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I believe that many professionals and business owners spend so much time deciphering the mysteries of SEO that we sometimes forget the basics.
This happens to be one with a medium level of complexity (notice there are not even 100 nodes for social media).
This is such an insanely massive topic that we could go on and on because SEO is a billion dollar industry that is continually growing along with internet marketing and content strategy. An interesting piece called Nine in Ten Organizations Market with Content explains how many top organizations are turning to content strategy as a primary method of building long term success. Whatever you use for analytics, set up some kind of automatic email schedule within the software to deliver a basic overview to you each month.
If a company can promise to put you on page 1 of Google, we recommend you stay far away from that relationship. Preambule : Cette page est la definition que je donne sur le terme SEO et referencement en 2015. Un des premiers objectifs est de chercher les meilleurs mots cles en rapport avec la thematique du site Internet et de ses pages, et d’ envisager comment les utilisateurs du moteur de recherche vont les taper.
Cela permet notamment de verifier le volume de recherche mensuelles sur une requete donnee. A titre d' exemple le mot cle Annuaire est  speculatif dans le monde seo car il tape environ 2 Millions de fois par mois en France sur Google. Depuis plusieurs annees Google lutte contre ces pratiques en ameliorant continuellement son algorithme pour que ses utilisateurs aient toujours le contenu le plus pertinent recherche. Le but non cache de Google est non pas de fournir un contenu qui soit optimise pour lui meme mais pour l’ utilisateur. These facts indicate, if you do business on the internet, a top rank on search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing)  is a primary requirement. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine for particular keywords.
But even the best SEO strategy and execution takes time to achieve results – generally 2 to 6 months depending on the steps you take and the competition for the keywords you pursue. FIND SEARCH VOLUME FOR KEYWORDS: Now that you know the keywords that matter, use a tool like the Google Keyword Planner, WordSteam or Wordtracker to get search volume for specific keywords. LEARN FROM THE COMPETITION: You can compare your keywords to competitors through online resources like Alexa (free) and Compete (paid). DETERMINE WHERE TO PUT KEYWORDS ON YOUR SITE: Now that you know what keywords to emphasize, you need to know where to put them on your site. USE CONTENT MARKETING TO RAISE YOUR RANK: The use of a blog on your website creates another web page with each blog post. GENERATE OUTREACH AND VISIBILITY WITH SOCIAL MEDIA: Your social network pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ not only provide outreach but additional ranking on search pages so your business can appear multiple times on a search page. These tips and tools are some of what you learn in the Biznology JumpStart Workshop on Search Marketing. A top quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team operates much like a good clothing tailor. The first step in tailoring your SEO efforts begins with developing a plan and prioritizing each step. Because there are literally hundreds of SEO tactics in use today prioritization is vital if you want to maximize your results. Mobile SEO is extremely important if you want to keep your business on pace with a rapidly changing landscape but there are also cross platform tools as well. Factors to Consider when Choosing SEO Strategies Finding a good SEO company is increasingly becoming a challenge due to the numerous disreputable companies operating online.
Companies that implement working SEO strategies will not think twice about giving you proof of their excellence. This site was borne from an idea I had about bringing together the Finest and Most Credible Microjobs in the World…….the ‘creme de la creme’ if you like of microjobs. So here at this site, you will find ONLY the BEST sellers and the best micro jobs gathered from all the sites that are out there, fiverr being only one of those.
If you are a seller and you want to feature at my site and list your jobs, I will do this only if you have that credibility, if you can back up your profile with achievements i.e. Finally, if you are a buyer and you’re desperate to find someone to do that task you are struggling to do, time is really short for you and you have no marketing budget to speak of, then this is MOST DEFINITELY the place for you – this is your Utopia, this is your Dream Land. As newer Internet-capable devices come to market, they bring not only differing displays to respond to, but also differing search intent. Not to be confused with Google’s Nexus Android devices, Nexus SEO is optimizing your site for any Web-enabled device (within reason) that might reasonably be seeking you and your services, taking into account how search intent differs across devices. As more devices transmit searches to others displays, such as Chromecast, simply responding to the user-agent of the transmitting device loses the intent of the destination display. Ever-increasing notification overlays with Google Now are based on location, user history and device intent. Google generally suggests responsive design, as it is relatively easy to implement, even for beginner webmasters. There will be a growing expectation of Smarter Content that adjusts to the intent and social media behavior on specific device types.
