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Tony also offers free Youtube SEO training and explains how this free software can help boost the Video SEO and get a first page ranking in quick times. While the video is being uploaded, you will be prompted to provide a title and short description. In parole povere, e un procedimento che consiste nel ricercare una domanda consapevole (nel 99% delle volte) del pubblico e cercare di comparire alle prime posizioni dei risultati di ricerca di YouTube con il tuo video.
Domanda consapevole: Un qualcosa che la gente cerca volontariamente su YouTube e quindi sa esattamente quello che vuole (esiste anche la domanda latente, ovvero quei video che possono interessare alle persone ma che per una serie di motivi non cercano volontariamente su youtube). Pero oggi voglio darti qualche dritta per migliorare fin da subito il tuo posizionamento nelle ricerche di YouTube, per aumentare fin da subito le tue visualizzazioni.
La keyword deve necessariamente comparire nel titolo, molto meglio se compare nella parte sinistra (ovvero all’inizio). La maggior parte degli youtuber lascia la descrizione vuota oppure solo con i link ai profili social. Ricorda che YouTube non sa cosa contiene il nostro video e la descrizione e il posto migliore per fargli capire di cosa parla il vostro video, va scritta.
Clicca sul tasto +1 e ti regalero un’altro trucchetto veramente molto interessante che potrebbe fare veramente la differenza. Bene spero che questo articolo ti sia stato di grande aiuto e abbia contribuito alla tua crescita su YouTube. Mi farebbe molto piacere ricevere un tuo commento qua sotto e anche una piccola condivisione, per favore. Come attirare l’ATTENZIONE e visibilita, anche se pensi che sia una cosa che non fa per te. From my experience, here are the elements you pay close attention to before uploading your next video. When creating a video, pay attention to relevancy, not quantity, because there is no point uploading videos that don’t resonate with people. If you are going to host your own videos, it’s important to understand that each upload is unique. Social engagement is playing a more important role than ever and it’s not fully understood how Google uses this information when ranking content. Make sure you have the popular social networks displayed in your buttons (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+).
Video marketing can be a great way to boost your website traffic and reach out to your target audience.
I personally use Google Keyword Planner for a quick look on keyword’s competition and its value.

There is a trick to find the best title for your Youtube video which is using the search bar.
Discover the secrets I used to take my small blog from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands, and how I made millions along the way!
John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years. According to him, Video Search Engine Optimization or Video Marketing is the new trend and many people are yet to learn its benefits as well as the tricks that can bring quick and effective results. Non posso affrontarlo tutto in un solo articolo (Magari ci scrivero un e-book piu avanti, chi lo sa). Infatti per YouTube le parole che compaiono prima hanno piu peso di quelle che compaiono dopo e considerera il video piu rilevante per quella ricerca. Premendo il tasto OK o compiendo una qualunque azione all’interno del sito web accetterai l'utilizzo dei cookie.
Just like content, you’ll have a better chance engaging people if you are clear about the audience you are targeting. It’s important to add target keywords within the title and description so search engines know what your video is about. However, it’s no argument that social shares help with the overall user experience and increases the chance of receiving links to your video.
YouTube videos can be an awesome way to get your message across and provide that boost to your business. Every word you type in, the drop-down will show some of the most search combination with the given words. Think the Description like your blog and write thing like Subscription calling, contact, overview of your channel, your video and some funny message with your keyword repeated few times. We still haven’t started using videos for our website, but hopefully, we will do it in near future! We offer free Youtube SEO training to help people understand the advanced and simple ways of video marketing that can build the relevancy of a video by hijacking others authority.
The question is: Can ordinary link building strategies be used to boost rankings of videos within SERPs? Many people make the mistake of uploading too many videos that are completely irrelevant, hoping to attract some people to their website, etc.
Next, it will be shared by thousands and can receive link backs from other relevant bloggers. If Google lists videos within the SERP’s by importance and relevance related to link backs, then social shares is definitely an asset.

I appreciate the useful tips in this article and would be implementing them in my YouTube marketing campaigns. The description should provide enough information for people to decide whether they want to commit to viewing your video. For example, if you have a following on your blog and want to introduce people to your new product or service, then consider hosting your own video. The links will add SEO value to my video, which can help boost it organically within the SERP’s. Just like Google indexes content, transcripts can be indexed to give you an extra boost within the SERP’s.
Both Tony and Diana appreciate the features of the software and maintain that it has been designed specifically to help appear a video at the top of the YouTube Search Results.
But assuming that youve already created that great trailer or promo piece, a little knowledge of YouTube SEO tactics can help push your video to the top. The description is where you also include the details viewers will need to ask for more information or purchase what you're selling.
Over the years, we’ve seen some videos outperform others without doing any SEO, which tells us that link building is just one factor in several others. Make sure they are visible and easily accessible so a visitor can share your video with others on their profile. The software helps distribute a video on new YouTube Channels and also on the social media, making it a powerful tool of video marketing.
That means such contact information as your website address, toll-free telephone number, email address and postal address. Either way, it’s important that you consider a few factors when trying to rank your next video. According to Diana, the software helps add relevant keywords in the Playlist Description, which helps create playlists very quickly allowing the video to stay at the top of the YouTube Search Results. Although subtlety is important in the video itself, don't be shy about asking viewers to contact you about your product or service. About Kiss Internet Marketing Kiss Internet Marketing is an innovative effort by the two leading internet marketing consultants Tony and Diana Hayes.
A tag is just another name for a keyword and is as important as any keyword on your website or in your online advertising.

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