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This tutorial will not only help you rank your posts that you spent so much time and effort on, but I will also show you how to start making profits from them. Creating your blog is a daunting task for many novice online entrepreneurs and network marketers out there, but once you have created once, you can create them all. The trick is not how pretty or cool your site looks, it is what’s inside that really counts.
One of my networking friends said that they find my multiple contents that I’ve created on my blog turn up on top of Google. If this is so, then that’s good news for me because I know that every hour there will be traffic that will see my hard work. There is no secret on this search engine optimization tutorial or SEO for short and it is quite easy once you make sense of it all.
You will get a lot of misinformation in the internet or so called experts that will tell you that they know what they are doing then all of the sudden they put your site on penalty box and gets deranked.
If you’re not careful yourself, you might do the same to your site and start creating crazy links yourself then you will be in Google jail and it will take lots of work to get your site bailed out from.
Make sure that you take notes from this first step, you wouldn’t want to miss out on key points that can make or break the optimization of your posts.
I hope that you were taking notes and now you should have a pretty good idea how this whole SEO thing works. If you want to get ahead of the On Page game getting SEOPRESSOR from above link is essential to your successful SEO campaign.
A simple explanation of a bounce rate is a visitor going to your site and clicking the back button and bouncing away from your site. Researching my keyword using Long Tail Pro helps me find the long tail keywords that I won’t find on Google keyword tool. Now that we got all the necessary evil out of the way, let’s start building links to our site and go CRAZY! This is where most people make mistakes and with this search engine optimization tutorial, you will see that following my steps will make you into an SEO expert overnight!

You might not become a millionaire overnight but if you follow these steps you will be right on track to your first milli ;).
This video below will teach you that not all backlinks are created equal and that you should have a proper strategy which types of backlinks you should be focusing on more and which ones you should be spreading out. It should create a pyramid to not all only boost your site but protect it from Panda and Peguine google. You have control of your article if you do choose manually which is a plus if you go this route but it might take you away from your making your contents and giving service to your leads. The choice is yours but as promised, the videos are here just in case you need help on which route is best for you.
Now that you are an SEO expert, there are still much to learn such as Video Marketing and Email Marketing. Just sign up below and receive your Free gift and receive my newsletters, inspirations and daily updates. Too much distraction and information overload with a heavy dose of procrastination is a dream killer! Like hating your job, better lifestyle, travel, spend time at home with family etc are great reason why you have to make your online business work.
An online entrepreneur who is successful compared to a wannabe has only one difference, the successful one will always take Action! You will receive my 9 day Bootcamp Step by Step Video Course and learn how to double your traffic and get responsive leads to join your business over the next 30 days. The ideal time to have an SEO consultant review your design is while the web developer is creating the template design of the site, including navigation structure.
Search engine-friendly design does not mean your site will now rank at the top of the search engines, but that the search engines can find and index your pages. A site that has not been designed to be easily indexed by the search engine crawlers will require changes - sometimes significant changes - in order to become search engine-friendly.
JavaScript drop-down or slide-out menus can prevent search engine spiders from following navigation links in web pages.

Web pages that require users to input any type of information in order to access the content blocks search engines from your pages. Each of these stages is critical to the overall success of gaining top search engine positions and maintaining them. Some have been burned by SEO providers and then begin asking better questions, such as, why should I invest in SEO and what ROI can I expect? If your approach to SEO is like a "plug and chug" formula, you will be disappointed with the results. To learn what Capture Commerce has accomplished for other clients, read our SEO case studies. At this point, many important elements should have been defined: keywords to target, content, architecture and navigation. Search engine optimization is the process of preparing each page of your site to gain top search rankings for specific search terms. All shopping cart systems utilize session IDs, but the further along a shopper is in the buying process without a session ID, the more search engine-friendly the system. Typically, search engine optimization requires 3-6 months to see results and, therefore, is a long-term Internet marketing strategy that gains momentum over time.
Every business is different and the SEO plan for that business should be as well - something we refer to affectionately as tailored Internet marketing. If the design of your site is heading in a direction that is not search engine-friendly, an SEO pro can correct the issues before the entire site is developed - saving time and money.

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