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Back in 2009 Google executives were scared of not being able to retain talent with stock options after Google's stock price cratered with the rest of the market & Google's ad revenue growth rate slid to zero. In November of 2009 I cringed when I saw the future of SEO in Google SERPs where the organic results were outright displaced & even some of the featured map listings had their phone numbers removed. In 2012 a Googler named Jon Rockway was more candid than Googlers are typically known for being: "SEO isn't good for users or the Internet at large. It isn't surprising Google greatly devalued keyword domain names & hit sites like eHow hard. Communications got worse, Google stopped even pretending to help the ecosystem, and they went so far as claiming that even asking for a link was spam. It takes a lot of effort & most people are probably too lazy to do it, but if you look at the arch of Google's patents related to search quality, many of the early ones revolved around links. As the big sites become more closed off the independent voices are pushed aside or outright disappear. If Google works hard enough at prioritizing "deny people money" as a primary goal, then they will eventually get an index quality that reflects that lack of payment.
I'm confused didn't Google pull authorship cuz faces in the SERPS was a bad experience for the users?
Some sites which bundle software got penalized in organic search and are not even allowed to buy AdWords ads. Of course, it goes without saying that much of the Google Chrome install base came from negative option software bundling on Adobe Flash security updates. Google claimed helpful hotel affiliate sites should be rated as spam, then they put their own affiliate ads in hotel search results & even recommended hotel searches in the knowledge graph on city name searches.
Google search engineers have recently started complaining about interstitial ads & suggested they might create a "relevancy" signal based on users not liking those.
And, in addition to all the above new ad formats, recently it was noticed Google is now showing 3 ads on mobile devices even for terms without much commercial intent, like [craft beer]. Now that the mobile search interface is literally nothing but ads above the fold, early data shows a significant increase in mobile ad clicks. Earlier this month it was also noticed Google replaced 7-pack local results with 3-pack local results for many more search queries, even on desktop search results.

Why would they determine users want to see links to the websites & the phone numbers, then decide overnight users don't want those? Why would Google determine for many years that 7 is a good number of results to show, and then overnight shift to showing 3?
You don't have to be a country music fan to know the Austin SEO limits in a search result where the local results are now payola.
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No category specified - star wars collectors archive, The star wars collectors archive is virtual museum of star wars memorabilia from collectors around the world.. And it isn't surprising Demand Media is laying off staff and is rumored to be exploring selling their sites.
The exception being Google investments like Thumbtack, in which case other's headwind became your tailwind & a list of techniques declared off limits became a strategy guidebook. All the while, as they were curbing third party investment into the ecosystem ("deny them money"), they work on PR for their various investments & renamed the company from Google to Alphabet so they can expand their scope of investments.
Today's major editors didn't join the site yesterday & take time to rise through the ranks.
Google introduces a new feature, pitches it as being the next big thing, gets people to adopt it, collects data on the impact of the feature, clamps down on selectively allowing it, perhaps removes the feature outright from organic search results, permanently adds the feature to their ad units. Google acquires YouTube, launches universal search, offers video snippets, increases size of video snippets. At an extreme degree, sites which bundled no software, but simply didn't link to an End User Agreement (EULA) from the download page were penalized. They are testing other ad formats to drive branded search clicks through more expensive ad formats like PLAs & they have been drastically increasing brand CPCs on text ads. I've long highlighted how mobile search results are ad heavy & have grown increasingly so over time.

But if Google only shows 3 results, then they can quickly convert it into an ad unit with little blowback. If deleting millions of articles from eHow doesn't drive a recovery, how much money can they lose on the rehab project before they should just let it go? Then video snippets get removed from most listings "because noise." YouTube gets enlarged video snippets. And the volume of YouTube ad views is so large that it is heavily driving down Google's aggregate ad click price. And while that second topic has recently gained broader awareness, it has been a trend for years now: "Over the last 12 months, Brand CPCs on Google have increased 80%" - George Michie, July 30, 2013.
Google has recently announced call only ad formats, a buy button for mobile ads, local service provider ads, appointment scheduling in the SERPs, direct hotel booking, etc.
It is a stark contrast to the vast array of arbitrary (and even automated) ad extensions in AdWords.
Things like Project Fi, Gogle Fiber, Nest, and Google's new OnHub router give them more of that juicy user data. They will have fewer new users, and as some of the senior people leave, eventually fewer will rise through the ranks. And, after removing the "noise" of video stills in the search results Google is exploring testing video ads in the search results. On top of this, Google also offers a survey tool which publishers can lock content behind & requires users to answer a question before they can see the full article they just saw ranking in the search results.
Many of their recently approved patents revolve around expanding the knowledge graph so that they may outright displace the idea of having a neutral third party result set for an increasing share of the overall search pie.

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