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SEO, czyli Search Enginge Marketing, ma ogromne znaczenie dla prowadzenia dzialan pozycjonujacych w sieci internetowej. Bardzo duze znaczenie w zakresie dzialan pozycjonujacych ioraz promowania produktow i uslug w sieci internetowej, maja dzis tresci.
Osoby przygotowujace teksty na strony internetowe, czyli copywriterzy SEO, musza pisac teksty ciekawe, oryginalne, zdolne zainteresowac odbiorce, a jednoczesnie zgodne ze standardami SEO. Tresci na stronach internetowych, choc malo atrakcyjne pod wzgledem wizualnym, to jednak maja znacznie wieksze znaczenie dla promocji strony internetowej, niz grafika czy materialy zdjeciowe i filmy. Kod strony internetowej, a wiec rowniez jej tresci, sczytywana jest przez roboty Google, ktore identyfikuja powtarzajace sie na niej slowa jako frazy kluczowe i pod nimi strona ta plasowana jest w wynikach wyszukiwania wyszukiwarki internetowej.
Sporo prawdy, chociaz trzeba przyznac, ze cala branza (w tym takze ta dostarczajaca content na potrzeby pozycjonowania) nieco ewoluuje. Marketing internetowy to forma marketingu i dzialan promocyjnych wykorzystujaca strony www oraz Internet jako medium do pozyskania klientow. Over the years, she has written for clients across a range of market sectors, from financial and professional services to public sector, telecoms and hi tech. I knew that being able to say I was an SEO writer would add a valuable extra string to my bow. What do you consider to be your biggest “take-away” from the certification program, in real-life terms?
In February, I issued a press release announcing the fact I’d become a certified SEO copywriter. A long-standing client is having his website completely redesigned and I’m rewriting the text so that it will be search engine friendly.
You’ll learn skills that are in high demand and, with your certified SEO copywriter status, you’ll be regarded as a real expert in your field.
Learn how to drive targeted traffic, convert browsers into buyers and turn words into cash. Now, one lucky winner will receive a scholarship to the SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certification program! All contestants: Everyone who enters the contest will receive a coupon for 20% off the SEO certification training, plus 10% off the Copywriting Business Bootcamp training. That someday came when I joined CPA Site Solutions as their Marketing and Communications Manager. I loved the idea of learning everything I could about the craft and then being able to show it off with a badge on my site. I recently shot a promotional video for the home page of my website and posted it to my Facebook page. What have you found to be the biggest “take-away” from the SEO Copywriting Certification Program? I do get tired of sitting in front of the computer, as much as it surprises me to say it (because it’s where I’m the most comfortable). Before I completed the course, my freelancing aspirations ran the gamut from journalist to magazine writer to mommy blogger. I am a beginning SEO web writer with 30 years of business and technical writing knowledge and experience. My entrance into training technical people was an accident that may remind you of how you got into the business. I loved working with adults and became disaffected with teaching children and working for our huge school district.
My partner’s husband told us one of his employees was looking for a business writing course. As it turned out, the technical writers were fine when writing their technical information. So I, a little kid from the tenements of Brooklyn who wanted to be an M-G-M musical comedy star, became a trainer and later a technical and business writer—and now an SEO copywriter. After completing various business writing projects for clients, I realized that I needed more persuasive tools to help my clients convert prospects to customers.
My main project is creating my own website and making sure that I use all the best SEO practices to attract clients for my new business.
My greatest challenge is trying to balance SEO keyphrases and good customer-oriented writing.
What have you found to be the biggest “take-aways” from the SEO Copywriting Certification program? I was delighted to discover that Heather spent the first two segments on getting to know your customer. Heather also validated for me the importance of communicating clearly and concisely in a conversational tone, an integral part of training by In Plain English Associates.
Finally, I appreciated learning about how to apply the best practices to ezines, blogs, and all social media elements.
I tried studying on my own using free ebooks and blogs, but it wasn’t until I took Heather’s course that I realized how all the parts fit together. I especially appreciate how generous Heather is with her students, even after they complete the course.
After working as a human resource professional in the corporate sector for 14 years, I started getting restless and decided to start writing again – a love I had as a young person. The manufacturing industry I happened to be in at the time was hit hard by rising gas prices.
