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SEO copywriting boosts your chances of being discovered by prospects on major search engines like Google because it helps your website secure a good ‘digital location’ so you get more visitors. Just like in the ‘real world’, a good location on the Internet instantly translates into more business. Well, search engine optimization has changed a lot – just over the past year – and it will undoubtedly change again. Long gone are the days where you could write low quality content and ‘stuff’ a keyword to get a high rank. They want to make sure that the most valuable information is presented first – so searchers get what they need and avoid wasting time on low-quality websites that don’t inform or educate. It follows that if you have solid content providing relevant information you will be considered an asset by search engines and your rank will reflect it.
My SEO copywriting services provide the technical fundamentals that search engines value with the added benefit of persuasive content that converts your new visitors into leads. It’s nice to have a good ranking and lots of traffic – but it’s wonderful to have a website that ranks well AND compels people to buy or inquire. The Seveer Media camera crew work on the latest video marketing campaign An engaging and effective method of distributing content, video marketing is an invaluable tool for businesses to visually communicate with their target audience. Copyright All rights reserved by Si1very With every Google algorithm update it become harder and harder to understand exactly what Googlea€™s ranking factors are. Performing search engine optimisation (or SEO) for small business websites can be a minefield if you're not a seasoned pro. This training programme is designed to teach you everything you need to know about psychiatry. The example above contains hesitancy (designed, should) and negative words (hard, worst, doubt, killer) which, when assembled together, leave the reader with a vague feeling of failure.
You can think of optimizing for social media the same way copywriters need to consider SEO to optimize a Web page. Once you hit the Enter key to share your post on Google+ or Facebook, you want it to look attractive with an eye-catching image and descriptive text.
Get retweets by creating a post that follows a logical format and one that won’t be cut off if retweeted. One of the SEO Certification class students mentioned that this takes a little bit of wrapping one’s head around.
You’ll then see a listing of your various social shares that were tagged with the utm_campaign parameter on the links. It’s up to you to name your campaigns with terms that will make sense as you track them in Google Analytics.
One of the pioneers of what is now called “social search,” Dana Lookadoo is an SEO consultant & founder of Yo! Learn from experts like Dana Lookadoo when you enroll in my SEO Copywriting Certification training!
Many companies forget to talk to an SEO expert prior to launching a site, especially an SEO expert who understands content. Companies that neglect to consult an SEO expert often produce a great looking site, but the site performs poorly on Google.
Instead, focus on quality content and keyphrase research prior to developing and launching your site. Heather takes us “Back to the Basics” with three fundamental SEO copywriting how-to videos.
In this video how-to, Heather strips SEO copywriting down to the bare bones: what it is, how it differs from straight copywriting, and why it is so important for web pages and sites. At its core, SEO copywriting (or SEO content) is online writing that includes keyphrases, i.e. Great Titles help increase search engine rankings – and help visitors convert from the search engine results page (SERP) page. Now, one lucky winner will receive a scholarship to the SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certification program!
All contestants: Everyone who enters the contest will receive a coupon for 20% off the SEO certification training, plus 10% off the Copywriting Business Bootcamp training. That someday came when I joined CPA Site Solutions as their Marketing and Communications Manager. I loved the idea of learning everything I could about the craft and then being able to show it off with a badge on my site. I recently shot a promotional video for the home page of my website and posted it to my Facebook page.
What have you found to be the biggest “take-away” from the SEO Copywriting Certification Program?
I do get tired of sitting in front of the computer, as much as it surprises me to say it (because it’s where I’m the most comfortable).
Before I completed the course, my freelancing aspirations ran the gamut from journalist to magazine writer to mommy blogger. What if that thing — that speciality that is unique to you — could make you more money?
If you’re having a tough time finding clients, consider some inner soul-searching – and discover your niche! Lynda offers new subscribers a free report called “ A Five Step System For Fresh Customers Daily.” Also, become actively involved in the groups. Attend trade shows that focus solely on your niche market and go armed with business cards and a quick tag line that explains your services. Offering something for free helps build a relationship with potential clients and lets them experience your expertise first hand. Her “five step system” is a unique marketing tool, that piques peoples interest and is a stellar call to action — inspiring potential clients to sign up for her newsletter.
Lynda has a blog (attached to her website)  that’s laser-focused on natural health events, tips, and marketing ideas. Lynda advises, “You have to like what you are writing about.” By pinpointing her skills to a target niche, she now has a direct line of clients who seek her out because she offers specialty services. Since becoming an expertise in natural health, Lynda has expanded her business services to include web content, social media marketing, and most recently video marketing and speaking engagements. She started implementing these new business tactics last summer and by September she had launched a new website and started marketing to her niche community.
