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Why should you bring the ESMI Marketing Boot Camp (From Insights to Innovation) to your organization? How can I use direct marketing, social, mobile,and internet marketing tools to increase the flow of inquiries? How do I organize my direct, social, mobile & internet communications to properly allocate resources to convert inquiries into customers?
You have to choose the most effective combination of marketing tools from among email, social media, mobile marketing, web-based search engine optimization and marketing, plus direct mail and video marketing.
Even the smallest misfire can spell trouble in lost registrants, unhappy attendees or unexpected expenditures. Book the ESMI Marketing boot camp and learn how to use social, mobile and internet marketing to overcome objections, engage audiences, enhance communities, generate buzz and keep your participants involved long before - and after - the event itself. More importantly, get internet marketing tools that offer new opportunities for revenue generation and create a new blueprint for marketing success! I attended Ralph Elliott's marketing program 13 years ago in Australia & built a multi-million-dollar conference organization.
Get a whirlwind of marketing ideas by requesting Elliott's presentation on Best Practices to Get People to Respond Now! Inside sales support involves taking an in-depth look at your company’s entire sales process and implementing new ideas, techniques, or services to expand your existing capabilities.
As a sales-oriented partner, Chameleon Group provides companies with a wealth of sales expertise and methods for improvement. The chances are, if they’re interested in listening to what I have to say, they’ll call me back if I leave a message.
Another reason I choose to leave a voicemail is that it often sparks an interest where there may not have been one before. Ultimately, whether or not you choose to leave a voicemail on a sales call comes down to personal preference. When listening to a message, most people will not write down your information until they know they want to call you back. If you have questions about sales calls or Chameleon Group’s role in Inside Sales, contact us at 800-773-9182.
Salesperson: Hello, I need to speak with the person who makes decisions regarding (fill-in-the-blank). If your answer to that question is “no,” you have a very slim chance of getting transferred to the right person, having them pick up, and having a great conversation with them. If you’re looking for the IT Director at a company with over 200 employees, simply do a quick Google search for: (Company’s name) “information technology” LinkedIn.
With enough practice, all these searches can be done in fewer than 10 seconds, and you will always have a name by the time the gatekeeper asks for one. For more Inside Sales or Telemarketing tips and techniques, call Chameleon at 800-773-9182.
One key factor that sets salespeople on the path to success is the ability to find and talk to the right person. Today’s consumers are generally well-educated and informed, and this means that you need to be equally prepared and knowledgeable about their needs. It’s also critical to establish whether the prospect you are calling actually needs your product or service. There are a few simple questions you need to ask to determine the two most important factors in the sales call: Does the potential customer need your product, and can they afford it.
8.) Is there anything in particular that might get in the way of us doing business together? This sales technique is best practiced when trying to bring out an answer and overcome the objections of a reluctant prospect. The avalanche close is the best response to bringing out crucial information that is usually already there, just unspoken. Now, the prospect may continue to be reluctant and you might still get a hesitant answer, but you can come back with, “I completely understand, and I’m not asking you to make a decision to purchase our product. Take a look at this article on sales calls for more helpful information, as well as our previous Seasoned Sales Tips blog. As an Inside Sales Representative with Chameleon, I represent a company that offers graphic designing programs.
Now, this company’s sales team is well aware that both packages are a big investment for individuals. Near the end of the phone call, he told me that he was actually more interested in the 3-D program.
The ability to influence prospects and clients in the right direction is a talent I never thought I would have before I started at Chameleon.

