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A business segmentation base is definable characteristics or behavior of organizations that can be utilized to classify the organizations into related groups, for the purpose of target marketing.
The vast majority of business owners looking for examples of marketing strategies are tactical.
The next marketing strategy I am going to share with you is a strategy that I learned from famed sales trainer Chet Holmes. STP analysis is a great marketing strategy as it forces you to think long-term about your product, company, and customers. So, we may highlight the extraordinary finish of the interior, the smooth handling, the Brembo brakes, or any other factor that confers luxury. With a core story, you highlight important trends or changes in data over time regarding the industry of your prospect. Then, you fill this report with fascinating market data that effectively pre-sells your product without selling anything at all.
The three C’s framework is one of the more popular examples of marketing strategies, and is highly recommended. Chet named this strategy the Best Buyer strategy, and I call it the Perfect Prospect strategy because the point of the strategy is to target your perfect prospect and turn them into a customer or client. Now that you have segmented your market into different groups, either according to product line or according to customer type, the next step is to decide which segment you are going to target. To be clear, the implementation of the SWOT analysis is what gives you the business insight and intelligence needed to craft a strong marketing strategy.
It is highly applicable, and very relevant to anyone seeking out examples of marketing strategies.
For example, you might write a report or Executive Briefing as Chet Holmes has called it, called The 5 Most Dangerous Trends Facing The Aerospace Industry. If you sell treadmills, and you fill a report with market data about the health dangers facing the consumer if they don’t exercise, then they may want to buy some sort of exercise equipment before they even know that you offer treadmills for sale! We have looked at the 3 C’s model of marketing, which says that by a strategic focus on customer, company, and competition, you can get ahead in any market.
This means they are looking for concrete things to do and implement, instead of zooming out and focusing on longer-range goals. What can your competition teach you about what works and what does not work for your market? The concept is that instead of selling to many smaller, less integral clients and customers, focus on the 50 – 100 companies that reflect your perfect prospect.
When you factor the segmenting, targeting, and positioning of your product, you give yourself a marketing strategy that is comprehensive and takes many factors into account. With the Core Story, you create a story for your target prospect that focuses on educating the prospect with significant amounts of not product data, but market data. The title of this report is going to capture the attention of anyone involved in the aerospace industry, and not just the 3-10% of prospects that are looking to buy immediately. The Core Story is a high-powered marketing strategy that I use myself and that I highly recommend.
With STP analysis, we learned how to segment our market, target the portion of the market we are interested in, and then position ourselves accordingly in order to maximize sales. Less than 2% of executives are strategic executives, and even fewer have the ability to combine the strategic with the tactical in creating an overall marketing approach. Obviously every communication should be offering value to your perfect prospect, and should be making the perfect prospect more familiar with you.
For example, in the car industry you have luxury cars (one segment), mid-size cars (another segment), small cars (another segment), and then trucks (another segment).

If you were going to target a different segment, then you would implement a different message with your marketing. You use this brainstorm as an opportunity to develop areas of competitive advantage out of areas of past weakness. This allows you to capture the attention of a larger percentage of your core desired audience. None of it is based on opinion and all of the information is data-driven, so there is nothing to argue with.
With SWOT analysis, we learned how to elicit our strengths in order to solidify our competitive advantage.
The marketing manager asks the product manager to provide a picture of the current skin care market and come up with a proposal.
This article focuses on the strategic — emphasizing long-term goals and objectives, and providing specific examples of marketing strategies that you can then apply to your B2B business context.
This certainly means segmenting the customer base into different specific customer groups, and then focusing a marketing strategy for selling to each customer group. Remember, you can only know what the benefits of your product are to your customer if you understand your customer, so you see how the C’s of customer and company are integrated.
How can I effectively differentiate myself from my competition whether with branding, product positioning, or a pricing strategy?
Over time, you begin to stand out, and you can earn your way into the door through your repeated outreach. Obviously you are going to have different approaches for marketing to each specific segment. With product data, you are immediately selling your product, and this causes 90% of your audience to immediately tune out.
The Core Story converts a high number of leads into paying customers, and is one of my favorite examples of marketing strategies.
We learned to elicit our weaknesses in order to develop areas of future strength in the organization. An Example as an Appetizer Background Technicalities Recommended Strategy Take Less Risk 2.
The product manager asks the marketing research manager for help, who assigns the project to marketing analyst George. But it also means knowing each customer in a detailed way, so as to effectively market to them.
It is important that you focus on product benefits rather than on product features, as customers and clients respond to benefits and not features, in other words, what’s in it for them.
It is important to conduct a competitive analysis to determine what your competition is doing that is working and not working, so you can see where your company can benefit and take advantage. So while you may continue to market to your major customer base, you begin a perfect prospect initiative to reach out to those perfect prospects, and begin to convert them into customers. The Perfect Prospect strategy is highly effective when combined with the Core Story strategy, which will be outlined later in this article. Now that we have decided which segment to target, the next course of action is to determine how to position our product to fit our target market. Often, just thinking strategically about the opportunities that your company faces can open up numerous productive pathways for B2B marketing success. On the other hand, when you educate your prospect with market data, they begin to transfer authority and trust to you. We learned to identify opportunities for growth that we previously had not articulated, providing valuable new options for growing the revenue and profit of our company.

