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One of the new Site Templates in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online is the Community Site Template as you can imagine this site is for community style sites and contains Discussions Boards, Badges and Reputation settings. In this post we will take a look at the Community Site Template and why it could be a great tool in your User Adoption efforts in the future. As you can see we have created a Site Collection based on the Community Site template and this is the homepage of that site.
Given that it is inviting us to Join the community, let’s go ahead and do that and see what happens.
I was immediately installed as the Top contributor and it took a refresh before I saw there was 1 member. I have filled the form in and of course the Ribbon jumps into action in the Body section allowing us to add rich content to the topic. I am interested to see the effect both on the user interface and to the discussion when I click the question checkbox so I have created two topics with the option selected and deselected. As you can see filtering by unanswered questions displays the topic that I nominated to be a question, the other topic disappears from this view. In the above screenshot I have replied to the question and also liked the answer as you can see by the little smiley face and I have selected the best reply. For those of you that frequent the Technet or MSDN forums you will not be surprised by this functionality as it has been baked into those forums for some time now, however, for those of you coming from the SharePoint 2010 discussion boards, you will be as happy as I am about this added functionality. The idea of giving Badges and a Reputation score to users is a tried and test method of increasing user adoption as everybody likes kudos for their participation whether it is a sticker when you were at school or a stamp on you Nandos reward card, it’s a little piece of personal satisfaction and in some cases leads to free stuff. Microsoft have added this to the user forums and whilst the execution leaves a little to be desired, it is still a fantastic addition.
Why do I think it leaves a little to be desired, well let’s take a look at the reputation system first. As you can see in the screenshot above, now I have been participating a little in the community, I have been given a 1 star rating, take a look at the settings below and you can see how this all works. There are a few more settings that give you the option to display the rating as an image or as a text based level (with the text being configurable). If you head to the members area you can assign badges to the users, again this is great, so I went ahead and assigned the badge “professional” to myself. My reputation has disappeared, the option to assign a badge is also restricted to 1 badge which means I can’t receive different types of badges. OK I might be being a little negative about this whole situation and really it is for information purposes as I am really very excited about how this template can be used and it is certainly a step in the right direction. There are two things I haven’t mentioned the first is the about page which is nicely included to contain the RSS feed and a page which invites you to add details about your community site and any rules.
I have also not mentioned the Community Site settings which allows you to enable auto-approval for users attempting to join the community and also an option to enable the reporting of offensive content.
The office 365 My Site is the hub for your profile and is where you can fill in a whole host of information about yourself as well as setup feeds and create your own lists and libraries.
In this post we will look at what you can do in your My Site and what effect it has across the Office 365 suite. Your profile picture will be displayed across various parts of Office 365 so it is a good idea to change this first, it can also take a few minutes to appear across the suite once you have uploaded it. If you hover over the Profile Picture you will see that it invites you to change the picture. It is important to click on the words “Change Your Photo” as otherwise the page just refreshes.
The page does not automatically update so a forced refresh should update the profile area and you will see the picture on your profile page.
And if you sign into Lync, you will notice that the profile picture has been changed as well. Filling in some information here and clicking Save all and close, will save anything you have entered in all of the five tabs so it is worth going through each tab and filling in the information before clicking the save all and close button. If you take a look at the second screen it is the first time you get to change the Who can see this? Anytime you have a chance to change this option it simply means anyone that looks at your profile will only see the information you specify, some of the fields are set to everyone and cannot be changed.
Now I have finished editing I can go and take a quick look at what my profile looks like to visitors. Obviously when you have just started using your tenant there may not be much activity but over time you will see your My Site populated with a hive of activity and information in your feed. The best explanation of Content Types that I heard was from one of SharePoints Rock Stars Cathy Dew, I sat in one of her presentations and she said the easiest way to describe a Content Type is to switch the words around, A Type of Content.