Google recently has provided a responsive ad unit that looks to bridge over to its long-term approach with Google Web Designer, to be launched later this year.

In October 2013, SMX East has an entire track of panels on Mobile with 4 sessions that will touch on elements of what can be called Nexus SEO. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
Michael Martin is a SEO Manager at Covario, SEO course instructor at San Diego State University, contributor to The Art of SEO : Mastering Search Engine Optimization published by O’Reilly and owner of Mobile Martin based out of San Diego, California. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
No matter how many times you approach SEO, it always has value to engage the discussion because of how quickly the industry is changing. At the end of the day, search engines are pretty simple in their purpose: deliver the best content to the reader. Quand un site Internet est positionne sur le TOP 10 des resultats (le 10 premieres positions representent generalement la premiere page) on peut dire que son positionnement est bon. En effet, plus les requetes sont specifiques (composes parfois de trois a quatre mots cles) plus les utilisateurs seront cibles et obtiendrons le contenu attendu. Il est aise de comprendre que plus un mot cle est generique, plus il est tape et donc difficilement atteignable en terme de positionnement (et peu cible), plus un mot cle est specifique moins il est tape dans les moteurs de recherche et donc plus facilement atteignable en terme de positionnement. De plus les algorithmes de positionnement changent constamment et les specialistes du SEO doivent se remettre en cause tres souvent. Ces techniques sont a utiliser avec beaucoup de parcimonie car si Google vous prend la man dans le sac vous risquerez ….
But subscribing to an email, downloading product information, registering for a trial offer or buying something from your site does. The best places to put keywords are in the: URL, Title Tag, Meta Description, Headers and Subheader, Page content, Anchor text and Alt text. This is another opportunity to place keywords, links, get indexed on more search pages and, most important, give information visitors look forward to getting.
It's also really cool that you organized them linearly behind a list of tips.If you wouldn't mind a shameless plug, I've created an Excel Template for SEO that might be of interest. A good tailor knows that one size most definitely does not fit all people so in order to get a great fit; one that is comfortable for the wearer, the tailor uses a large number of measurements in the planning and different kinds of stitches in the creation of the garment. They are different in their customer base, capabilities, business models and even personalities.
The problems usually begin because many people lack the training to deal with changes in an increasingly ambiguous data model. In a world where homeless people have Smartphone’s and everyone is connected mobile marketing is becoming big business. Social networking is expected to be able to reach 2.55 billion people before 2017, which essentially means that one in for people in the world will be actively using some form of social networking and already about 88% of internet marketers are using social marketing already this year. Moving forward, websites need to be able to accommodate these different devices and the searchers behind them. As mentioned above, the device a user conducts a search from can sometimes have a huge impact on searcher intent.
Websites will need to allow user adjustment of the site to device type rather than simply relying on responsive design. For example, Google has noted that feature phones, which still account for a large segment of online search in some countries (like India), are unable to follow the CSS queries that make responsive design possible. This delta is growing as Google refines its metrics for each device and looks to add a tablet site crawler (with expected varying metrics for those search results) as early as this year. However, Google has signaled that they are interested in crawling device-specific content provided by dynamic serving, which means this could make a difference in a device type’s search results.
Later that month I will be on a panel kicking off PubCon Vegas 2013, where I will detail the Nexus SEO process further… as well here at Marketing Land.