After working as a human resource professional in the corporate sector for 14 years, I started getting restless and decided to start writing again – a love I had as a young person.
The manufacturing industry I happened to be in at the time was hit hard by rising gas prices. At that point, my heart sank and I decided to resign immediately after the holidays so these good folks could at least stay on for a few more months using my remaining salary. I had begun my journey as a freelance writer, founding Taylor Resources Writing early in 2007. Describe your freelance copywriting career, prior to earning your Certification in SEO Copywriting. This assignment lasted 18 months, during which time I learned a lot about writing in different formats and earned a good many private clients – including web content development projects.
I was eventually published on multiple career and business websites, including US News Careers and The Chamber of Commerce. What I did not realize until later on that was a pivotal factor in my success, was that I focused on my niche and established myself as a content expert in HR early on. What attracted me to SEO copywriting in the first place was the chance to share knowledge on a much grander scale directly to the people who need it the most. The second reason I was drawn to SEO copywriting as a career is because it allows for a lot of creative freedom, whilst working with other web and technology professionals. The one thing I discovered along the way is that many web developers want and need the input of a competent content professional so that the work produced is higher quality. Currently, I am working on several copy writing projects simultaneously, but all that include some element of writing in the HR vein.

I manage multiple blogs and write weekly on various human resource, finance and business topics. One of my bigger projects includes updating a massive library of HR topics for a corporate benefits portal that will become a resource for thousands of HR administrators and employees alike when the roll-out happens later this spring.
When I learned about the SEO Copywriting Certificate program, I was so excited to see that there was a way to finally earn a recognizable and respected credential in this market. Combining my own experience in copywriting with the information found in the SEO Copywriting course seemed like the next best step in my career as a web copywriter. While the SEO Copywriting course validated much of the informal training I had received from working with several web developers over the years, I was very impressed with the full range of knowledge that this course included. If anyone reading this is wondering if the SEO Copywriting Certificate course is worth the investment, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth and so much more from taking Heather’s course. The support and feeling of community from the online forum and monthly teleconferences, along with detailed lessons and information, can help anyone to become a better web copywriter. Practical SEO Copywriting shows you how to write for Google AND readers, so your SEO copy ranks AND converts. In mid 2009, I was asked to speak about SEO copywriting at Search Engine Bootcamp, in Sydney. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to it, it’s definitely a few years late, but I like to think it’s a few years better, as a result.
I can’t guarantee I’ve covered every problem you’re likely to encounter, but I’ve certainly covered the big ones. In fact, I’m so confident you’ll like, that I’ll give you your money back if you don’t find it useful.
With an unrelenting stream of video media uploaded to the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine every second, ita€™s easy to see how video was one of the fastest growing marketing forms of 2013. Bad copy stumbles the reader over hiccups and hillocks, depositing turds of negativity along the way, subliminally suggesting disaster while promising unearthly delights. After three years of hard work you should be equipped to treat the worst conditions of the human mind. Completing this course will qualify you to treat a wide variety of psychological conditions. There are some important aspects (code and content) that send signals to the search engines. The words you share at the beginning of the tweet become part of the HTML page’s title tag. A widely shared post with a quality title (share blurb) has a good chance of ranking for its given keywords! You can view the recap of my presentation to the SEO Copywriting Certification students and grads (sans the details exclusive to the Certification members) via the SlideShare embed on my site. Now, you can become certified for FREE when you register to join me in Phoenix next month for a seminar on freelance SEO Copywriting business-building & advanced SEO topics. She highlights the perils of not consulting an SEO expert and the disappointment of overemphasizing site design versus quality content.
A beautifully designed site with little or no quality content will remain that: a beautifully designed site.
Check into the only industry-endorsed online training that certifies copywriters in SEO copywriting best practices. As you wind down the year and think about your New Year’s resolution, consider keeping it simple.
Watch and be reminded how sticking to the basics of SEO copywriting can improve your business in 2013. Your writing – how and what you write – has everything to do with customer satisfaction, search engine ranking, traffic to your blog, and financial success.
Have you been dreaming about taking the SEO Copywriting Certification training, but haven’t signed up yet? You either win the scholarship, OR, you can save $154 dollars on the Certification training (plus even more if you want to purchase the Bootcamp training, too!) What could be better?
As she tried to explain it, I could actually feel my eyes glazing over and my jaw growing slack.
