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These local SEO tips will work for just about any business that want to boost its visibility with local search results.
Depending on how your website is set up, and your business, you might not be able to implement all of these tips, but implementing just 70 percent of them is enough for most local businesses to rank high in local search results. Once you create your Google+ Local page, you need to verify your address (by entering your area pin code), email address (by clicking on email link sent to you), and website (by linking Google+ local page with your site). Without an address, it would be difficult for you to rank in local search results for that particular location.
Assess whether your newly created page, your homepage, or another page on your site (about us, contact, services, etc), is most relevant, in terms on on-site optimization (header tag, title tag, content, etc), to effectively list on your Google+ Local page.
You need to choose proper categories that accurately describe your business for long term SEO success. Make sure that your business name, address and phone numbers are listed on Google+ Local page and they exactly match with the name, address and phone numbers listed on a specific page of your website. You should put your website phone number, address and email address in a prominent position on each page of your site. Include primary keyword and location that you want to rank for in your header tag, title, and written content on the specific page of your site listed on Google+ Local page.
If your business operates from multiple locations, you need to create one page on your site for each of them, and optimize (header tag, title tag, written content, etc) each of those pages specifically for just one location. You should optimize your website for various mobile devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Create one page that effectively summarizes all your services or products and have a link to other pages that cover details of those products.
List your business name, address, and phone number on authoritative and trustworthy websites. Google Places SEO – Los Angeles Marketing Agency Gives Away Bing and Google Maps Secrets!
At World Class Media – We specialize in Google Maps SEO and improving Traffic and revenue through ideal local marketing. There are several ways to increase your business visibility in the Google maps search engines. En el articulo anterior hablamos de como aparecer en Google Maps y las ventajas del SEO Local.
Antes de explicarte como posicionarte en Google Maps, repasemos la importancia de posicionarte en los mapas de Google.
Recuerda que estos resultados de mapa aparecen en muchas busquedas en Google que incluyen una localidad pero ahora incluso sin ningun nombre de localidad. Por ejemplo, realizando las busqueda de fontaneros en la pantalla no me aparece ningun resultado de SEO organico habitual, solo aparecen anuncios de Adwords y resultados de Google Maps. Rellena la categoria del negocio: Puedes elegir varias, pero te recomiendo que elijas la que mas se adecue a tu negocio o en su defecto hasta 3 categorias. Descripcion del negocio: En la descripcion de nuestro negocio podemos incluir un gran texto con palabras clave de nuestro negocio y enlaces a las diferentes secciones de nuestra web. Procura conseguir muchas resenas positivas de tus clientes, amigos… Con texto mejor que simplemente una valoracion.
Conseguir muchas menciones de direccion y telefono junto al nombre del negocio en directorios de empresa (cualificados), blogs y paginas webs donde puedas introducir paginas de empresa. El posicionamiento de nuestra pagina web para esa palabra clave tambien va a ser tenido en cuenta en Google Maps. Conseguir enlaces al listado del negocio en Google Maps desde otros sitios relevantes de la misma ciudad.
Conseguir seguidores, revisiones, comentarios de tu pagina de Google Maps de diferentes cuentas de Google. Ademas de estos factores seguro que Google tiene mas factores para el posicionamiento de los negocios en Google Maps. Al navegar por esta web acepta la utilizacion de cookies para publicidad, analisis y personalizacion.