Or vous admettrez facilement que pour lancer un contenu exceptionnel ou non, il faut bien commencer par en avertir les internautes, sur des annuaires, blogs, reseaux sociaux ou autre n’ est ce pas ? Some businesses are local, limited in scope to only small regional areas, while other businesses are global in reach. The reason why experience and training is so important here is because our brains tend to look for patterns that are not there when we examine analytics. The best place to start is to consider the scope of your operations and the platforms you plan to use. One Neilson Report said that a full 48% of mobile consumers begin their purchase with a paid organic search and another report by BI Intelligence said that more than 60% of all online devices are either Smartphone’s or tablets. SEO tactics are great for manipulation of search engine ranking but social media gives users the advantage of reaching far beyond search results and going directly to the consumer.
It is for this reason that finding a good company is necessary in order to implement its suggested strategies. These are records of strategies previously implemented and how they were able to transform a company. On a desktop, they could be researching the cheapest places to buy gas — or a potential internal ailment. The percent of people who visit your site and take the actions you want is called conversion.

For example, my friend, Ellie Badanes, founded an e-commerce business that sells pajamas called The Pajamas Company.
The keywords, kid pajamas, drive traffic but it may also be a keyword for big brands like Walmart or Land’s End. In the Google Anlaytics of your website, see if more website traffic is coming from search engines.
Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula. A local tree trimmer for instance will have very different needs than a business selling yachts, even though the businesses are the same size. The fact is that while about 80% of businesses use collected data but less than 40% of those people have the skills and judgment to use the data in the correct manner. The world of search engine optimization and marketing is changing all of the time and targets are becoming more and more precise. The computing world is finding smaller and smaller devices and going on the road while PCs and laptop are sitting on the shelves. Social networking can be used for everything from customer support, research and development, promotional offers, branding, human resources along with of course sales. The following are some of the things that a good company should exhibit translating to working strategies. Keyword results from Google Trends indicate pajamas is a highly seasonal business but the type of pajamas people search for has changed over the years.
Both of these businesses have very small niche customers but even so, the SEO plan for each will be very different. The biggest challenge for users of this tactic is to correctly scale the effort across your company or product line. Should have offers that are realistic in nature You need to stay away from SEO companies whose offers seem too good to be real. Industry professionals continually analyze data in order to better understand how Google functions. Google's response was to introduce more complexity to better align with the original intent. You might need to add a word to kid pajamas to state a certain kind of material or emphasis a particular brand. This requires a clear understanding of which areas of social networking add the most value to the effort.
Any company or SEO service provider that offers you guaranteed results should not be considered. The length of business can tell you whether the SEO strategies implemented are worthwhile because they attract repeat business. The process should be ongoing and changing every time for its strategies to yield any significant results. A company that deals with several companies has the necessary experience for dealing with varied industries. Resource such as this one from SEO MOZ illustrate different important factors about a website in relation to search results. The original intent of delivering the highest quality content to the seeker still remains the highest priority of every search engine.
This means that no person should be able to guarantee excellent rankings no matter how experienced he is. Qualification While there is no proven SEO certification there are standards which when followed will attain the excellence in a company’s SEO results. It’s a way the little guys can compete with the big guys and win because the appeal is more direct to consumers looking for what you have to offer and conversion rates are higher. Any promises for strategies that will turn your results overnight should be a red flag and your cue to move on. Major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo have their own standards and certification forms that you need to find in companies. When Google's first Panda update was released in February 2011, it immediately affected a whooping 12% of all search queries.
This is the only way to be sure that a company has proven its knowledge and skills on different SEO strategies that can transform the performance of your company.
Some of the best strategies will be accepted across varied platforms hence the need to find out the very best.
Consider the specific strategies and practices the company use Take into consideration the strategies and practices used by an SEO company before you settle for one as this will help you determine whether the company has what it takes to deliver or not. A good company will explain the details of these strategies and answer any questions that you may have on the same. A company that has nothing to hide gives the clients’ confidence that the SEO strategies used are worth it.

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