At that point, my heart sank and I decided to resign immediately after the holidays so these good folks could at least stay on for a few more months using my remaining salary. I had begun my journey as a freelance writer, founding Taylor Resources Writing early in 2007. Describe your freelance copywriting career, prior to earning your Certification in SEO Copywriting. This assignment lasted 18 months, during which time I learned a lot about writing in different formats and earned a good many private clients – including web content development projects. I was eventually published on multiple career and business websites, including US News Careers and The Chamber of Commerce. What I did not realize until later on that was a pivotal factor in my success, was that I focused on my niche and established myself as a content expert in HR early on. What attracted me to SEO copywriting in the first place was the chance to share knowledge on a much grander scale directly to the people who need it the most.
The second reason I was drawn to SEO copywriting as a career is because it allows for a lot of creative freedom, whilst working with other web and technology professionals.
The one thing I discovered along the way is that many web developers want and need the input of a competent content professional so that the work produced is higher quality. Currently, I am working on several copy writing projects simultaneously, but all that include some element of writing in the HR vein.
I manage multiple blogs and write weekly on various human resource, finance and business topics.
One of my bigger projects includes updating a massive library of HR topics for a corporate benefits portal that will become a resource for thousands of HR administrators and employees alike when the roll-out happens later this spring.
When I learned about the SEO Copywriting Certificate program, I was so excited to see that there was a way to finally earn a recognizable and respected credential in this market. Combining my own experience in copywriting with the information found in the SEO Copywriting course seemed like the next best step in my career as a web copywriter. While the SEO Copywriting course validated much of the informal training I had received from working with several web developers over the years, I was very impressed with the full range of knowledge that this course included. If anyone reading this is wondering if the SEO Copywriting Certificate course is worth the investment, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth and so much more from taking Heather’s course. The support and feeling of community from the online forum and monthly teleconferences, along with detailed lessons and information, can help anyone to become a better web copywriter. Lastly, I hadn’t really thought about it when I signed up for the course, but SEO is not just for websites. I am currently working on a project for a construction company that has very little web presence. I love to cook and created a blog called PassionFood that chronicles my experiments in the kitchen as a serious home cook. Does this mean that you’ll turn away consulting clients who don’t fit your exact ideal or set up your shopping cart so only certain people can make a purchase? Creating web copy pages with an ideal client profile in mind will make the process a lot easier, and a lot more effective. Easier keyword selection – You can tap into the exact words that your clients would use to describe your product or service. More targeted copy – Writing to an audience that includes everyone and your grandma can really muck up your copy. Clearer calls to action– The more you know about your ideal client and what motivates them, the better your conversion rates will be. Now that you know about the gloriousness that can come from an ideal client profile, it’s time to piece one together.
The demographic characteristics of your ideal client will detail their age, income, location and other quantifiable factors. For example, an inner wealth coach focuses on working with high income women in Los Angeles, between the ages of 35 and 65, who have more than $2 million in net worth.
Demographics were the tried and true way to research a target market but due in part to the Internet, they are not enough to zero in on an ideal client. Finally, it’s time to put your creative writing cap on and flesh out your ideal client profile into a persona.

Find a picture on Flickr to match your ideal client profile so you know who you’re writing for. I’ve been dabbling in SEO for years, reading articles and using tools like Wordtracker to find key phrases that helped my articles get lots of hits. Over the past 20 years, I have been an author and educator, and have written 30 books with three major publishers.
After working in a variety of industries, I decided to focus on the area of my passion: natural health, and natural beauty products. SEO Copywriting Certificate graduate, Sarah Clachar, suggested Heather’s SEO Copywriting course to me.
I was a bit worried about the technical aspects of SEO, since I am more creative than technical.
SEO Copywriting combines both the art and science of writing for the web, which I find fascinating. It takes a special skill to weave keywords into headlines and body text that attracts the search engine spiders, and also attracts humans and entices them to keep reading. This is even more important when writing for the nutritional supplement market, because of complicated government regulations. I’m delighted to say that my SEO Copywriting skills have worked beautifully on my own new website, which went up recently. I’m also creating videos for my clients, because writing the script is a creative way to weave keywords into content that gets indexed quickly. I’m presenting at two major natural health conferences this fall: Natural Products Expo East and Natural Beauty Summit America, and there’s a lot of interest in SEO Copywriting and video to attract and convert web customers. I also started bodybuilding recently with Jimmy Caruso, who trained and photographed Arnold Schwarzenegger before he became a world champion. There are so many copywriters toiling at the bottom of the scale, writing for minimum wage.