At this niche web developer for accounting websites, SEO and SEM are pretty much their only marketing efforts – and they perform brilliantly in both. I wanted prospective clients to know that I’m not just another Web copywriter: I’ve made the investment in learning how not to just write interesting, compelling copy, but how to get sites noticed in the search engines. It garnered a lot of positive feedback, and several friends and acquaintances have approached me for help with their sites. I think when you’re knee-deep in keyword research and data, it’s easy to lose sight of a client’s ultimate goals. To counteract the hunching effects that come with this line of work, I try to exercise every day, particularly yoga and Pilates. After completing the course, I couldn’t deny how endlessly fascinating SEO Copywriting is to me – and now, I’m turning it into my sole focus. Even if you don’t become addicted to this niche, as I have, your knowledge of SEO will only help your writing and business career! Consider getting your certification in SEO Copywriting, taught by the widely-recognized pioneer of the SEO industry, Heather Lloyd-Martin. Collect cards from potential clients and send them a quick email after the conference – reminding them about your services. Focus on finding speaking opportunities at industry or trade associations within your niche. Her blog helps drive traffic to her site and solidifies her brand as a natural health expert. She is the author of 31 books, and is one of the few natural health copywriters certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting. Check out SuccessWorks’ new training program, the Turn Content Into Cash Copywriting Business Bootcamp.
The very first works I created were articles about the job market, which was a hot topic on the minds of many people during the first wave of the nation’s recession in 2006. Just before Thanksgiving, the owners of the company handed me a list of names of people they had randomly chosen to let go – people I had grown to know well and whom had few marketable skills. This gave me the opportunity to not only help others find great work-at-home jobs, but to also share insight into various HR concepts and give advice to those hopefully searching for meaningful work.
Over the next few years, I had the privilege of working with some of the best online marketers and web developers around the globe, all from the comfort of my tiny home office. This later led to my current assignment as a content writer for a prominent HR and benefits software developer, a role that has further launched me as a copywriting professional.
So much about human resources is a mystery and often looked at with disdain, so I wanted to dispel myths and give people the power to understand what HR is really about. It is important to find others who understand this and never compromise on putting out the best quality websites, as the end result bears a reflection on you as well. This keeps me up-to-date and on top of trends in this industry, something that is critical to being successful as a copywriter. It has been a challenging, yet very rewarding project so far – I cannot wait to see how it turns out! So much about the SEO Copywriting course looked great, because I knew Heather Lloyd-Martin had put a lot of work into making it the best SEO copywriting course out there and because other leading copywriters have taken the course. From the in-depth SWOT analysis and keyword research tools, to the Meta data and SEO editing sections, I learned so much more than I ever expected to. I personally recommend SEO Copywriting to anyone struggling in any area of web copywriting or to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.
Taylor, owner of Taylor Resources Writing, is an SEO web copywriter and HR expert living in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re not 100% satisfied with it, just let me know, and I’ll refund your entire purchase price.

In this blog post series I’ll consider some of the finer points of copywriting – the little things that make a big difference; the tricks and touches that lift copy and make it more persuasive, better at selling and more likely to create a good impression. There’s no doubt that you will be able to command a killer salary after completing this training. So when you want to sell something, and create a positive feeling in your reader, chose your words carefully. Open Graph (OG) protocol is a set of rules that Facebook put together to provide markup code to go in Web pages that tells them what to display in Facebook.
I joined their SEO team, took Dan Thies’s Link Liberation training, and got a crash course in how to dominate the search engines. She isn’t getting nearly enough clients through her site, and it feels great to help her business grow through optimized blogging and keyword strategy sitewide. Her training is the only online SEO Copywriting Training Program independently endorsed by She hired a business coach who suggested she find a niche and got additional training in her field by investing in SuccessWorks’ SEO Copywriting Certification training. Once you discover your niche, create a marketing plan that focuses on your target audience.
The convenience of being able to take the course around my already hectic schedule was an added bonus.
She has been published on multiple career and business websites including The Chamber of Commerce, Dale Carnegie, and US News Careers.
I knew I needed to make my presentation useful, or I’d be met with a sea of blank faces (or worse, stifled yawns). But none are as practical, as illustrative, as helpful in real-life SEO copywriting situations as this one.
Not one of those books that talks about things at a very high level, but offers nothing in the way of advice on how to get your hands dirty.
Her approach to search marketing is with a focus on Word-of-Mouth SEO (search engine optimization & audience engagement).
When she’s not writing, Tess takes time to experience the world with her husband Eugean through photography, painting and music. Perhaps because writing anything useful about SEO copy is, surprisingly, harder than writing about general SEO.