OK so a Content Type is a Type of Content but let’s break it down a little more, imagine you use SharePoint as a document repository, what type of documents might you store in there? Using the scenario I have mentioned about lets try and think about the things you might want to do with each type of document.
With an invoice it might be that the quote turned into actual work and some or all of the work has been completed. The two above examples are good enough to show the power of Content Types, with the examples above you might think it would make sense to put them in their own Document Library and have a Workflow associated with the Document Library so that the processes can be completed. To add your own Content Types to the list you can click the Add from existing Site Content Types link which will take you to the correct screen, however, in this article we want to look at the Workflow and Information Management Policy settings of the Content Type so if you click on the document link you will be taken to the Content Type Settings as below.
Now you can see where you can add Workflows and Information Management Policy Settings to a specific Content Type. We will not go into any more detail at this point and I would suggest taking a look at some of the options to you here. So if I have lost you along the way, the point in this article is to show you what Content Types are and how you can use them, in this scenario we are looking at storing more than one Type of Content in the same Document Library, using the power of Content Types we can specify on a document by document basis, the Workflows and Information Management Policy Settings and store them all in the same place, combine this with the power of Views (see Working with Views 8 part series by Chris Poteet) and you’re on to a real winner.

In Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 the service was called the Business Data Catalog and the limitation with this service was that it was a one way only connection as in you could only consume the data from SharePoint.
In November 2011 SharePoint Online was given the ability to connect to this external data with some limitations (see MSDN article below) giving your organisation a way to connect to your LOB applications in your Office 365 environment. Thanks to the recent release of the SharePoint 2013 Preview and Office 365 Preview we are now getting details of the advancements of BCS in these versions, these additions include OData Support as well as something called an Event Listener. If you have an Office 365 account and went through the setup (as documented here) this will be fairly similar which a few things to note. You will find all of the Office Preview stuff over at the Office 365 Preview Signup Homepage and whilst it is easy to navigate and pretty fresh looking, you might miss the link at the bottom which says Office 365 Enterprise which is the link to signup for the Office 365 Enterprise Preview. Once you are there you will see the page above and you can click on Try It to go to the sign up page. Eeek, so anything you add to this site will be lost forever, it shouldn’t really need saying but do not but anything you consider production worthy or anything you want to keep.
Office 365 will now provision your Exchange, Identity Service, Lync, Office, Office 365 Portal, Rights Management Service and of course SharePoint. As you can see it has provisioned me a few Site Collections and to finish the post off, here is the new team site and public facing website home pages. There has been a lot of talk recently about the fact that Microsoft have announced the Educational offering of Office 365 for Education. Why there is any schools that are not considering the move I don’t know as this is a no brainer. This was first brought to my attention during the Microsoft Jump Start Office 365 Training videos of which are now Online. This will then generate a meeting code as below and you can join the meeting using either the web based client or the Lync Attendee. The first Office 365 UK User Group Meeting will be held on Thursday July 5th 2012 at 18:30 GMT with two one hour sessions to be announced shortly. You will be glad to know we are back with the dual views and so let’s take a look at what happens when you click on Domains under the Management section. OK so no difference with adding a domain, I have two dormant domains so I have added them in the boxes here. I use 123-reg and whilst they are pretty good and have improved the interface (as you can see), A records, CNAME, MX Records and TXT records are about the limit to what the offer, no so bad at this verifying stage but we will see where it counts in the next part of the series. OK so a point to note here, when registering a new domain this verifying step will not work straight away. The p plan wants me to change the name servers to Microsofts own name servers but the E plan hasn’t asked for this, this is because