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If you are a small business owner in southeastern Pennsylvania looking to improve your marketing results, you will want to attend this Lunch & Learn event being hosted by the Lower Gwynedd Business Association (LGBA).
I will be presenting 14 strategies for improving marketing results, from creating a SMART marketing plan, to building and mining your contact database.
Over all else, making sure as many people as possible actually show up to your seminar is undoubtedly the most important variable to consider in hosting seminar events. That’s right; the data unequivocally shows that direct mail continues to make some of the largest impacts seen in the marketing world today.
With overall response rates shooting through the roof and doing so in an increasingly saturated digital landscape; it is no wonder why direct mail is breaking through the noise and getting responses!
One of the most essential aspects of successful marketing is getting the right people to take notice of the product or service you are offering. Don’t get caught up in the marketing buzz words being thrown around in today’s virtual world.
Your Marketing SolutionOur marketing consultants understand the intricacies of a successful marketing strategy and are able to generate a constant stream of prospects by utilizing our proven programs to bring together the elements of creativity, customization and quality results to clients. We're confident our expertise will improve your marketing results, we invite you to call one of our marketing consultants to get started.
Company checks are accepted, provided that they are received at least five (5) banking days before the event. Registrant may refund amount paid, with less 30% processing charge from the LISTED AMOUNT within 30 days, or opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within 60 days. Registrant may refund full amount paid within 30 days, or may opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within sixty days of cancellation. Payment may be refunded upon presentation of the original copy of bank deposit slip and a valid ID.
Hi i would like to know if this seminar will explain HOW to do the SEO or is it more of discussing WHAT is SEO? I like the course outline of your seminars.The people have an overview of the topics that they are going learn.Very organized!

TestimonialsFor someone who has no accounting background, it's amazing that I am able to understand the lesson very well.
Enter your name & email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. MEA (Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN) 2015 sudah diambang mata, ini akan membuat persaingan pasar semakin ketat karena perusahaan asing masuk dengan bebas ke Indonesi. Memetakan berbagai permasalahan dan tantangan pemasaran dan bisnis di level lokal, regional, dan global dari perspektif pemasaran.
Menyajikan berbagai temuan dan perkembangan ilmu pemasaran terbaru terkait persaingan bisnis.
Mengidentifikasi perkembangan kondisi makro ekonomi dan peranan regulasi untuk memperkuat produk, merek, dan bisnis lokal.
Mengkaji berbagai alternatif strategi pemasaran untuk memperkuat produk, merek dan perusahaan lokal agar mampu bersaing di level regional dan global. Memahami pentingnya aspek budaya, perilaku konsumen, dan merek bagi produk, merek, dan pebisnis lokal untuk mampu menembus pasar regional dan global. Mendorong terciptanya produk, merek dan pebisnis lokal yang mampu menjadi pemenang dalam kompetisi di negeri sendiri.
Anda akan mendapatkan sharing kiat sukses dari para praktisi di bidang marketing yang memiliki reputasi positif dalam persaingan bisnis di level lokal, regional, maupun global, serta para Faculty Member (dosen) dan peneliti Program Studi S1 Marketing Prasetiya Mulya yang akan memaparkan konsep-konsep marketing untuk bersaing dalam MEA 2015. This entry was posted in Events, Upcoming Events and tagged Indonesia, Kebangkitan Merek Lokal, local brand, marketing Event, Marketing Indonesia, prasmul, Prasmulyan, s1 marketing prasetiya mulya, Seminar Marketing, Seminar Nasional marketing 2014 by admin.
The seminar will take place at the Spring House Tavern in Spring House, PA on Wednesday, February 19th.
For that reason, choosing where to invest your marketing dollars is potentially the single most critical decision you will face.
In fact, in a recent 2015 DMA report featured by the Wall Street Journal, direct mail was found to be one of the most effective marketing channels for garnering responses. Recent research shows that up to 79% of prospects act immediately upon receiving their direct mail!

Perhaps this is why in back to back studies it has been shown that direct mail triggers a stronger emotional response and creates a longer lasting memory in return. Specifically, it teaches how to sell products online, and make your company visible on the Web. Then kindly fax deposit slip (indicate name of participant and seminar title) to confirm reservation.
So why should direct mail be your top choice for drawing the largest crowds and getting the biggest bang for your buck in 2016? Direct mail continues to grow as well as make a massive impact, while the digital and online alternatives are becoming increasingly cluttered.
Non-appearance or failure to inform us of cancellation will result to forfeiture of full amount paid.
Recent research has shown that up to 80-90% of all mail gets opened (compare that to 20% on the high end of email or digital marketing). These seminars conducted on the last Saturday of every month are limited to 20 candidates, are very well priced and concentrate on key areas to sharpen your marketing acumen.
When you combine those statistics with the fact that you can specifically target prospects under literally hundreds of data points (household income, marital status, proximity to seminar location, asset under management…etc.) direct mail becomes a no brainer.
If you are interested in attending, do not delay in reserving your seat by contacting David Bergey at Valleygreen Flowers and Gifts: (215) 628-3550. Samarth Singh delivers these seminars in a very interactive style and ensures participant involvement throughout the process.
The seminar which usually lasts 6 – 7 hours including a short lunch break concentrates on real life challenges a Marketing Executive and Manager face and correlates the issues to real life solutions Hybrid Content has applied.

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