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With a hardwired GPS tracker, you never have to worry about the battery running out because this type of device is wired directly underneath the front dashboard area and runs via the car’s power.
The great thing about wireless or battery powered GPS tracking devices is that they are completely portable and wire free, meaning you can use them to track a variety of different things based on your needs.
Some people choose to put their GPS tracker into a weatherproof case so they can simply attach the tracker to theĀ  undercarriage of a car or inside a wheel. Iphone has launched new gps security alram system which is directly attached with satelite.
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ThisĀ  device is useful for long term tracking, since it does require initial wiring into the car. If you want to track your vehicle one day, throw it in your child’s backpack another, and then put it in a suitcase during a vacation, you can.
The most common locations are under the driver or passenger’s seats, hidden within the front or back dashboard areas, and inside the glove box.
As a recognized authority in GPS tracking, hidden cameras, employee monitoring and compliance, video surveillance and counter surveillance, we help our customers use technology to get the clarity they need. This mapping allows dispatchers to see the locations of the entire fleet, which greatly enhances route planning.
There are some important guidelines to remember when installing your GPS tracker to maximize its effectiveness.
The technology is basically the same, but the reasons for using one or the other are based on your security needs.
The GPS can only function in these areas of the car because it can transmit a signal through the window.

Users can create both zones and locations on the map that will interact with GPS equipment in the vehicles.
That means if you put the GPS tracker under the hood of your car or in the trunk, the signal will probably be blocked and therefore the device will not work.
Locations are usually the destinations that drivers are sent to, whereas zones are larger specified areas (such as an individual driver's service area).
Dispatchers can set up alerts that will inform them when drivers enter or exit these areas.

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