When I finally figured out how to approach the presentation, I knew I’d struck on exactly the right approach for the book too.
While it may appear simple to produce an effective video, what is it that makes video marketing truly successful? Besides her passion for her professional work, Dana loves cycling: “Road or Mountain? In fact, I was one of the only copywriters, anywhere in the world, actually focusing on search engine optimised (SEO) copy. I suddenly knew what I wanted to cover, and how I needed to cover it, in order to make it really useful. And most importantly, how to balance the needs of Google against the needs of your human readers. And I always planned to share my knowledge, one day, so others wouldn’t have to struggle the way I did. The chicken or the egg?  If you Google this quandary, you will be directed to plethora of websites.
Based in Old Trafford near Manchester, Banc Media specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC), with a particular focus on intelligent, pro-active approaches to organic and paid search. And in a few short clicks, hey presto we find ourselves browsing the visually superior website of a competitor.
Banc Mediaa€™s brand and identity are bolstered through the animationa€™s colour scheme, typeface, and consistency with the companya€™s tone and language on their website. An ideal link would come from a page that: has content related to the content on your own website (similar or related niche) is already authoritative in Googlea€™s eyes (high page rank, relevant content) 2) Backlink anchor text The anchor text you use in these quality backlinks is another top SEO ranking factor. But if the branding is strong and the content doesna€™t match up, this is just as bad a€“ if not worse a€“ than sloppy design. A simple yet effective approach, video testimonials enable potential clients to gain invaluable first-hand experiences from satisfied customers, as well as providing a compelling introduction to the company. One such testimonial from Banc Mediaa€™s client, Cruise 1st, demonstrates their initial SEO and PPC requirements, along with their positive experiences of working with Banc Media: Video and social media platforms Banc Media currently update content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, and intend to branch out to other platforms such as Instagram, Vine, and even Snapchat in 2014. We asked Martin how he saw video marketing develop in future, and its interaction with social media. This will decrease the popularity of a key-phrase, but the visitors you do attract will be the right ones. Information architecture (IA) is the art a€“ and science a€“ of understanding user behaviour. The viral capability of this platform (it connects seamlessly with Twitter, You Tube et al) may well be in the minds of video marketers in 2014, if they can find a way to use it in the commercial environment.a€? Real-time sharing has become an enormous trend, with businesses taking to social media to keep their target audience updated minute by minute, day by day.
Longer, richer content, with images, videos and files to go with it is more and more common in Googlea€™s top search results. In a bid to catch and retain attention, efficient micro updating has become an art form to master, and micro video will jointly be an invaluable technique to acquire for marketing purposes in 2014. For arguments sake, lets say that you, after years or dedication and SEO wizardry, are ranked number # 1.
While you may get visits from people who want to hire an Accountant, you will also get hits from people searching for "Accountant Training", "Free Accountancy services" and even "DIY Accountancy".
Make sure you fully understand what you can achieve from online video and set about creating that plan of action.a€? Over to you We want to hear from you!
Please share this blog and sign up for our newsletter  Subscribe to Hello SEO Copywriting's Newsletter Written by Rob Truslove Rob Truslove is the founder of Hello SEO Copywriting a€“ a copywriting agency in Manchester, UK.
While the designers are being creative, the copywriters are generating content a€“ and both have the same end goal in mind.
For example, you could even set up 3 different pages on your website - one of them optimised to rank for "junior clothing shop in Manchester", another one for "clothing for kids in Manchester" and the last one for "children's clothing in Manchester".
If you regularly release blogs, Google will come back to your website frequently to see what's new and pass it on. Take this blog for example, a chance for Hello SEO Copywriting to target "SEO for small business websites" perhaps? Google is looking for pages that offer a great experience for the reader, so use your own common sense here and youa€™ll be fine. When a search engine reviews a website, it considers hundreds of factors - one of which is the number of inbound links. Article Marketing In order to achieve success with article marketing there are only three things you must do. You must write high-quality, valuable content and you must distribute only to relevant sites with a good page rank and high traffic volume. It is much more beneficial to gain a select number of very strong links by submitting an article to a limited number of directories or websites. The only way to make sure your website will stay up in search results is to have qualitative content that genuinely helps your readers and customers. If a friend you already trust refers a service to you, you will be more likely to use it in the future, right?  This is what links from authoritative pages do for your website. And the more quality recommendations Google gets for you, the higher the probability it will use your service (and rank you higher in search results).
Well written articles will provide even more value to their existing readers, and this means they will grow more in Googlea€™s eyes themselves.

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