with the P plan Microsoft offer the ability to manage the DNS for you (well you have to make changes yourself still) whereas in the E plans you will need to use your registrar to manage this. The E plan is now asking us to setup the following an MX, CNAME and TXT record as previously mentioned, I am good with this. The next part is adding an SRV record, eek not so good with this as my registrar does not support SRV records so what do I do now? Well I have to go find a registrar that supports SRV records, thankfully I have a host that hosts all my blogs (including this one) called Dreamhost (use promo code mattmoo2 for $50 off a full years hosting) and they will let me add pretty much whatever I like. In the next part of the series we will setup the required DNS records and setup federation for Lync. Wir sind zertifizierter Microsoft Gold Partner und Ihr Beratungs- und Losungshaus rund um das Microsoft Okosystem mit SharePoint, Office, Yammer und Lync. Mit dem Microsoft Okosystem gestalten wir mit Ihnen alle Kommunikations- und Kollaborations-Szenarien in der Cloud (Office 365) oder On-Premise mit Mitarbeitern, Partnern und Kunden. Mit Microsoft SharePoint konnen Sie gemeinsam Ihre Dokumente, Daten und Informationen verwalten, archivieren und schnell austauschen sowie mit Workflows hinterlegen. Als zertifizierter Microsoft Partner beraten und begleiten wir Sie in jeder Phase der Umsetzung von SharePoint 2013, von der ersten Konzeption bis hin zur technischen Integration, Mitarbeiterschulung und individuellen Anpassung Ihres SharePoint an Ihre konkreten Anforderungen und Anwendungsfalle.
Neben der umfassenden Beratung und der technischen Integration erhalten Sie bei uns auch die entsprechenden SharePoint-Lizenzen inkl. The only time this becomes apparent is when you click the three ellipses … aka the call up menu.
Interestingly the best reply marks the question as answered, this is also evident on the homepage as a small tick appears next to the topic. This is great and I like the fact the users to the discussion forums can earn reputation for participating, we know this works as encouragement and it is all automated and out of the box.
However, don’t be too disappointed, as if you are not quite sure what Content Types are then you are missing out on the most important bit of knowledge when it comes to SharePoint. If you were creating a rudimentary finance system you may choose to store your invoices, purchase orders, receipts, quotes, either in the same Document Library or worse yet in a Document Library for each type of document as in the image on the right. The image on the right is a perfectly logicial conclusion to come to when you first pick up SharePoint or maybe an even more logical conclusion would be to create a Document Library with a couple of folders for each of the type of document in there too.
You might want to email this out to the client for payment or maybe set a flag on the document to track payment, if it hasnt been paid in X days then get someone from another department to chase it up. That is one way, the alternative is to use Content Types in the same document library and have the workflows associated with that specific content type, add Information Management Policy settings to the Content Type and you can also manage that expiration piece.
With this connection you can then present this information in SharePoint much in the same way as you do with normal SharePoint lists. Once SharePoint Server 2010 hit the shelves we were then allowed to create Read & Write connections allowing you to actually change the data held in these external systems (if you wanted to and had configured the connection in this way). The Event Listener is the one caught my attention as although BCS provides a connection to the external data there was no good way to monitor changes or react to changes in the external data and the Event Listener sounds like it has the potential to do this although in practice we will have to wait and see how this is used and its capabilities, if anyone has had a go with this please feel free to comment below with your experiences. Now the magic numbers we have to work with here are 48 – 72 hours for new domain propogation to happen around the worlds servers. A Forms Based Application lets the user create and use one or more forms within the application.

BI is built on top of PerformancePoint Services, Excel Services and SQL Reporting Services and is highly customizable. Because of Microsoft’s shift towards the software as a service model (SAAS), there was a clear need to offer new extensibility features in the form of custom solutions. Es bestimmt die Art und Weise der bereichsubergreifenden Zusammenarbeit, bietet die notwendige Orientierung und etabliert ma?geblich den unternehmensweiten Informations- und Wissensaustausch. An diese konnen weitere Quellen wie SAP, Fileserver, Enterprise Wikis oder Vorgangsmanagementsysteme angebunden werden.