Search engines have long been a major source of new customers and sales for online sites, national businesses, and global corporations. In recent years, major search engines like Google and Bing have started focusing on helping their users find local business.
Each minute a huge number of LOCAL customers are guided to local businesses by Google and Bing.
Of course, being listed prominently on Google and Bing is just a dream for most businesses. Our highly respected and experienced SEO engineers can skillfully equip your site to harvest the massive amount of local traffic being sent to deserving local sites. Rather than having to try keywords by trial and error or using the same well known keyword sources everyone else uses, you have access to our professional sources and methods. There are a great many things you can do to make your site more attractive to the major search engines. We will look through your site and make specific recommendations that will usually result in higher listings. It does no good to get all those new prospects on your site if you can’t convert them to customers. Ultimately all these activities are designed to do one thing: give you bigger and better website traffic. Order NOW and we will go to work making YOUR site the one local customers find easily on Google and Bing. The decision appears to be catering to mobile as it frees up more space for map results and reviews.
The results are hyper-localised so the 3-pack changes often but the top 20 sites listed in the map view seems to be unaffected by the upgrade. Search Engine Optimisation is all about relevancy and enhancing your website in a way that allows search engines to direct the highest amount of traffic to your page that serves the right purpose and increase your search engine ranking. Posted on August 22, 2015 by Sheryl Jones in Content Marketing, Local SEO, Octoinsights, SEO. However, many business owners and marketing professional are unsure where to begin with implementing SEO. These are the listings for which Google lists three local businesses and a map above the organic search results (commonly known as the the Google 3-pack in the SEO community). However, you can still rank for normal search results for your localized keywords that are normally displayed right below local business listings. Now click on “link” button to get an embedded code for the map, and include that particular code on your website page that is listed on your Google+ Local page.
Having a responsive web design that renders on all devices will impact your business’ web presence on Google mobile search. Also, in this article I am going to show you how re-enforcing your Google Local Listings with a GEO site map & a KML file can cause a great increase in your SEO results.
Add a Google Earth KML File and GEO Sitemap Notations You should add a KML file to attract the niche of Google Earth users.
Mismatch Name and Phone Across the Web How many other locations and phone numbers with that address?
This guide is targeted at small businesses who have used the bulk-upload feature before – but from the examples shown you can get an idea for individual listings as well. This month I figured that one of the most uncovered and “uncooked” areas in local search marketing is KML data and the use of Geo Sitemaps. Y como te prometi aqui tienes los factores mas importantes para posicionarte en Google Maps y te dejo el enlace a un experimento de SEO Local. Es decir que si tenemos un buen posicionamiento en las busquedas web de Google esto facilitara nuestro posicionamiento en Google Maps para esa misma busqueda. Tambien se tiene muy en cuenta las menciones de Nombre, Telefono y direccion desde otras paginas de autoridad y calidad.
Google posee en sus algoritmos muchos factores, por lo que siempre recomendamos que trabajar todos los aspectos que podrian mejorar los resultados de busqueda y siempre de una forma que parezca natural.

Those companies that are listed highly on search engine databases instantly come up as the most visible suggestions.
Suddenly you’ve got hundreds or thousands of local people being introduced to your site and business.
Unless you are spending tens of thousands per month on SEO experts or are just lucky, you probably won’t get on page one, two, or even three.
Through a combination of proven SEO strategies that impress Google and Bing, we improve your chances of grabbing lots of local sales.
It is imperative to know the exact words your best prospects are going to use to find a business like yours.
Your site can be focused on those keywords to an extent so Google and Bing determine your site really IS about those keywords local customers are most interested in. We know from long experience and ongoing research exactly which techniques work best for local business sites. To get ahead in our increasingly digital world, savvy restaurateurs have to season their business strategy with a healthy dose of SEO and digital marketing tactics.
For local businesses whose websites had been ranking between 4th to 7th positions in local search, it came as a particularly big hit.
The most talked-about trend is the somewhat notorious ‘snack-pack’, and some less obvious changes are also emerging. Not only does the local pack show fewer business listings, it is also redesigned to compliment the mobile user interface. Through an onset of various digital marketing strategies and on page and off page SEO factors, we help you boost your relevancy higher, attracting the right audience to look at your page, stay on it and perhaps return to it as often as possible. Google will look at the website address and phone you use and see if it matches your listing.
Google gives a page rank (from 1-10 on every site that talks about you) quality over quantity. An XML based file that expresses geographic annotation and visualization for earth viewing software such as Google Earth.
Ahora lo primero que muestra en muchas busquedas son los 3 primeros resultados de Google Maps. Now you can see for yourself how all the keywords under consideration rank with search engines and their massive audience of users. With the update, the 7-pack has been reduced to a 3-pack so local searches now only show three results (see screenshot below). GEO Sitemaps are sitemaps that Google Uses to determine all of the locations of your business. Esto hace que aunque no estes bien posicionado para muchas busquedas puedes adelantar a la competencia posicionandote en los resultados del mapa de Google. No quiere decir que estando en el primer lugar para una busqueda en web lo vayas a estar tambien en Google Maps. It more often requires careful research to uncover the golden keywords that will produce results. The survey polls around 40 top local SEO experts, to establish which variables most influence rankings in Google Local Search results. No doubt about it — this could easily increase your profits in significant to extraordinary ways. I came across lots of funny memes so thought to share with you people some of the best ones.

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