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January 21, 2011 by jalger Dropbox is a free and easy to use application and website, which allows you to sync your files from your computer or phone to “the cloud” and therefore access them from anywhere. The thing that makes this folder special is that anything which is placed in this folder gets uploaded to the Dropbox servers, aka “the cloud.” These files are then accessible from any computer with the internet, via the Dropbox website or via any mobile phone that has the free Dropbox app installed. Dropbox uses SSL for secure transfers and all files are encrypted with AES-256 before being stored on their servers.
Dropbox gives users 2GB of free online storage upon sign up and the smart phone apps are free to download. Once you realise how easy Dropbox is to use and how useful it is to have your important files permanently accessible and backed up, you may consider paying for a Pro account.
Think about it, for the price of 3 coffees a week you can have all your photos, music and documents always at hand and backed up in “the cloud” in case anything ever goes wrong with your computer. You can email questions for support and there is an active forum, but unfortunately there is no telephone or chat support available. The role of the 21st century teacher is an exciting change from traditional teaching methods of the past. With so much information readily available to anyone the skills of digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning are a must for every student. The Dropbox team dropped a handy new feature onto our laps today, and it’s for all of you Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users out there.
This feature is especially awesome if you’re using a public computer and need to share a file with someone quickly.
No plugins or add-ons for your browser are required, just login and get your drag an drop on.
You can share PowerPoint presentations (and other Office documents) with your colleagues, clients or co-workers.
You don’t need to convert your document or Office files to the web (PDF or HTML for instance), it is done automatically for you. You don’t need to install Microsoft Office in their computers in order to make it work. By using this online PowerPoint viewer by Microsoft you can give your audience a better experience while presenting.

Submit the button (Create URL) and then wait for the Copy and share this link to the document.
In this example we have used the free leadership PowerPoint template with pieces design to open it in a browser. The conversion is straightforward (only requires a few seconds) and you get your presentation hosted online. If you want to specify any document hosted online without entering it in the form, then you can build the URL passing the src parameter as follows. You can paste the link directly from a shared file in Dropbox, however make sure to specify the URL with the ?dl=1 parameter at the end. Dropbox is a useful tool that will enable you to instantly store your files online and share them.
However it is more than a simple back-up solution, with Dropbox you can share folders, collaborate on files or even set up online photo galleries. Upon downloading and installing the application, which is compatible with Windows, Macs, Linux and most popular smart phones, a Dropbox folder is created on your local hard-drive.
If a large file gets interrupted from uploading, for example you turn of your pc, then the upload resumes next time you turn your pc back on. Simply right click on any folder, select the Dropbox sharing options and “Invite collaborators to this folder” by typing in peoples email addresses.
This means your files can not be seen by others unless you make a folder public or share a folder. The homepage is keep very basic with an easy to unserstand video, a logo and a button to download dropbox.
This is more than enough if you want to back up your office documents with the occasional picture, video or audio file thrown in. To be honest the website and application are simple to navigate and well laid out, so 99.5% of people will not need personal support. If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can now upload files by dragging them from your desktop onto the Dropbox website. This page includes a form where you need to enter the URL of the presentation that you want to open online. You can make Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents viewable in a web browser.
If it is a file shared in Dropbox then you can paste the link to the Download button in your Dropbox share link.

Office Web Viewer links open Word, PowerPoint or Excel files in the browser that would otherwise be downloaded. Do not worry, with iCare Data Recovery Software, you can take files back from formatted hard drive, raw file system. Also, any changes you make to files in your Dropbox will sync to your other computers, instantly.
A handy Dropbox feature is the ability to undelete files or pull up any previous versions of it.
For a teacher Dropbox means you never have to stress about leaving work at home or losing your thumb drive ever again. Once they have signed up to Dropbox, they can then view any files you place in the share folder. Only the contents of the folder you share can be seen by the person you invite, the remaining folders and files are hidden from them.
The sign up process takes seconds as does the download and installation of the application.
But if you pay for a Pro Plan, then it’s nice to feel that instant help is available at a time of crisis. After Dropbox detects the upload, it’ll work its magic to get your stuff wherever you need it.
For example, if you make a change to a huge file, dropbox will only update the piece of the file that changed. As mentioned above you barely notice the small dropbox folder sitting in your tray, but it’s working all the time to sync and backup any important file you drop inside.
By putting your files in the Dropbox folder it automatically syncs to their servers while you work. The fact that all my important files, photos, music and a few movies are always accessible from my iphone and any web browser is a big added bonus.

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