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Have you heard any of these comments from your users regarding your SharePoint implementation?
We all know that SharePoint is a powerful platform that lends itself to a wide variety of applications – from corporate communications portals to document management systems to intranets, extranets, and everything in between. Sometimes the focus is placed so heavily on the technical specifics of creating the portal, that the end user experience becomes an afterthought. But your own familiarity can make it easy to lose sight of the fact that this is brand new for your users and even if all the tools are there, they may not instinctively know where to go and how to leverage everything that you have put in place for them. One of our clients, Applied Technical Services (ATS) addressed this issue by implementing a User Request Portal, a one-stop-shop to give users a single point of access to all forms they might need to perform daily work functions as well as manage personal requests, such as PTO and Expenses. To achieve this, we have created ATS-LIMS (Lab Information Management System), a subsite of the corporate intranet.
The landing page leverages a new SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box list type called Promoted Links.
When a user clicks on one of the tiles from the landing page, a form is launched to capture all applicable information regarding the request. Each request form is tied to a SharePoint list in the ATS-LIMS site, which serves as an intake list. From there, additional custom Nintex workflows have been designed and implemented to automate processes and meet specific business needs to route each item throughout the organization as needed – through a series of approvals, assigning tasks to remind users to perform manual operations, and even automatically sending email correspondence to external users. In addition to the tiles, which provide quick access to request forms on the landing page, we are also leveraging two Nintex Workflow web parts – My Workflow Tasks and Workflows I’ve Started – to round out the one-stop-shop experience. With the implementation of a hub like we have at ATS, users don’t have to think about the processes they are kicking off or spend half the day hunting to locate the form they need to submit a request. This SharePoint Tip of the Month contributed by Abel Solutions Senior SharePoint Consultant Nicole Prestby. If you are looking for great landing page templates that can convert your visitor into customer, here are 85 landing page templates to increase the conversion rates of your website. Hardboiled Landing Page is a clean and awesome template that features, Jquery Galleries, sliders and form validation. Vertigo is an awesome premium landing page which will work great in promoting an app launch. It focuses on the key elements used in successful landing pages: the product itself, building trust, providing an option to buy your product and an easy way to contact you.
Versuz is a landing page template designed for any kind product or service promotion, general sales page, marketing with above the fold featured area that contains slider, opt in form, video and call to action. Catch Landing is clean and premium landing page template with unlimited color schemes (it comes in 7 pre-made color schemes), 3 layouts each, and 2 backgrounds for each color to choose from (light and dark background).
Faze is a simple yet elegant responsive landing page perfect for advertising your app, software, retail product or company.
Focpress Responsive App Builder Landing Page has great structure and clean, professional design as well as a variety of page templates allow it to fit to both transactional and reference landing pages.
IceApps is a beautiful, simple, yet complex landing page for your apps, freelancing agency or clients. LandingSpace is a HTML template that helps you to present your application in a modern and stylish way. Puree is a Responsive App Website Template that allows you to quickly and easily set up a site for your next project that works on all kinds of browsers, devices, and screen sizes. This is a very fun design to get everyone in the mood for what treats they might get by coming to your page.
Electron is a clean and responsive landing page with maximum focus on your product, it’s features and benefits, product images and videos plus a fully working (and validating) newsletter signup form along with fully integrated share buttons for all the popular social networks.
Thinkfast is a general landing page template, can be used for product promotion, general sales page with above the fold featured area and call to action.
INKA Landing Page is designed with a flavor of retro and fanciness designed on 1140 Grid Layout. Fine Dining is a Landing page that capture the feel of a delicious restaurant, hotel ,coffee shop or any other your prestigious business. Everix Landing is professional and clean landing page template, it has unlimited color themes (comes in 8 pre-made color themes), 4 layouts each + 1 layout without slider.
This responsive landing page is designed to give your users the best optimal site on whatever browser, tablet, or phone they are on. Pipilia Landing Page is a modern web theme, it is built with the latest web standards HTML5 & CSS3 . This HTML Landing page is best suitable for small Hosting companies that need minimalistic and clean design, to feature their hosting plans and packages. This brand-new theme designed for several uses: selling any medications for weight loss, vitamins sets, video courses on healthy living, books and everything related to the topic of weight loss and health of the female body.
Invokr is a premium landing page template specifically designed to promote your products or services.It comes with a targeted slide down contact form which allows you to focus your visitors on getting them to take the action you want and in turn increasing your overall conversions.
Donation is premium and high conversion of landing page template made for charity fundraising or donation page.

