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People are typically more successful if they specialize in creating and selling what they truly enjoy working on.
Your own original patterns. Perhaps you like to always design something new and you really just want to sell patterns, instead of finished items. Supplies for crafters, like hand-dyed yarn, custom crochet hooks or knitting needle organizers. My dad sells sustainable urban-harvested exotic wood to crafters and woodworkers, but you won’t find anything about him online. Sell your finished craft items in person through your own store, craft fairs, fiber expos, commissions in local stores, etc.
If you are trying to sell items online or through any type of print media, then you need to have good photos. Go the extra yard to make your items look like they belong on the shelf of a fancy boutique store. Maybe it’s your yarn choice or the characters you crochet or the color palette that appeals to you or a stitch pattern that is always present in your patterns… whatever it is, find it, perfect it and share it! If you are selling items online, be aware of the copyright laws of any photos you use that aren’t taken by you.
This is your own business, so get flexible and adapt it to find your needs, realizing that those needs might change over time. Learn everything you need to know about yarn weights and fiber types to make savvy selections and achieve superb stitches. Are there lenders around that would give us a bridge loan for a few months so that we can look around and find a house in California without charging me a high interest rate and exorbitant fees? With an equity line of credit, your interest rate will be higher than a conventional mortgage, but the closing costs might be nominal.
Here’s something else to consider: When a home is listed for sale – or has been listed for sale at any time during the prior 6 to 12 months, a conventional lender may be unable to provide that homeowner with a conventional mortgage. In your case, your home hasn’t been listed for sale and you’re waiting until you find a new home to move forward with the sale of your current home. Given that your only income is Social Security, plus a little bit of dividend income, you may find that mortgage lenders are unwilling to give you as big a loan as you might need for a house in California. Social Security provides retirement benefits, disability income, and Medicare for working individuals and their spouses.
A Mortgage is a document granting a lien on a home in exchange for financing granted by a lender. A Loan is an amount of money that is lent to a borrower, who agrees to repay it plus interest.
A Lender is a person, company, corporation, or entity that lends money for the purchase of real estate. ShowMe™ and The SA Guide to Business Opportunities Magazine, Africa’s finest SME magazine, brings you some of this magazine’s top notch content right here on our site. The SA Guide to Business Opportunities Magazine aims to inspire and motivate all South Africans to better themselves financially by starting a new business or growing an existing one. The complete guide to going into business, making money and becoming successful – See below for more info on our digital issues, and find out how to subscribe. The common belief is that a sales person is going to spin the facts into the most rose-tinted version that he can to get the sale. Once a conscious decision is made never to sell something to someone that they don’t need, you’re more focused on selling products you believe in – to people who actually need them. Deciding to learn something valuable in every sales situation not only makes it more interesting but also lets you know who believes in your product and how to make it better.
Now that we’ve established what not to do, is it actually possible to learn to love selling.
Once you train yourself to improve and re-ignite the flame, selling won’t be about getting someone to buy your product. The vast majority of homes are still sold via an estate agent so your relationship with them will be paramount.
If you decide to appoint more than one firm they will normally act in competition with each other and charge a slightly higher fee.
Establish early on who will pay for the marketing, and if this is the agent, what coverage they will undertake. Do try and make sure your home is easy for the agent to show and is presented as well as possible.