How to Run Decision Tree Create New Tree Add and Modify Tree Node Decision Path 3. George suggests starting with a picture of the market dimension and tendency among segments, in order to identify business areas worthy of an in-depth analysis. The way to do this is with a customer archetype, covered in my article on a customer driven marketing strategy. A buyer of luxury cars is going to demonstrate different characteristics from a purchaser of a small car or a pickup truck. And we learned to anticipate the threats that could be on the horizon for our company, in order to avoid them and maintain or extend our current prosperity. Once you have a clear understanding of your customer, you can develop strategic objectives designed to create a sale and provide customer value.
Once you have identified these threats, you can deal with them head on, but most companies don’t deal with them because they never stop to think critically about what those threats actually are. While there are many examples of marketing strategies out there, I believe that the examples of marketing strategies shown here will make your company much more effective when implemented competently.
I highly recommend that any B2B company in any stage of development conduct a SWOT analysis, and it is one of my favorite activities to work with a client as a B2B marketing coach. Each segment was measured on static and dynamic growth, computed on sales in units as shown in the table below: The segments were then plotted using the Common Bubble Chart option. Anatomy of a Decision Tree Output ReportTechnicalitiesUtility Functions Risk Tolerance Exponential Utility Function Logarithmic Utility Function Expected Monetary Value (EMV) Expected Utilities Certainty Equivalent Risk Profile Charts Known Problems References Forecast Manager1. However, four segments seem to be interesting enough and be worthy of more detailed analysis.
On the right side, Face Creams, both day and night, Body Lotion and the Sun Protection segments have grown in 1998 above the average segment. Anatomy of a Profile Manager Report Input Data The Charts Sensitivity Analysis 2. Technicalities The Model Known Problems References Quality Manager Introduction to Quality Manager Introduction to Quality Control 1. SPC Attribute ChartsC-chartU-chart P-Chart with Fix & Variable Lot NP-Chart 2.
Acceptance Sampling Operating Characteristic Curve (OCC, for large lots) Hypergeometric Operating Characteristic Curve (HOCC, for small lots) Average Outgoing Quality Technicalities References Risk Analyst Risk Analyst Expert in a Few Minutes Introduction to Decision Analysis Introducing Risk Analyst with an example 1.
Model Building Assessing variable cells Output cells Locked cells Naming variables Formula bar Defining distributions Data fitting Model simulation 2.
Model Report Simulation report Time Series charts Short report Report Preview 3. Simulation Never heard of it Contributing Factor Diagram What are probability distribution functions?
Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction mmCSII, Customer Satisfaction Index with Importance Weight mmCSIW, Customer Satisfaction Index Weighted 2. How To Run CrossTab Data page Parameters page Statistics page Metrics page Options page Output Report 3. Technicalities Testing proportions for significance (Z-test) Testing tables for independence (Chi squared) Testing variables for correlation (Pearson) References Descriptive Analyst1.
Output Report Pareto analysis Statistics Box plots Technicalities References Gravitation Analysis How to run the Gravity Model Data Input Data Output Technicalities Bibliography Proportion Analyst How To Run Proportion Analyst Anatomy of a Proportion Analyst Output Report Technicalities References Sample Manager How To Run Sample Manager How to Extract a Random Sample Anatomy of a Sample Manager Output Report Technicalities References Segmentation Tree How to Run Segmentation Tree Anatomy of a Segmentation Tree Report The Tree The Table Technicalities Assembling Input Data Known Problems References Variation Analyst How to Run Group Variation Analyst Planning and Managing Business Tests Arranging Data for Testing Implementing a Marketing Testing Lab Anatomy of a Variation Analyst Output Report Technicalities References to Group Variation Analyst 3.

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