My first day began with our morning meeting and the launching of our “Summer Incentive Program.” After the meeting, I was able to observe the job first-hand by sitting in with a veteran member of the inside sales team. I have found the “new employee” experience here at Chameleon Group to be one of the best I’ve had.
In your company, you might have a number of part-time employees who serve as “secretary.” Or maybe it’s Debbie at the front desk who always picks up the phone first.
But enough about who clients talk to…a growing business should also be asking how did they get here? Our Chameleon Group team likes to “staple” themselves to your inbound marketing prospects, making sure they get where they need to go, but also learning what brought them to you: was it your email campaigns, website content, radio ads, social media presence…? Getting all your staff using the system correctly to track all customer contact, leads, opportunities, and customer feedback is critical to your success with Salesforce. Whether on-site or on-line Xenogenix can train your end-users so that they fully understand the system and have the confidence and ability to apply that knowledge to maximum effect. We can provide tailored training to your internal System Administrator based on your system configuration so that they can apply best practices to enhance the system's usability in accordance with your business process.
Since our training is always customised to your needs, you can be sure that by the end of the training your System Administrator will know exactly what changes they need to make and how to make them, end-users will know how to most efficiently use the system and you get the management information you can rely on to make key decisions and drive your business forward.
We can instruct your users on the standard, advanced and customised features you are using in your Edition of Salesforce. On the smartest working practices which should be applied and that are relevant to your business processes. Exercise centred learning so end-users become consciously competent on how the features really work in practice. We can coach your staff to overcome resistance to change and different working practices so they become skilled and proficient at using the system. My goal is to provide you with ideas that increase the fiduciary importance of what you're doing for your organization.
Inside Sales Support is an ongoing process that seeks to support and improve the sales process of any company.
There are many factors within a company’s sales cycle can affect business growth, and our experts at Chameleon Group will quickly identify the areas your company needs to increase sales effectiveness.
Oftentimes I’ll reach someone and they will tell me that they have been thinking about what I’m calling about for the last few weeks. In most cases, it is simply due to the fact that the salesperson neglected to properly qualify the potential customer. Yes, we know you can sell ice to the proverbial Eskimo, but ideally your goal is to establish a long-term relationship as opposed to a string of “hit-and-run” sales. You’ll quickly discern whether they are potentially interested and worth a future follow-up call.
Be willing to get out there, ask those questions, and develop the skill to do it automatically and effortlessly – all while making your potential customers feel comfortable with the process.
This usually takes place after a few minutes of polite conversation, after they have expressed a level of interest but an equal level of hesitance. This sales tip helps you navigate through indecisiveness smoothly and gets you one step closer to securing information and finalizing a lead.
Hire Chameleon for the expertise you need in sales calls, or call us for more information at (603)570-4300.
Of the two programs we can provide, one is a 2-D program that costs $300 and one is a 3-D program valued at $5,000.
I listened carefully, and based on the information he gave me, I explained that the 2-D program would meet his needs. When I began in 2014, I called on a sales event that wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I was successful.
From my first day, to my first lead, to my first project, one thing that has been clear to me: I am valued for the unique experiences I bring to the team.
On the first call we received, the customer was having problems and was looking for answers.
My notepad filled up with contact names, e-mail addresses and extension numbers which I would later enter into the Customer Relationship Management system. The training has set me up to succeed, the management has encouraged me to achieve, and the camaraderie of the team has reassured me that it will only get better. These may be great people, but are they qualified to properly field your incoming sales opportunities?
When a potential client contacts your company, they need to speak with a very specific person in a very specific department, without having to jump through hoops to get there.
We help business owners fine-tune their strategy by directing and responding to every form of their inbound leads.

Prior to the training we create an electronic model of your business processes which invariably helps you identify broken processes or ones that need to change. We prepare scenarios that relate to the way you conduct your business and get your staff to learn by doing what you want them to do. Well, you usually have about 7 seconds while the phone is ringing before the gatekeeper answers. Is this person the actual decision maker, or are they just a self-appointed “gatekeeper” who decides which people get to see the boss? The very best outcome is a win-win scenario where you benefit because your customer is delighted and wants to do more business with you. So, one of the best sales call tips is to scale your approach – ask the least invasive questions first, and as you build rapport, get to the important ones.
Each time you say “um” or “uh” to a prospect, you display hesitance and a lack of preparation. One afternoon, I received a phone call from a prospect who needed my help to determine the best program for his own personal use. I gave it my best try, and in the end I was able to influence him towards purchasing the $5,000 program. This is my first experience working in business development as an Inside Sales Representative, and at first I was a bit apprehensive.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made my new employee experience one I would choose to share. You need someone well-versed in your company’s services who can answer pertinent questions and provide fast and accurate lead filtration.
If you’re calling an IT department, simply Google: (School district, Company’s name) and the first search result will likely be a page on the district website listing all the district’s IT staff. Even though he told me several times that it is was “way out of his budget”, we went ahead with the sale and he was thrilled.
Being in Inside Sales with Chameleon has truly been the most rewarding ten months I’ve had in all my working years.
Once the customer felt satisfied that his concerns had been heard, solutions were offered and a lead was created. We were going to be given an opportunity to share our experiences at Chameleon in the company blog.
Next time you make a business call, think about your own company, and then ask yourself, who’s on first? Or maybe the gatekeeper will tell you “I can’t transfer you without a contact name.” I’ve had this happen more times than I can count. Either way, you will get to their Manta page, which will most likely list the business owner.
These words can turn an illustrious elevator pitch into a third-grade recitation if you’re not careful. With the months of research I’ve done on the products, I was able to answer every question to his satisfaction. I applied the concept that someone “out there” needed my help, and I couldn’t wait to get them on the phone. The great thing about being part of the Chameleon team is that everyone makes sure you have everything you need to succeed.
I had only been with Chameleon three weeks and I was being asked to work on something unique.
They are essentially weak words that do not help you come across as confident and appropriately assertive.
As a sales person, part of your job is helping them get to a point where they feel comfortable opening up and talking. If they’re not talking, they’re probably not interested, and they’re certainly not providing you with any helpful information that could lead to a sale.
But if you’re not careful, they become very “salesy.” If you sound like a cliche salesperson, the prospect will tune you out.
By avoiding these word crimes, you will have a much better chance of engaging prospects in conversation and sealing the deal.

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