If the only offers you receive are coming from developers, even if your home needs considerable work, alarm bells should be ringing. Estate agents sometimes get a bad press but this is often a result of the vendor failing to appreciate what their agent is capable of achieving. We are always delighted to consider guest blogs from other contributors, so please contact us if you would like to be included. How to reinstate a boundary following flood damageGuest blog: Twelve tips for buying property. All our surveyors are members of and regulated by RICS, the world’s leading professional body for setting standards in the surveying industry.
Professional advice for ?40 – a fraction of the normal cost associated with retaining the services of a Chartered Surveyor.
Should your problem require further clarification, our surveyors will come back to you at no further cost. Setting up a business these days is something lots of people consider so knowing your unique selling proposition is absolutely essential in order to remain competitive.
Clients I worked with in the past felt they were just bog standard with nothing unique about them.  The point they were missing, before we got going, was that it does not need to be something amazing, it just needs to be a difference you can prove time and time again. How do you do this?  How do you create your own unique selling proposition or point or USP as some people call it? Availability of Product – If we do not have it in store right now, we can get it for you anywhere in the world within a week and deliver it right to your door. The unique selling proposition must also be of benefit to the buyer or else there is absolutely no point in being unique. Think in terms of better prices, faster service, better guarantee, better quality, convenience etc.  Keep it simple but keep it unique. What Unique selling proposition can you use in your business?  Think about it and if you need some assistance with working something out for you then pop on over to the Business Strategy Session page to claim your spot and it will be one of the things we work on together when we start our work together to double your business. If you like to crochet baby booties or knit blankets, then this is what you’ll want to sell.
This is where you take orders for what other people want you to make and create those items on demand.
People want to be inspired, whether you are selling them hand-knit finished items or a pattern to create their own project.
Add a personalized sales tag with a pretty font, washing information and your website. Speaking of your website, make sure that it has a professional, easy-to-navigate design.
There are a lot of sellers out there offering similar items, and it can get boring after awhile.
For example, if you are selling patterns to a magazine, you might sign a contract that tells you when you can sell photos and if you’re allowed to re-sell that pattern elsewhere.
Earning an income off of your fiber crafts means that you need to report that income and there may be applicable sales tax and even self-employment taxes. You might love selling finished items for one year and then decide you would rather sell patterns.
Easy tips on selling and buying a new home, including applying for an equity line of credit.
I think I can sell my house quickly as other similar houses have recently sold within a week. If you have not sat down with a mortgage lender or broker, we’d suggest you take some time to discuss your situation with them.
A local bank in your area or even a national lender may have the ability to give you an equity line of credit.
We’ve seen lenders offering equity lines of credit that float according to the Prime Rate (around 3.25 percent these days) plus an additional 1 to 2 percentage points above that.
A residential bridge loan is a short-term loan given by a lender to a borrower that allows him to use the equity he or she has in his current home to buy a second home.
So if you wanted to refinance your home or take out a new first mortgage loan and your home is or has been listed recently, you might be out of luck.
While you’re in the rental, you’ll have plenty of time to decide where you want to buy, and you’ll have a lot of cash in the bank so when you find the right property, you’ll be ready to make a fast offer. The way to test that out ahead of time is to visit with a national lender in your home town and run through some scenarios so you understand exactly how much house the lender thinks you can afford.
Under the Social Security Act of 1935, the government established social security and created the Social Security Administration to administer the program.

The mortgage is the means by which the lender secures the loan and has the ability to foreclose on the home. Usually expressed as an interest rate, it is the percentage of the total loan charged annually for the use of the funds. Stockholders are often referred to as equity investors, because they invest in the equity of a company.
Known for being incredibly hard to work with and, at times, arrogant, his redeeming factor was found in the release of any Apple product. If you do succeed in knocking them down on fees, at least consider compensating the loss to the firm, by incentivising the negotiators who will be the ones actually showing your home. Avoid showing your home yourself regardless of the lack of faith you might have in someone else doing the job better. Some agents might prefer a sale to a developer who will resell the property through them 12 months later, rather than to a Mr and Mrs Smith cash buyers who have no intention of reselling. If you do then the buyer may walk away pondering whether they could have struck a better deal, and may try to ‘gazunder’ later on. A good estate agent will be clear in their own mind that they are acting for the seller, not the buyer, and will work tirelessly to achieve the maximum price for your home. When shipping items, wrap them in lovely packaging, so that the recipient feels like they are receiving a gift. I know when I attend a craft fair where every booth immediately looks the same, I spin on my heels and head to make my own original stuff instead. If you are selling finished items using someone else’s crochet or knitting pattern, you need to make sure the designer allows you to do that.
There is a lot of information online about the legalities of the business and you can always consult an attorney if you’re unsure. You might find that you have enough income to allow you to get an ordinary mortgage on your home. You have no mortgage and the lender may be willing to give you a $50,000 or more loan just on the basis of your credit score and the ample equity you have in your home. Watch any video of his apple product launches, and it’s evident that he not only enjoyed selling his products, but believed in them. Changing your views and feelings regarding the “Selling” point will do more than bottom line and it might ultimately improve your business acumen.
Ensure that at least one is from a local firm which should have a thorough knowledge of local property values and that one of the other valuations is from a large firm with a broad geographical area.
In other words, consider offering a cash bonus to the negotiator who introduces the successful buyer. The agent may well suggest some initial “off market” attempts to lure buyers, but remember they may be keeping a more careful eye on their own balance sheet rather than your needs. Your estate agent will not only be rating a buyers’ readiness to buy, but also your own ability to move out of your home. There is a lot to learn but you can start small and you’ll figure it all out as you go. Stay in touch with your own heart and in good communication with your customers and those transitions will be okay. We also have some savings and use some of that money to make up for the gap between our needs and our monthly income.
While you’d pay fees and closing costs for that mortgage, your interest rate would be rather low.
Few people apply for bridge loans, as the underwriting of these loans will differ from standard underwriting procedures, and these days, anything that’s outside the standard mortgage lending box is going to be very difficult to get approved. This content may not be used, distributed, syndicated, compiled or excerpted in any medium or form without written authorization from Think Glink, Inc. Better to brief the estate agent properly on the aspects they should be emphasising and give them a set of keys. Provide all of the information about your materials (including how to wash and care for them) on a tag or a flier insert that goes with the product.

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