Again these are perfctly logical ideas, however, the idea falls down when you start to think about the documents and the processes behind creating the document or more to the point the processes relating to the life time of that document. Yes yes yes if you do this kind of thing a lot you will know that it could be a couple of hours at best and you might be good to go but a word to the wise here, if you try after 24 hours and it is still not working, no support desk in the world will entertain your cries for help, so don’t create a new support ticket or go to the forums as you will be told to have a little patience. I came up with few initial talking points to give a good start with the Office 365 SharePoint. The impact of the smaller service updates will be much lower compared to complete new version updates. The introduction of the App model made sure third parties and integrators became capable of building and maintaining specific customer business needs in the form of Apps on Office 365.
Although it has the same integration capabilities with its SharePoint OnPremises counterpart, it’s a pure cloud service, such as Office 365 itself. Mobile apps such as SkyDrive Pro, that already existed on Windows 8, are now also available on IOS and Android.
Dynamic results and content from SharePoint sites can now be shown with the new Content Search Web Part.
Word has the ability to find and replace words and phrases, apply styles and formatting to tables, and insert headers and footers. Do you think about other important features worth adding available in the On Premises version, but are actually missing in the Office 365 offering? Die Herausforderung fur die interne Kommunikation hat sich deutlich erweitert, die gezielte Vermittlung wichtiger Unternehmensinformationen steht naturlich immer noch im Mittelpunkt, doch Zielstellungen sind nun eben auch, den Dialog zwischen Mitarbeitern und uber Hierarchien hinweg zu forden, die Vernetzung mit Kollegen zu aktivieren und die Zusammenarbeit und den unternehmensweiten Wissensaustausch zu ermoglichen. Mit dem richtigen Enterprise SEO (Suchmaschinenoptimierung) ist eine umfangreiche Personalisierung der Suchergebnisse und die Realisierung von Suchapplikationen moglich.
I even presume that SharePoint 2013 was the last major update of the Office 365 platform we will ever experience. SharePoint 2013 offers more advanced support for Search, Social computing, Business intelligence, Web Content Management and introduces eDiscovery. Similar to IOS Apps available in the Apple AppStore, SharePoint Apps are offered in the Office 365 Marketplace. SkyDrive Pro allows users to synchronize SharePoint libraries to their local desktops or mobile devices. Mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for IOS are directly available in the AppStore. It is even possible to query across site collections, something that was not possible in the past and often posed constraints.
Excel got drag and drop cells and reorder sheets, a quick analysis of a range of data right in the status bar, including sum, count, and average of a selected range of cells, and support for more workbook types including opening and interacting with spreadsheets that have Sheet Protection. You can now upload files up to 2GB as opposed to the previous rather ridiculous limits of 50 to 250Mb.
Mit Skype for Business und integrierten Geschaftsprozessen, wie zum Beispiel SAP, CRM und BI, gestalten Sie den digitalen Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft (Digital Workplace). From this year onwards, Office 365 receives a constant flow of new features and patches, meaning that updates happen more gradually. The most appealing new feature is of course the new branding, something you just aren’t able to miss. Companies can build their own app stores, in order for their workers to choose from preselected and approved apps. With the new Post feature, it is very easy to start Yammer conversations about specific documents.
It is impressive to see how many existing Office desktop features are now directly available in the web version. You can have as much as 10,000 site collections per account, and improved self-restore with a 90-day default recycle bin. This allows company users or admins to select applications to put on their sites and pages in a more controlled way.
The most important advantage of SharePoint document libraries over Dropbox folders is the use of metadata on documents. Besides the app model, new features were added to achieve better page rendering capabilities and optimize page layouts. Apps are also much more stable and flexible than the sandboxed webparts in the earlier releases of Office 365 and SharePoint 2010. It is now also possible to display your own MySite Newsfeed on other, regular site collections.
This improves the user experience when browsing from multiple devices such as desktops, mobile devices and tablets. Needless to say this broadens up a lot more opportunities to collaborate on files, to work on documents anytime, anywhere.

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