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On the 10th March we were delighted to team up with expert speakers from Taxwise Rewards, who presented a seminar relating to the latest Pension Reforms. The main issues discussed included the requirements of Auto Enrolment, changes to contracts of employment and advice on Handbook content and policy updates.
Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the discussions which these topics raised. Changes are going to be happening now and will continue over the next few years so it is important to consider your obligations as an employer and set up your workplace pension at the earliest opportunity. We will continue to keep in touch with further information about potential pension providers and what steps you need to take. Oh, the good old Catch-22: to get the job you must have experience, but to get the experience, you need to get the job.
And unless you’re a software developer and technical guru, chances are you don’t have employers exactly lining up to hire you.
Just follow these seven simple rules and you’ll be sitting in the boardroom in no time.
No, that job you had as the manager of a pizza place may not be the most relevant experience on your resume; however, your leadership and customer service skills are. Bonus: You may also want to list any career-relevant awards or competitions that you won at work or in school.
Sometimes all it takes is knowing the right person who can recommend you for a job or make an introduction.
Attend as many workshops, seminars, conferences, job fairs, and industry-related events as you can.
Contact the HR department where you want to work and ask them if you can shadow one of their employees for a day or a week. Back up: If job shadowing is not possible, ask if you can meet with HR to discuss employment or if they have any recruitment events that you can attend. About The AuthorMelissa Stuckless Melissa is a Toronto-based writer and communications professional who is currently penning her debut novel.
Audio transcription is a process which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.
The transcribed files are used as a reference for important notes and points said and discussed during an interview or a seminar to be used at a later time, because looking through a transcribed file is much more convenient than going through an audio file. Common examples of this are group debates, marketing surveys or researches, psychological analysis and research recordings, press briefings, one-on-one interviews and multiple speakers seminar or conferences. To discuss multiple speaker interviews and seminars briefly, these type of transcription files are the one of the hardest to transcribe. Enterprise organizations, educational institutes, law firms, study groups and medical institutions are in well need of documented seminars, interviews, meetings and discussions. Lots of participants who attend seminars, do not merely want a recording of the presentation they heard, but an actual transcript of the seminar. The recordings are done either via a digital recorder, or these days, via even smartphones in a large room filled with people.

It is highly recommended that one shoots multi-speaker seminars on video and submit a digital video file or a DVD for transcription. Interviews with multiple speakers at a public place with constant background disturbances can be a huge pain for the transcriber and also the editor.
These type of files obviously are extremely difficult for the transcriber, as it demands time, hard work and dedication. From the feedback we’ve received the seminar proved to be extremely helpful and informative. Think about the roles you have had and tailor your descriptions to highlight your key skills. Some of the top leaders of the business world began working as someone’s assistant or a server in a restaurant. It can be a great way to learn more about the company and get yourself on the HR department’s radar. She believes that champagne is the solution to any problem and that dreaming big is the key to success. A seminar is basically a gathering, a group of people meeting together for the purpose of debating, discussing or maybe only getting taught on a certain topic of common interest. It makes it possible for people who either want to read instead of listen, and people with hearing disabilities, to view the text that was spoken in the presentation.
Imagine, if you have a gathering of extremely intelligent professionals in a certain field sharing a wealth of facts, but you have no way of capturing that information.
Such solutions can also be made use of for lectures, presentations, speeches, breakout sessions, keynote speaking, round table discussions, road shows, workshops and Q&A sessions. On frequent occasions, this is additionally useful than the recording itself, because it makes it possible for an individual to search easily and look for quotes and specifics within the oral seminar transcription that they might not be capable of uncovering as promptly in the recording.
Now, no matter how technologically advanced the recorder is, it still can’t properly record each voice separately over background and static noises. The host presents the introductory part, and then the first speaker begins his presentation.  Now, either at the end, or after each speaker, there is a session of questions and answers where anybody in the audience can talk and express their point of view. A professional transcription company‘s task becomes more complicated with the number of speakers engaged in the same debate. Thus, the cost of transcription of these files are the highest and may increase depending on the quality of the audio file.
Learning does not stop when you finish school, and being current in your industry knowledge might give you a leg up on your competitors. The most common type of transcription is from a spoken-language source into text such as a computer file suitable for printing as a document such as a report. Seminars, symposiums, oral presentations and gatherings do not merely exist in the business arena these days, they also apply to communities who want to acquire awareness of a certain subject. In addition, it enables folks who are far better visual learners to read and re-read the data and let it sink in.

It can be considered an essential part of post-conference business enterprise to provide seminar papers to delegates and to clients who didn’t attend the event.
With constant and static disturbances in majority of audio files, it can become increasingly difficult to fathom the content of the speakers as well as identifying who the speaker is.
With a video source, the transcriber can see who is speaking and correctly identify them in the transcript. Hence it is recommended to record the multiple speaker interviews and seminars in video and high quality audio formats for fast and best quality transcripts.
Presenting your prospective employer with a plan for how you would tackle their biggest challenges or help them reach their goals may be just as effective as having related work experience. Working in the mailroom of your dream company may not be your most ideal position, but it puts your foot in the door and allows room for growth.
In some cases, for the duration of talks, seminars and symposiums, concepts and data get mentioned frequently.
For these types of files, it’s usually simpler to transcribe if the client provides the company with a video recording of the seminar.
Transcriptionists generally consider a multi-person interview to be an interview where there are or more people being interviewed at the same time by an interviewer. Some of them would run through their sentences or mumble, while there are also instances when two or more excited speakers speak at the same time over an important issue which cannot be ignored. You may also have to start out in a contract or part-time role before obtaining something more permanent. If they accept, make sure you prepare ahead of time so you can get the most out of the experience.
Without transcription, these words will remain unrecorded, and it would be too much hassle to go through an audio file looking for specific points, while it’s convenient to read an entire seminar or academic proceeding. The best way to achieve quality transcription of a multi-speaker seminar is to record it in video format. Instead of being frustrated, think of each position you do get as a stepping-stone to your quintessential job. Don’t be discouraged if they decline – some companies may not allow external job shadowing for privacy reasons. This makes it much easier for us to correctly identify the speakers and leave fewer blanks within the transcript or none at all.

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