Heather’s SEO Copywriting course is the only one that offers certification, so it’s a no-brainer. Jacqueline had decided to a start an internet business, she had a domain name, she had a website and all she had to do was sit back and wait for the traffic and sales to come.  What Jacqueline didn’t realise (and I’m guessing she’s not the only one) is that ‘have website’ does not necessarily mean ‘have traffic’. But after a few more months of no traffic and no sales, she did go back, again and again and again.  She bought books on search engine optimisation and enlisted the help of Brian Mathers, one of the UK’s top internet marketers with a passion for helping the small business community.
By day she was a full time mum (baby number two had also arrived) trying to run a business, and by night was going to college to learn how to really work this website that was supposed to bring financial freedom. Tylko takie teksty w dluzszej lub krotszej perspektywie czasu, sa w stanie zapewnic wysokie miejsca witryny w rankingach Google, na czym niewatpliwie zalezy wszystkim wlascicielom i specjalistom ds. To wlasnie slowa sa w stanie promowac strone internetowa w sposob jak najbardziej skuteczny, dlatego tez tworzac tresc strony www nalezy zadbac o to, aby atrakcyjnie przedstawic jej oferte, a na dodatek, aby tresci te zawieraly najwazniejsze slowa kluczowe, pod ktorymi promowana jest witryna. SEO siega bowiem po znacznie lepsze tresci niz jeszcze kilka lat temu; kluczowym zagadnieniem nie staje sie juz bowiem wskazane zageszczenie slow kluczowych (choc nadal odgrywa istotna role) i linkowanie w tresci z anchorami exact match, a zdobywanie materialow, ktore w sposob naturalny sa w stanie angazowac czytelnikow. Korzystajac ze strony wyrazasz zgode na uzywanie cookies, zgodnie z aktualnymi ustawieniami przegladarki. She has a marketing and public relations background and was Head of PR at the Financial Times newspaper before embarking on her freelance career. She also writes a blog, Freelance Factfile, which is an invaluable knowledge bank containing all the information you need to succeed as a freelancer. The next day, I typed ‘SEO writer’ into Google and my press release appeared on the first page of the search results! And an upcoming project for another client is to write 10 LinkedIn profiles with keyword phrases so they can be easily found when people do a search on LinkedIn.
There’s no doubt that copywriting has become more important especially with the new Google update. And I recouped the cost more than three times over when I got an SEO writing job soon after I’d taken the course. Have you been dreaming about taking the SEO Copywriting Certification training, but haven’t signed up yet? You either win the scholarship, OR, you can save $154 dollars on the Certification training (plus even more if you want to purchase the Bootcamp training, too!) What could be better?
As she tried to explain it, I could actually feel my eyes glazing over and my jaw growing slack.
At this niche web developer for accounting websites, SEO and SEM are pretty much their only marketing efforts – and they perform brilliantly in both. I wanted prospective clients to know that I’m not just another Web copywriter: I’ve made the investment in learning how not to just write interesting, compelling copy, but how to get sites noticed in the search engines.
It garnered a lot of positive feedback, and several friends and acquaintances have approached me for help with their sites.
I think when you’re knee-deep in keyword research and data, it’s easy to lose sight of a client’s ultimate goals. To counteract the hunching effects that come with this line of work, I try to exercise every day, particularly yoga and Pilates.
After completing the course, I couldn’t deny how endlessly fascinating SEO Copywriting is to me – and now, I’m turning it into my sole focus. Even if you don’t become addicted to this niche, as I have, your knowledge of SEO will only help your writing and business career! Consider getting your certification in SEO Copywriting, taught by the widely-recognized pioneer of the SEO industry, Heather Lloyd-Martin.
As an online web writer certified in SEO, I specialize in copywriting for small businesses. Most people don’t start their childhood hoping that when they grow up they’ll become SEO copywriters.
I found a kindred spirit, whose husband happened to be the head of corporate training for a major aerospace company. Based on my knowledge of Psycholinguistics, we built our program around how readers process the written word. We decided I would call her and not let her know who my partner was so she wouldn’t feel pressured.
I needed time to go to the technical writing book store and find out what a technical writing course should include. I tend to write in a conversational tone, but when I review what I wrote, I discover that I didn’t include important keyphrases in my headings and captions. Influenced by my study of Psycholinguistcs, my underlying principle in teaching writing since 1983 has always been getting to know your reader (prospect, customer) and understanding what their questions, concerns, and problems are. She is always aware of the latest Google trends and makes sure her graduates are aware as well.
