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As the years progressed I began to realise that the sales approach I had developed, and that was regarded as successful, was totally wrong.
I was spending my life trying to sell to people when I should be showing people how to buy from me. I knew we had to ditch the presentations, the history lessons, the pride in past achievements and start finding out from the prospect why the hell we were there in the first place!
Why had they invited us in, what issues are they suffering from, why is that a problem, what is the reason for why they need to fix that problem, what had they tried, why had that failed, what do they expect from me, what would it mean to them if they don't get this right, how will it effect them personally if they do solve this probem? You often do, but frequently not in an introductory meeting because you don't want to hear no. It seemed absurd to spend an hour talking about us and our services, with Q&A from the prospect.

Most sales people are happy to hear at the end of that initial meeting "I'm definitely interested, I'll be in touch next week" or "We could certainly use this, can you move on price at all?" They take that back to the office and stick it in the 'HOT prospect' list. I was outgoing, confident, I learned as much as I could about my clients and their offering. It seemed mad to take out a laptop and talk through our agency's history, our 'ethos', our awards, our experience and our successful campaigns.
The sales meeting was no longer to be about us and our services, but the prospect and their problems.
The art of buying is showing a prospect they need your expertise and have to pay your fees and agree to your terms. They have managed to get you to leave without a commitment on the next steps, which means they have not discovered yet that they need to buy from you.

Meetings would conclude on a high with the prospect saying they loved our approach and that they would definitely be in touch or they had a project which they believe we could be helpful on and they would send it through. I often didn't care whether the prospect needed my clients services, I had to get meetings for my client come hell or high water.
By changing this mindset I was able to let go of trying to sell and allow the prospect to discover they needed to buy from me.

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