Suitable for social media company which serve social media Services or easily can be modified for another business, creative, portfolio page, or any purpose. Everyone knows the best time to shop is after Christmas so we have produced this beautifully clean landing page ready for you and your visitors. VizualTV is a landing page template designed for entertainment service, TV and movie subscription services, but it’s also suitable for any kind product promotion or landing page. Simpler Landing Page is a premium landing page with lots of features and customization options.
BundleBuzz is a clear Call-to-Action Bundle Landing Page designed to offer Bundled Packages. XMAS Season is a Christmas special deal promotion webpage for any kind of product you want to sell. Parkway Drive is an clean landing page, excellent to promote software or company.Inside the package you are able to use one ofParkway Drive also contains testimonials and image carousel. Lanza is a professional and clean landing page template, for promotion of your product or software. This is a single screen landing page template for a mobile app on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone devices. Hosted is a stylish and clean landing page with expandable login panel best suited for hosting services.
Delicious Landing is professional & clean landing page template, it comes in 4 color themes, 6 layouts each, every one of them has 2 backgrounds (light-dark gray). Shopland is a landing page with 3 different sliders ideal for selling any kind of products with unlimited countdown offers. Multitasking landing page ProfitHunt is designed to advertise products or services and suits any goals. Code is very well documented and easy to find changes you need to do in order to personalise this template. Golanding is an effective landing page that can really grab your visitor’s eyes on the product that you advertised. Landed is an attractive landing page with vibrant colors and can be used in various ways to promote your product or simply show off your photography. Superbia is a landing page template with clean and minimalist design, suitable for selling services or products such as theme, e-books, apps etc. That is a really comprehensive list and being able to compare so many landing page designs on one page is incredibly helpful.
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If you want to know how to have the best SharePoint landing page, there are things needed to consider.
It is nice to have a wonderful SharePoint landing page because you do not need to encounter headaches and hassles in maintaining a professional page. Consistency: If you have a page that is consistent, it will always promote about credibility.
If you decided to use SharePoint to make a landing page, you surely have a good experience. Sometimes I’m amazed when very simple usability problems are overlooked in an otherwise good design. You want to do so by creating editable, custom Web Part zones, as opposed to a static custom master page. After months of envisioning, deploying, and tweaking to get this shiny new SharePoint environment up and running, you know exactly where everything is and are confident your business users will love it – after all, it’s going to make their lives so much easier! With all of the effort your SharePoint team has put in to creating this powerful new space, wouldn’t it be a shame if your users didn’t use it simply because they couldn’t easily find what they were after? The ATS-LIMS landing page serves as a hub for users to access forms as well as view up to date status information for all requests they have submitted and workflow tasks assigned to them. The Promoted Links list allows you to display a set of links in a tile based visual layout. We are leveraging Nintex Forms to customize each of our request forms, which allows us to easily accommodate for specific validation as well as custom layout and design to ensure brand integrity and keep in line with the overall style of the ATS corporate intranet. When a user submits the form, a new item is created in the corresponding intake list and a Nintex workflow routes the data collected to a list or library in an appropriate department site.
Not only can users submit new requests, they can also reference the landing page for an aggregated view of real-time status information for all requests they have submitted as well as those that are pending their interaction, such as an approval task. They can simply bookmark the portal landing page and with only a few clicks, workflows are off and running, your users are happy, and your SharePoint implementation can finally begin to reach its full potential. This template is divided into sections: Head, Sliding Banner, Services, Featured Slider, Testimonials and Contact Form with Social media integration.
The theme is build upon a responsive 960 grid and features an image slider and a Twitter ticker. It’s packed with awesome features that will allow you to showcase your product or service in a professional manner and by doing so, increase your conversion rate.

Showcase your apps to increase downloads or to display your skills with this easy to edit theme. Sliddr used advanced and unique animation techniques to create a small site with real eye catching power. This is clean and professional design with many features to help you to promote and sell your app.
Get higher conversions with this beautifully clean and minimalistic landing page design with super clear CTA (call to action) areas repeated down the page in strategic areas to fire visitors off to your selling page such as the android marketplace or the apple store. It has a very clean and modern look with a newsletter section, twitter section as well as a free trial button. This template will adapt on any screen from a widescreen monitor to a mobile phone so the template responds dynamically to optimize viewing for that screen size. VizualTV coded with valid HTML5 and use 960 grid CSS for the layout so it’s flexible to rearrange element position. There are 11 fully independent sections that can be arranged in any sequence to create a variation of your own choice.We have provided the Video based documentation to help you understand and customize the code. Christmas are coming and people will look for presents, offer them nice and Christmasy placeto buy them! Template comes with 5 color versions including pricing table, working contact form and working newsletter.
All elements have been designed and positioned in a method to get your message across and tailored to client goals with ROI in mind. App Showcase is a professionally designed theme including many features to help you to promote and sell your app. With an eye-catching design, the call-to-action high-up the page and an impactful splash intro this theme is sure to convert your visitors into customers. Because of the internet, it helps you to have a wonderful video landing page by researching through typing keywords. In addition, it helps you to know how you able to present your service, offers, products or organization. If you have a landing page that is straightforward, it is about promoting a professional or a simple image.
If you have a page that is not easy to understand and easy to handle, you will not have any visitors, but if you have user-friendly page, you are giving an opportunity for your visitors to have a good experience. So, instead of seeing a long list of links on a page, our users are able to interact with a much more dynamic view of available options. Depending upon your requirements, the template can be used as a stand-alone squeeze page, or a micro site. Simplicity and flexibility of modularity setting, operation of e-mail forms, integration with modern services and easy color changes make our Landing Page an indispensable tool for business owners, Web developers and members of affiliate programs. You first need to ask your question some things before you finally decided that it is your final decision.
In addition, you should remember that landing page must need to have all functionalities of a site. Take note that a user-friendly landing page is not about numerous buttons and detail requests.
With the Promoted Links list, you are able to specify various options, such as an image to display in the tile, title and description text, as well as URL and launch behavior for when a user clicks on the tile (i.e.
With above-the-fold-layout, product sliders, image gallery and working subscription form, the template can be potentially used to convert your visitors into buyers. A landing page is a good tool for marketing purposes or inviting people to what you are offering.
Whatever it is, it must be needed to complete it in a way that it’s striking, professional and appealing. While the Promoted Links can be a great option for linking to external links, in this instance, we are linking to various internal request forms. Lots of businesses, corporations and companies are into good landing page and you can be one of them if you have service, products and other offers. Descendant selectors are used to style elements that are descendants of another element in the same document tree. Zone 1 holds the Announcements Web Part and an as-yet unnamed Web Part; the CSS descendant selector is applied to this column.
Zone 3 also allows Web Parts to be stacked horizontally and includes the Upcoming Events and Upcoming Holidays Web Parts.

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