submitting blog posts to Google+ — that can help move you up in the actual rankings.
We had been using keywords the way we were supposed to all along — mention them once in the headline, a few times in the body copy, once in the tags — but once we stopped doing it, everything headed south. Google would essentially say, “Here’s a blog post about Ernest Hemingway and blogging, and — ooh!
That means while headlines may be useful, your posts aren’t going to be ranked only on headline keywords.
Now you’re going to get some Google juice for different keywords and their synonyms, not just the one in your headline.
No formulas, no putting the keywords within the first few words of the headline, no cramming it into the body copy a set number of times. We may use other graphical ways too for organizing the information in the web site for SEO. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of the user who is searching for information in a search engine and what the user would probably type. Because the information keyword typed by the user may not be listed in the home page but could be in some other pages of the website. If we find a broken link in other website which is related to our site, we can inform the site’s owner about the broken link and request to replace the broken link with our website link.
These librarians know every book in existence and depending on what you type in the search bar, they're going to return the book they believe best fits your query. But even then, Google is trying to figure out where you are, so it can try to give you the results you would most likely want. Single keywords are no longer a good way for SEO as it will not create much impact in search engine results due to abundance usage.
The more specific your query, the more accurate the search engine can be in handing you a search result. They’re the pretty girl from 5th grade who said you were best friends, but you had to be secret best friends.
The librarian is going to look at things like the size of a book, the most popular books, local authors and the most up-to-date books. So give them your A material, and hope it’s enough to get them into your sales funnel, so you can turn them into regular paying customers, or get them to join the small percentage of people who read all of your content (and are not your mother). Google Panda killed the low-value schlock that some black hat SEOs were using, so your offsite blogging has to be just as good as your onsite blogging.
Again, over use will not help in search engine optimization but we have to use it many times in the content in a well mannered sentence structure.
A website with navigator to all information in every page increases the preference of search engines. And since a lot of people are already struggling with their actual blogging, this extra work is going to be a killer.
SEO helps your site stay up-to-date, makes your website easier to find through markup and helps your website stand out in your field of expertise. When the librarian looks to hand a qualified lead a book, we do our best to make sure yours is her first choice.

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