Learn the latest SEO copywriting and content marketing skills and techniques through SuccessWorks’ SEO Copywriting Certification training and make 2012 your best year ever! The very first works I created were articles about the job market, which was a hot topic on the minds of many people during the first wave of the nation’s recession in 2006. Just before Thanksgiving, the owners of the company handed me a list of names of people they had randomly chosen to let go – people I had grown to know well and whom had few marketable skills. This gave me the opportunity to not only help others find great work-at-home jobs, but to also share insight into various HR concepts and give advice to those hopefully searching for meaningful work. Over the next few years, I had the privilege of working with some of the best online marketers and web developers around the globe, all from the comfort of my tiny home office. This later led to my current assignment as a content writer for a prominent HR and benefits software developer, a role that has further launched me as a copywriting professional. So much about human resources is a mystery and often looked at with disdain, so I wanted to dispel myths and give people the power to understand what HR is really about. It is important to find others who understand this and never compromise on putting out the best quality websites, as the end result bears a reflection on you as well. This keeps me up-to-date and on top of trends in this industry, something that is critical to being successful as a copywriter. It has been a challenging, yet very rewarding project so far – I cannot wait to see how it turns out! So much about the SEO Copywriting course looked great, because I knew Heather Lloyd-Martin had put a lot of work into making it the best SEO copywriting course out there and because other leading copywriters have taken the course. From the in-depth SWOT analysis and keyword research tools, to the Meta data and SEO editing sections, I learned so much more than I ever expected to. I personally recommend SEO Copywriting to anyone struggling in any area of web copywriting or to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.
Taylor, owner of Taylor Resources Writing, is an SEO web copywriter and HR expert living in Charleston, South Carolina. I recognized that providing my clients with good copy that drives sales, conversions or another call to action is only half of the battle. Starting a project without having a clear understanding of how SEO works is like hiking up a mountain without a map.
I am convinced using keyword phrases in social media will give my clients an edge in their marketplace.
Being able to clearly explain how SEO works and the importance of it really underscored my credentials as online copywriter and marketer. I recently finished The World According to Garp and I am currently reading Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. Not only does the course teach you how to create content that maximizes SEO, it covers copywriting essentials.
It’s not keyword selection or the call to action, although those are both important factors.

By getting into their head, you can find keyword phrases that represent their research phase, their decision making phase and their buying phase. This demographic information is an important starting point because already we can tell that the copy will be geared toward a female reader and keywords should include location.
Online demographic groups can mingle to create new groups based on motivations, interests and feelings. She mainly works with women from that demographic group who feel trapped in wealth and aren’t sure how to cope with the feelings of being extremely privileged. Look over the demographic and psychographic characteristics and create a person to fit those details. Get as detailed as possible with your ideal client, especially with large websites where you’ll need a lot of copy. As a student of search engine marketing, web usability and social media, she’s been able to craft a writing style that is both inviting to readers and ranking factors. When she’s not typing away at the keyboard, she is spending time with her husband, an author, and two daughters. The author of 30 books, Lynda Goldman specializes in SEO copywriting and marketing for the natural health industry. I transitioned into writing web content, case studies, ebooks, and newsletters for clients.
I actually love doing keyword research to figure out what terms people use to search the internet. The copywriter has to know what is allowed, and use keywords strategically to get the right message across. SEO Copywriting elevates you so you become a strategic consultant and a copywriter who provides more value because you can measure the results of your work. Her first business failed and that’s how she got into SEO Copywriting.  But let’s back up a little and start at the beginning, on Christmas Day 2005 to be precise.
Jesli sa one ignorowane, strona nie ma szansy na pojawienie sie pod zadana fraze kluczowa na pierwszych miejscach wynikow wyszukiwania w danej wyszukiwarce. Najlepiej, aby teksty dotyczace danej strony internetowej badz umieszczone w jej obrebie, byly pisane zgodnie z zasadami SEO copywritingu. SEO i sprawny copywriter beda wiedzieli, jak pisac, aby roboty Google taka tresc odczytywaly jednoczesnie w sposob pozadany przez pozycjonerow. I attended a couple of introductory webinars on writing for search engines – that was a step in the right direction.
I live in London, so I like to spend time making the most of this great city – whether it’s going to new exhibitions, walking in the parks, seeing friends, visiting markets, or just enjoying the buzz of the place. I joined their SEO team, took Dan Thies’s Link Liberation training, and got a crash course in how to dominate the search engines. She isn’t getting nearly enough clients through her site, and it feels great to help her business grow through optimized blogging and keyword strategy sitewide.
