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The process of creating all the small business SEO ranking factors needed to succeed in online marketing is complex. All search engines use a variety of factors to decide what content has authority and value.
We provide search engine optimization (SEO), website design services, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising management, and offline and web marketing services globally. This volatility requires digital marketers to be agile with their tactics, frequently adapting to the latest guidelines that search engines implement into their algorithms. In the past, building as many links as possible without analyzing the linking domain was how SEO typically worked. It used to be important that you write your content with the keyword incorporated exact match, but now Google uses latent semantic indexing (LSI), which was conceived around February of 2004 and became more and more prominent within search through every update.
With this type of indexing, the contents of a webpage are crawled by the search engine and the most common words or phrases are combined and identified as the keywords of that page. About 5 years ago, SEO used to be all about getting tons of links, good code, and okay content. Think of it this way, the more popular your website is socially, the more eyeballs you will draw to it. Some people have the notion that if you have more pages, you will get more traffic to your website.
Introduced February, 2011, Google’s Panda algorithm updates have been getting better and better at detecting bad content. You do not have the correct keyword strategy because you are trying to rank for keywords that are unrelated to your field. To solve these problems, try using Google Adwords to create a great keyword strategy relating to your business, and be sure to use enticing meta descriptions to get people to the site. Before Penguin 2.0, in 2013, people used to write content, whether bad or good, to anybody that would listen, with a link back to their site. For a long time, it was okay to neglect the images on your site and still rank without using alt text and image file names to boost your page relevance. Search engines cannot see images on websites, so it is important to give the image an alt text and relevant file name to ensure Google knows what the image is about. On April 24, 2012, Google released the first Penguin algorithm update, which targeted websites with unnatural links and has since gotten more sophisticated. Instead focus on niche related directories that have strict standards and high authority that will benefit your personas by getting quality information about your company’s mission and website. If you are using any of these worthless tactics, it is time for you to clean up your SEO and create a better strategy.
Our focus is not only on improving your business’s website traffic and Google ranking positions, but on increasing your revenue. We have a long history of creating tremendously profitable SEO campaigns for businesses of all sizes – from small and medium sized businesses to national brands - read some of our client success stories here.
We have the perfect SEO solution for your business – contact us today for more information.

Fill out the form below and we’ll arrange a time for us to have a confidential chat about growing your business. The 2014 Searchmetrics study "SEO Rank Correlations and Ranking Factors - Google UK" as a white paper and infographic for download: Your must-read SEO Guide!
As in previous studies, we used the Spearman Correlation to study the relationships between Google rankings and SEO factors. Our analysis looked at the presence and frequency of certain factors for each position, then we drew conclusions based on the relevance and development over time of a particular feature.
This study comes from investigating a huge amount of data, and striving to present the results in the simplest, clearest way possible. The continuing, growing relationships between good rankings and high quality, relevant content on one hand, and excellent onpage technical architecture & back-links on the other, are highlighted in the results of the study.
Social Signals: We’ve seen correlation values for social signals remaining quite stable this year, with the average for each ranking position going up just a little. Our 2014 infographic is even richer than before, and comes complete with crucial SEO tips based upon the core findings of our study. Enjoy your reading, and please feel free to share this with other marketing and SEO professionals who need to know what’s happening in the world of SEO. The content or webpage with the highest value is placed at the top of the search engine results (SERPs) for internet users. Visit us in person if you are in Houston, Cypress, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Brookshire, Sealy, Simonton, San Felipe, Fulshear, Pattison, Hedwig Village, Bellaire, Hockley, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Pearland, Pasadena, Richmond, Wharton, Columbus, Humble, Tomball, Magnolia, Waller, Conroe, The Woodlands, Galveston, Kemah, League City, or other metro Houston areas.
Nowadays, it is important to focus on the quality of links you are obtaining, rather than the quantity. These days, most of the websites that are ranking really well have a large social following.
Nowadays, if you have poor content it is possible you may face a Google penalty, so make sure you are created great content that users want to read. It is true that people will see your listing, but it does not mean you will get more click-throughs. A lot of the time, it was content that had nothing to do with their actual industry; they were just trying to get a backlink. Now it is important that if you do end up getting one or two guest posts here and there, that they are high authoritative, relevant websites. Google’s own, Matt Cutts, warned us in 2007 against stuffing your page with keywords to rank higher in the search results. Because of Google’s algorithm getting more advanced each year, you are likely to get your website penalized. By not creating this text, you lose a huge opportunity to be as visible as possible online. It is important that webmasters and marketing ensure they are not just getting a ton of links from low-quality spammy directory website. It is pretty easy to decided which directories are natural and which are unnatural, and if you cannot decide do not risk it!

Go out there are create great content and create high authoritative, relevant backlinks to your website.
Because we are really keen, we analyzed both the correlations and their corresponding mean values in order to get the best take-aways possible from the huge amount of data we look at. Differences in the properties of the URLs result in a correlation, but do not automatically imply a causal relationship between a factor and a ranking.
Some of our findings and methods are really quite complex, so if you want to see how we calculated all this, and the explanations for our interpretations, all you have to do is click here: What’s a ranking factor? Social Signal correlations are high, but it’s difficult to see a causal relationship between these and improved rankings.
Content ranks better when it’s holistic, longer, includes semantically related terms & keywords, and is enriched with other media such as video and photography. Essentials include strong site architecture, a balanced internal link structure, a quick load time and paying attention to standard meta tags. A lot of new features have been introduced this year aimed at improving the quality of results, especially when it comes to analyzing the performance of big brands. By using synonyms and related terms, the search engines will still understand what your goal is. People argue whether it directly or indirectly affects rankings, but either way it does have an impact.
Some webmasters did not take this to heart, until Google continuously came out with new algorithm updates, like Panda, every year that were meant to target bad content. We’ve analyzed millions of data points and used the best interpretive techniques available to give you this guide to how to make your SEO even more relevant in 2015.
According to Search Metrics, it is still top 5 most important rankings factors, but you must build links in a much different manor than you used to. If you do not have good content, you will not rank well and all of those pages you created will not help your cause. And they change all the time, not drastically (usually), just a tweak here and there to make one factor more or less important. SEO Buzz can work with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes SEO strategy.
In recent years, search engines added the factor of social signals (how your business is shared and mentioned in social media).
So, while it is a science, it is one that changes and requires full focus on staying up-to-date.
The ranking factors that are required for you to succeed with your online presence are presented (with permission from Search Engine Land) in the Periodic Table for SEO Ranking Factors below.
Contact our SEO Buzz team for more information about how your bottom line can benefit from search engine optimization.

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