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No matter if you use it to share your service’s rich history or to highlight news and events taking place day-to-day, Facebook offers a very affordable tool to stay in touch with your community. And while many services use Facebook as a free advertising or marketing tool, for the most part it presents a low-cost device for communicating and sharing information—on a national and even international scale.
Darren Horrigan from The Infants Home in Ashfield, Sydney, agrees that for even a self-proclaimed novice user, the communication opportunities available since creating a Facebook page 18 months ago have been considerable. Now Clare Court’s Facebook page is used to share details about the program, inspiring initiatives from overseas, political debates, union information and other early years information. A benefit of creating these relationships and communicating regularly via Facebook is you’re reaching an engaged audience—as opposed to sending a blanket email to your database, for example, people have to Like your page to start receiving your posts, so they are actively opting to stay connected.
Once you decide to create a Facebook page, you need to set clear guidelines or a social media policy around how your page is to be used, by whom, and to ensure you cover privacy and ethical issues. Take care when making comments about anyone, including employees, colleagues, clients or other service providers.
Avoid falling victim to identity theft by limiting the amount of personal information you disclose on social media sites.
Activate password-protected screen savers on all computers and ensure employees always log off before leaving. When sharing information via social media, ensure you set high privacy or security settings and think carefully before divulging your home address or other personal information. Consider including specific conditions in employee contracts and policies relating to social media use.
This is an edited excerpt from an article, Social Media Risk—Child Care, used with permission of Guild Insurance. We're a creative custom publishing company specialising in design and journalism and have provided professional services to public sector and community-based organisations since 1993.

Share your story below and it just might serve as inspiration for one of our programs on PBS NewsHour or spark the production of  an original podcast. It only takes a minute to join the SHARE register, but together we can make a real difference to Scotland's future health. Brian and Hazel both work in the Ambulance service in Tayside and recently chose to register for SHARE.
Just to be clear, this isn’t a case study demonstrating a phenomenal creative device that drove tons of traffic to my website and then buried me in new business. What I want to demonstrate are little victories – those are the ones that add up over time. Every now and again I write a blog post or article that resonates with enough folks that it generates a good bit of chatter. I write weekly and although I put a lot of care and thought into each piece, not every one is a home run. What I am experiencing is that no matter what business event I go to these days – when I introduce myself there is recognition. I lost count of how many times that one comment got a RT carrying my Twitter handle across the Twitterverse and so a few things have happened. I’ve been on Twitter for several years, built up about 2,400 followers, and have well over 5,000 tweets – I’ve had some buzz now and again, but like most twitter streams, it is more often a quiet stream.
A policy at Platinum Preschool, for example, dictates that although all educators are encouraged to contribute to the Facebook page, nothing is posted unless approved first by Ms O’Brien or co-founder Nichola Mclean. Carers and supervisors must always gain the client’s express consent to what information will be used, and how it will be shared. Strict control of what information is added to your Facebook page or who is moderating blogs is essential for protecting your good reputation.

The relationship between friends was not overnight trust, the relationships in business aren’t overnight either.
Some fall silently into the digital drain, some float on the surface and every once in awhile – one grows feet with running shoes. Some folks say “oh, yes, I read your articles all the time” others say “I’ve heard of you.” The point is that even though I can’t translate these wins into a specific ROI (return on investment) it is definitely generating brand and name recognition and possibly even building up my authority (humbly stated). Being consistent, staying on point, and finding new distribution points to promote the articles has begun paying off.
My Klout score jumped a few points, I gained new followers, and started some new conversations. Your front line observations are critical to our work, and we want to hear your thoughts  about what needs to change and what’s succeeding.
I’ve even gotten emails from professors who ask permission to use my articles for their classes. I can correlate some new business as having been influenced by my articles although I wouldn’t say that it was a direct lead. There is a bit of buzz happening on Twitter in my account – something every marketer craves. They have a bigger following than I, and so their readers clicked my link and reacted the way my followers had.

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