Her training is the only online SEO Copywriting Training Program independently endorsed by I have an extensive background in training business and technical writers to communicate clearly. I soon discovered that all of our courses specialized in Psycholinguistics (how the brain processes information).
I called on a Thursday and she said, “We filled that business writing class, but we need a technical writing course. Their main problem was writing to multiple readers including management, customers, and other non-technical people in the company.
The convenience of being able to take the course around my already hectic schedule was an added bonus. She has been published on multiple career and business websites including The Chamber of Commerce, Dale Carnegie, and US News Careers. I have used Heather’s lessons and class modules as my map, making the entire process much less overwhelming.
I’m anxious to implement my SEO learning into the blog – I am curious to see if we start to draw a new audience! It’s a great read on the importance of building your network and gives practical advice on how to do it.
The biggest mistake I see clients make is that they assume that everyone needs their product or service. When you focus on marketing to your ideal client you’ll naturally get business from people who are “nearly ideal.” Not everyone you attract will be carbon copies of one another.
Think of it this way – your target market is your vineyard and your ideal client is that one perfect bunch of grapes that is perfectly ripe.
Many businesses resist this type of narrowcasting because they believe that it will put a cap on their profits. Psychographic information helps you zero in on the intangible similarities between the members of your target market.
By taking the time to create a profile you’ll find your SEO copywriting will be much more effective and easier to write. After dabbling in print journalism, she’s written exclusively online since 2005 and manages a small team of excellent writers at Six Degrees Content. With a lifelong passion for natural health, Lynda is not only a copywriter for her clients, but she’s also their customer, so she knows intimately what customers are looking for. If they use an SEO firm the site may attract visitors, but the web copy is dull or filled with jargon and people leave right away. I was gratified, because up until now, my websites had always been buried on page 99 or worse, out in Siberia. It’s a great way for natural health customers to show the origins of their products, and connect with customers in a very human way. To get beautiful results, you have to combine the creative aspect of painting with the technical aspect of knowing how the pigments react to each other and the water. She’s always positive and a joy to work with, and offers a depth of knowledge unparalleled in this industry.
Powinny byc zatem nasycone, w  racjonalny sposob, slowami kluczowymi wykorzystywanymi do promowania danej strony internetowej. Ma byc elementem przyciagajacym jego uwage i zachecajacym go do odwiedzenia tej samej witryny ponownie.
I then bought a 300-page book on search engine optimization but was disappointed to discover there were only a few pages devoted to the copywriting side of it. Although I’m a city person, my ideal holiday is staying by an Alpine lake and going for hikes, surrounded by mountain peaks. My clients have included major aerospace companies as well as businesspeople from a variety of industries. After graduation, I began to give workshops to other teachers and parents showing them a new way to teach their children to read. When she’s not writing, Tess takes time to experience the world with her husband Eugean through photography, painting and music.
They are people who have a vision – or maybe even what some would consider a crazy idea – and decide to take the leap and pursue their dream anyway. Understanding the customer is at the heart of good copywriting – but to make truly great SEO copywriting you need to go one step further and create an ideal client profile. Your vineyard includes lots of perfectly fine bunches, but you want to pick the perfect one. She and the team work with solopreneurs who are overwhelmed by content marketing, small businesses who need a website booster shot and marketing companies who want to offer content without the hassles of hiring writers and managing projects in house. In an area rife with jargon, Heather’s course is so easy to follow that I actually found myself eager to start the next chapter. Mathers, Jacqueline had learned the skills associated with search engine optimisation while trying to run a small business and decided to offer those same skills back to the small business community. Then, I came across Heather on Twitter and found out that she had an in-depth SEO course especially for writers. Many are experts in their given field, but they have limited marketing or business experience. If you know your audience well, you’ll be converting your ideal clients and nearly ideal clients at a better rate than casting a wide net and trying to market to everyone.
These psychographic elements will affect how the copy will position this particular coach’s services and will create the tone for the web content pages. She worries about raising her children in affluence and making sure they come out with good values intact. Based on her own experiences, Jacqueline can truly empathise with other small business owners struggling with the same internet marketing issues.  The decision was taken to let the original business go and the idea of Miss Morrison was born. Big-idea entrepreneurs and business owners recognize the importance of marketing to differentiate themselves, but don’t always know where to start; especially when it comes to online and social media.
From there I feel much more confident in my ability to identify the key phrases that are most relevant to my website’s audience. She has several causes that she is interested in supporting but doesn’t know how to start supporting them in a real and lasting way beyond making financial donations.

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